Cody Review (2024) Smart Solutions for Businesses!

Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, Cody adapts to various industry requirements, offering personalized solutions and insights. With real-time assistance and data analysis, businesses can make informed decisions quickly, improving efficiency and outcomes. Engage with Cody to transform challenges into opportunities and drive your business forward.

Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all AI tools we review to provide clear and concise evaluations of each based on standardized criteria.

  • Five stars: Editor's choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn't meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

This AI tool has been awarded an overall rating of 4 stars because it is indeed a versatile platform with user-friendly interface and the only issue is possibly the cost of the paid subscription options.

What is Cody?


Cody is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that revolutionizes how businesses handle information and customer interactions.

This innovative platform has been designed to assist teams by instantly learning and utilizing information from various documents such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs.

Cody AI is not a replacement for human workers; instead, it empowers teams by streamlining processes, enabling them to concentrate on crucial tasks and improve overall productivity.

How Cody Works

Cody AI's working principle is based on state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

When you upload documents, such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs, Cody quickly analyzes and comprehends the content, extracting relevant information.

This knowledge is then utilized to provide accurate and efficient responses to user inquiries. The platform is versatile enough to understand business-specific procedures and instructions, making it an indispensable asset for troubleshooting and addressing customer concerns.

The integration of Cody AI is seamless and straightforward. You have the freedom to choose which source documents Cody can access during each interaction.

Whether it's through chat or website integrations, Cody remains readily available for your staff and customers. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy access and interaction, creating a positive user experience.

Check out our detailed how to use Cody guide here.

Key Features

Our team at the AI Product Reviews were thoroughly impressed by Cody's array of key features:

  • Customizable

    Cody can be trained on your business, team, processes, and clients using your own knowledge base. You can customize it for different uses and control which source documents it uses in every chat.

  • Multilingual

    Cody is designed to work in every language, making it a global solution for businesses.

  • Data Protection

    Cody offers robust AWS encryption and SOC II vector database privacy standards to safeguard your data.

  • Permission Enforcement

    Cody provides permission enforcement, granting access on a per-chatbot basis, ensuring that users can only access the information they're authorized to view, with real-time permission updates.

  • Document Upload

    You can upload various types of documents to Cody, such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs, and Cody will instantly learn all that information and use it to provide answers to your questions.

  • Integration

    Cody can be seamlessly integrated with a shareable link, inline embed, or popup embed, ensuring easy access for your employees or customers. It can also work with various tools such as chat and website integrations.

  • Workflow Streamlining

    Cody can streamline your workflow, analyze your data, and help you make better decisions in real time for your business.

  • Business Analysis

    Cody can also assist users with business analysis, decision-making, planning, strategies, and other areas by providing useful suggestions and advice.

Pricing Options


Cody AI offers a range of pricing options to cater to different user needs and requirements.

Free Personal Account

This option is perfect for individual users or those looking to explore Cody's capabilities.

It includes 250 queries per month, providing ample opportunities to experience the AI's features.

Users also get access to 100 documents and a free widget for their website, enabling them to integrate Cody seamlessly.

Basic Plan ($29/month)

The Basic Plan is designed for small businesses or teams seeking a more robust AI solution. It comes with 2,500 GPT3.5 16K queries per month, which ensures a higher level of interaction.

The plan also includes support for up to 3 users and 3 bots, facilitating collaborative efforts. With 1,000 documents available, users can build a substantial knowledge base.

The plan also offers website widget functionality, widget customization, and API access for a well-rounded AI experience.

Premium Plan ($99/month)

For businesses with more extensive AI requirements, the Premium Plan is an excellent choice. Users have the option of 1,000 GPT4 queries or 10,000 GPT3.5 16K queries per month, providing increased AI capabilities.

With support for up to 15 users and 15 bots, collaboration becomes more scalable. The plan includes 10,000 documents and 10,000 website pages, offering substantial data storage. Users can also benefit from a website crawler and a website widget for up to 3 websites.

The Premium Plan provides widget customization, removes Cody branding on the widget, and includes API access for seamless integration with existing systems.

Advanced Plan ($249/month)

Geared towards businesses with higher AI demands and broader teams, the Advanced Plan is the most comprehensive offering.

Users can choose between 1,500 GPT4 queries or 15,000 GPT3.5 16K queries per month, providing even greater AI capabilities.

The plan supports up to 50 users and 50 bots, facilitating large-scale collaboration.

The Advanced Plan offers a website crawler and website widget functionality for up to 50 websites, providing ample opportunities for integration.

By offering a range of pricing options, the platform aims to cater to different user needs, from individuals to small businesses and larger organizations.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the main advantages and some limitations to consider when using the platform.


Instant Access to Information: Cody AI serves as an expert on all company processes, eliminating the need to track down manuals or search through numerous documents. It swiftly analyzes accumulated data to provide instant answers to business questions, saving valuable time and effort.

Versatile Data Integration: Businesses can securely upload a wide range of data formats, including PowerPoints, Word documents, and PDFs, or crawl entire websites to build a comprehensive knowledge base. Cody makes use of this information to craft intelligent responses tailored to the company's specific needs.

Transparent Source Attribution: Cody provides added peace of mind by offering sources for every answer it generates. Users can verify the information's credibility, whether it's derived from a single source or multiple sources, ensuring accurate and reliable responses.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency: By having access to instant answers, ideas, and ready-made work, teams can work more efficiently. Cody can assist with various tasks, such as writing professional emails, translating documents, or creating marketing materials, enabling employees to focus on higher-value activities.

Effective Support and Troubleshooting: Cody becomes a valuable resource for support and issue resolution. The tool uses support documentation to help teams troubleshoot problems and discover hidden features in digital tools, leading to smoother operations and increased productivity.

Idea Generation and Insights: Cody's ability to remember past conversations and contextual history enables it to offer fresh perspectives and valuable insights. Cody can thus be a helpful tool for brainstorming ideas and providing creative suggestions to tackle challenges.


Limitations in Complex Situations: While Cody AI is proficient in generating responses from accumulated data, it may face challenges in handling highly complex or novel scenarios that require human intuition and creativity.

Dependency on Accurate Data: The quality and accuracy of Cody's output heavily rely on the quality of the data uploaded to its knowledge base. Inaccurate or outdated information can potentially lead to incorrect responses.

Potential Misinterpretation: Just like any language model, Cody might happen to misinterpret certain queries or contexts, resulting in responses that don't fully align with the intended meaning.

Alternatives to Cody

While Cody offers an array of handy features and solutions for businesses, the market offers other AI tools you might want to explore as well.

Here are some of the popular alternatives on the market worth your consideration.


Otter is an AI meeting assistant that simplifies the process of note-taking during meetings. It records audio, writes notes, and automatically captures slides, creating comprehensive meeting summaries.

Users can collaborate with teammates in real-time on the live transcript, adding comments, highlighting key points, and assigning tasks and action items.

Otter can be integrated with Google or Microsoft calendars to automatically join and record meetings on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

After the meeting, Otter generates and emails a summary for easy recall and sharing of essential information.


Fireflies serves as an AI meeting assistant, employing natural language processing (NLP) to eliminate the need for manual note-taking during meetings.

It offers instant recording and transcription of meetings across various web-conferencing platforms. Teams can seamlessly collaborate by adding comments or marking specific parts of calls.

The tool's search functionality enables a quick review of call highlights, including action items.

Fireflies also provide a Chrome extension to capture meetings directly from the browser and offer integrations with dialers, Zapier, and APIs to process audio and calls. Check out our detailed Fireflies review here.


Murf is an advanced text-to-speech generator and one of the most popular AI voice generators available. It is commonly used to build AI assistants and offers a wide range of customization options for creating natural-sounding voices.

With over 100 AI voices in 15 languages, users can choose from a variety of speakers, accents, voice styles, and tones. Murf's AI voice-over studio includes a built-in video editor, allowing users to create videos with voiceovers.

The voice changer feature also allows for recording without using one's own voice, and voiceovers can be further customized in terms of pitch, speed, volume, pauses, emphasis, and pronunciation.

These alternatives to Cody AI provide unique features and functionalities that cater to various business needs, also, check out our detailed Murf review here.

Key Takeaways

Cody AI presents a groundbreaking solution for businesses seeking to enhance their efficiency in managing information and customer interactions.

With its ability to learn from documents quickly and apply this knowledge to address inquiries, Cody proves to be an invaluable asset for any organization.

By seamlessly integrating with existing systems, it ensures a smooth user experience for both internal staff and external customers.

While there are alternatives on the market, it is clear that Cody is a great option for many businesses looking to stramline processes.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Cody

In order to provide a comprehensive review of Cody, we carefully evaluated the tool based on several key criteria.

Our testing process involved assessing the following aspects of Cody's performance and functionality:

  1. Accuracy and Responsiveness: We rigorously tested Cody's ability to accurately understand and respond to a variety of user queries and requests. We were impressed by Cody's high level of accuracy in providing relevant information promptly.
  2. Customization and Adaptability: We explored Cody's customization options and its adaptability to different business needs and knowledge bases. Cody's flexibility in tailoring its responses to specific businesses and industries stood out as a significant strength.
  3. User Interface and Integration: We assessed Cody's user interface for ease of use and its integration capabilities with various platforms, including websites and chat systems. Cody's user-friendly interface and seamless integration options received positive feedback.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness and Pricing: We analyzed Cody's pricing options and evaluated its cost-effectiveness for different user needs, from individual users to large organizations. We found Cody's tiered pricing structure to be reasonable and accommodating to a wide range of users.

FAQs About Cody AI

Now, let's also look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using Cody.

What type of tool is Cody?

Can you use Cody for free?

What can you use Cody for?

What kind of documents can you upload to Cody?