Discover the power of Puzzle AI Tool. Simplify complex product terms, enhance customer comprehension, and create custom educational experiences. Automatic updates for website glossaries.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars because it has shown ease of use, effectiveness in enhancing communication, good customization options, high performance, and an attractive value proposition for users.

What Is Puzzle Labs?

Puzzle Labs

Puzzle Labs is a cutting-edge platform that believes understanding complex information should be neither difficult nor boring. This glossary widget can easily be embedded in blogs or documentation, enhancing user engagement and comprehension.

We were pleased to discover that the platform provides a set of tools to turn existing content into interactive glossaries with clear and concise definitions for key terms and concepts. Puzzle Labs is designed to facilitate customer onboarding and training by connecting blog posts and documents to concepts in a seamless manner.

How Puzzle Labs Works

Puzzle Labs

Puzzle Labs' approach revolves around simplifying terminology and creating an exceptional customer education experience. Users can integrate the Puzzle Labs widget seamlessly into their blogs, documentation, and help pages, allowing them to emphasize specific terms, provide definitions, and establish connections to pertinent content.

Furthermore, this widget not only preserves these acquired phrases or concepts but also disseminates them to customers, readers, or employees, effectively functioning as an AI-driven knowledge repository. We were able to import various resources and effortlessly access and explore these concepts within this platform.

Key Features

Here are the key steps and components our team found valuable during our testing process:

  • Puzzle Glossary

    • Context: Provides background and enhances understanding.
    • Dynamic: Link text, websites, documents, images, and videos.
    • Automated: AI-driven, effortless.
    • Turnkey Solution: Ready-to-go, no DIY needed.
    • Data-driven: Data, insights, and analytics.

    Puzzle Labs' glossary stands out for its dynamic and automated nature, making it a turnkey solution for businesses to enhance communication without the need for manual curation.

  • Clarify Your Industry Expertise

    Puzzle Labs serves industries across the board and specializes in improving communication in various domains, including:

    • Blogs: Drive SEO and engagement on your blog with glossary terms linked to your content.
    • Documentation: Enhance user understanding through in-depth definitions within documentation.
    • Onboarding: Simplify customer onboarding by connecting terms to your onboarding materials.
    • In-Product: Improve in-product experiences with contextual definitions.
  • Benefits

    Puzzle Labs offers a range of benefits, including:

    • Drive keyword authority: Boost your website's authority in search engine rankings.
    • Decrease bounce rates: Keep users engaged with immediate explanations for complex topics.
    • Increase SEO: Enhance your website's visibility in search results.
    • Measure user engagement: Gain insights into how users interact with your glossary.

Pricing Options

Puzzle Labs

When it comes to choosing a pricing plan for Puzzle Labs, you'll find a variety of options tailored to fit your specific needs. Puzzle Labs understands that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they offer flexible pricing plans to cater to everyone from freelancers to rapidly growing enterprises.

Here's a breakdown of the pricing options to help you make an informed choice:

Free Forever

For those just starting or with basic needs, Puzzle Labs offers the "Free Forever" plan. This plan provides the essential features to help you provide your best work for clients without any financial commitment. Here's what you get:

  • Unlimited glossaries: Create as many glossaries as you need to clarify your content.
  • Unlimited concepts in each glossary: Organize your information comprehensively.
  • Unlimited links for each concept: Enhance understanding with rich content links.
  • Publish your way: Customize the call-to-action for the highlight web component.

The Free Forever plan is perfect for individuals and small businesses looking to get started with Puzzle Labs.


Price: $20/month

The "Builder" plan is designed for businesses that are growing and need additional features to scale their communication efforts. With this plan, you'll enjoy everything included in the Free Forever plan, plus some valuable extras:

  • Generate concepts and definitions using AI: Harness the power of AI to automate glossary creation.
  • Use AI to suggest concepts from your uploaded content: Save time and effort in content enhancement.
  • Basic metrics for your highlight web component: Gain insights into how users engage with your glossary.
  • Remove 'Powered by Puzzle Labs' branding: Customize your glossary for a seamless user experience.

The Builder plan is a popular choice for businesses looking to level up their communication and engagement.


Price: $50/month (Coming soon)

The "Teams" plan is perfect for companies that require collaboration and advanced metrics for their communication efforts. While specific details of this plan are coming soon, you can expect it to include everything from the Builder plan, along with:

  • Collaborate with your team to define concepts: Streamline the glossary creation process with team collaboration.
  • Advanced metrics for your highlight web component: Gain deeper insights into user engagement and content performance.

The Teams plan is ideal for growing businesses that prioritize teamwork and data-driven communication strategies.

White Glove

Price: Custom

For larger enterprises and organizations with unique needs, Puzzle Labs offers the "White Glove" plan.

This plan provides dedicated support and custom integrations to ensure Puzzle Labs aligns perfectly with your company's goals and infrastructure. To get all the details and discuss pricing for the White Glove plan, please reach out to Puzzle Labs directly.

Pros and Cons of Puzzle Labs

We have also listed some of the advantages and limitations you need to take into account before committing to this tool financially.


Speeds Up Content Writing: Puzzle Labs accelerates the content creation process, helping writers generate material more efficiently and promptly.

Aid In Content Marketing: The platform contributes to content marketing efforts by simplifying the communication of complex concepts, making content more engaging and informative.

Embedded Widget Available: Puzzle Labs offers an embedded widget that users can integrate into their websites, blogs, or documentation, enhancing the user experience by providing instant definitions and context.

Supports Custom Terminology and Lingo: Users have the flexibility to define and incorporate custom terminology and industry-specific jargon, making it a versatile tool for various domains.


No Waitlist Sign-Up Acknowledgment: There appears to be a lack of acknowledgment or confirmation when users sign up for a waitlist, which might leave them uncertain about their registration status.

Alternatives to Puzzle Labs

In the rapidly evolving landscape of customer and product experience optimization tools, Puzzle Labs has encountered some competitors in recent times. Among the newest rivals we have explored and reviewed are Arcade, Usetiful, and Simpo.


Arcade stands out as a provider of a versatile tooltip and demo-building platform, tailored to enhance both customer onboarding and product experiences. It empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate interactive demos and tooltips, simplifying onboarding processes and optimizing overall user experiences.

Additionally, Arcade offers the flexibility to incorporate custom social integrations, operating on a subscription-based model.


On the other hand, Usetiful specializes in product tours and user onboarding tools. It equips users with a powerful experience layer, enabling them to showcase their products through product tours, smart tips, and feature notifications.

Usetiful's intuitive visual editor allows for real-time content editing and tour previewing, while also providing valuable insights and analytics on user interactions. Their revenue model is based on subscription pricing plans.


Meanwhile, Simpo plays a vital role as a no-code product guidance builder for customer onboarding and in-app experiences.

Users can effortlessly create and design knowledge base tutorials to reduce customer turnaround time. Simpo's strength lies in its seamless integration with various third-party software such as Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, and Google Analytics.

These alternatives to Puzzle Labs demonstrate the growing importance of user-centric solutions in the competitive realm of customer and product experience optimization.

How We Tested Puzzle Labs

Our team of experts rigorously tested Puzzle Labs to provide you with an informed and objective review. We assessed the platform using the following criteria and formed our professional opinions:

Ease of Use: Puzzle Labs' user interface and tools were evaluated for their accessibility and simplicity. We found that the platform's intuitive design made it easy for both novices and experienced users to navigate and implement glossaries seamlessly.

Effectiveness in Enhancing Communication: We examined how well Puzzle Labs succeeded in its mission to simplify complex terminology and improve communication. Our experts noted that the platform excelled in clarifying concepts and enhancing user comprehension, making it an effective tool for businesses.

Customization and Flexibility: We assessed the degree of customization and flexibility offered by Puzzle Labs. Our team was impressed by the platform's ability to accommodate custom terminology and adapt to various industries, making it a versatile solution for different business needs.

Performance and Speed: Puzzle Labs' performance and speed were closely scrutinized during our testing. We found that the platform operated efficiently, accelerating content creation and improving user engagement without causing lag or delays.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, our evaluation has shown that with its AI-powered glossaries, Puzzle Labs empowers businesses to simplify complex terminology, enhance customer education, and boost engagement. From blog posts to documentation, we discovered that Puzzle Labs provides a versatile and data-driven solution that aligns with diverse industry needs.

While there may be minor challenges, we think the benefits of using Puzzle Labs in terms of improved communication, SEO advantages, and user engagement far outweigh any drawbacks. Puzzle Labs offers a promising pathway to enhance communication and educate customers in a user-friendly and engaging manner.

Rating 4/5

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