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Our Verdict

Opera proves itself as a formidable contender in the browser arena. With built-in ad blockers, VPN, and a range of integrated features, it caters to diverse user needs. Despite some drawbacks, Opera's performance, user-friendly interface, and innovative tools make it a commendable choice for those seeking a feature-rich and secure browsing experience.

Overview of Opera


Our exploration of Opera begins with a comprehensive look at its array of features that have positioned it as a unique and innovative browser in the digital landscape.

Built-in Ad Blocker

Opera's built-in ad blocker is a game-changer, offering users the ability to browse with fewer distractions and faster website loading times. During our testing, we deliberately visited websites notorious for intrusive ads. The ad blocker efficiently cleared clutter, creating a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience. Pop-ups and banners became relics of the past, showcasing the efficacy of Opera's ad-blocking capabilities.

Free VPN

Opera's inclusion of a free virtual private network (VPN) adds an extra layer of privacy and security. Our team tested the VPN across various scenarios, including accessing geo-restricted content and ensuring secure connections on public Wi-Fi. The VPN seamlessly masked our IP address, allowing us to browse anonymously and securely. Its speed rivaled many premium services, highlighting Opera's commitment to providing a robust and reliable VPN solution.

Integrated Messengers


Opera takes convenience to the next level by integrating popular messaging apps directly into the browser. Our team explored the seamless messaging experience without switching between applications. Chatting with friends on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and VKontakte felt natural and intuitive, streamlining communication and enhancing overall productivity.

Aria Browser AI

Opera introduces Aria, a browser AI designed to elevate the user experience. During our tests, Aria proved to be more than a gimmick, offering personalized recommendations, insights, and even assisting in tasks. This AI companion adds a unique dimension to browsing, making Opera feel not just like a tool but a personalized digital assistant.


For those seeking an elevated level of privacy, Opera's VPN Pro takes the experience a step further. Our team examined the premium VPN service, evaluating its performance in terms of speed, security, and versatility. Opera's VPN Pro impressed us with its ability to provide private and secure browsing across various devices, showcasing its commitment to catering to diverse user needs.

Integrated Social Media

Opera simplifies social media engagement by providing instant access to platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Navigating through social feeds in the browser's sidebar offered a seamless experience. Our team found this integration particularly useful for staying connected without the need to switch between tabs or devices.

Twitter in the Sidebar

The inclusion of Twitter in the sidebar enhances the browsing and tweeting experience. Our team appreciated the convenience of exploring Twitter while simultaneously browsing other websites. This feature provides a better view on desktop, making multitasking and social media engagement more efficient.

Lucid Mode


Enhancing online videos and images with a single click, Lucid Mode is a standout feature. During our tests, this feature significantly improved the visual quality of multimedia content, offering a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. Lucid Mode reflects Opera's commitment to enhancing not just browsing but also content consumption.

Video Pop-out

Opera's Video Pop-out feature allows users to float online videos on top of webpages as they browse. We tested this by streaming videos while navigating through various sites. The ability to keep videos playing in a separate window enhances multitasking, proving to be a practical feature for users who enjoy consuming multimedia content while working or researching.

Player in Sidebar

Opera caters to music and podcast enthusiasts by incorporating a player directly into the sidebar. Our team found this feature convenient, providing quick access to a world of audio content without the need for additional tabs or applications. Opera's commitment to offering a diverse range of built-in tools shines through with the inclusion of the player in the sidebar.


For users who prefer an organized browsing experience, Workspaces allow the creation of customizable tab groups. Our team tested this feature by categorizing tabs for work, research, and leisure. Switching between workspaces proved to be an efficient way to manage multiple tasks and projects, making Opera a versatile browser for users with diverse interests.

Instagram in the Sidebar

Opera's integration of Instagram in the sidebar is a boon for social media enthusiasts. Our team explored the convenience of scrolling through Instagram feeds while simultaneously browsing other websites. This feature streamlines social media usage, eliminating the need to switch between dedicated applications.

Browser AI

Opera's commitment to innovation is evident with the integration of Browser AI. Our team explored how this AI expands browsing capabilities by providing intelligent insights and recommendations. Browser AI adds a layer of personalization, making Opera not just a browser but a smart companion in the digital realm.

Opera Flow

The ability to instantly send files, links, and notes between devices is made possible with Opera Flow. Our team tested this feature by seamlessly transferring files from a desktop to a mobile device. Opera Flow streamlines cross-device collaboration and information sharing, showcasing Opera's dedication to connectivity and user convenience.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, VKontakte in the Sidebar

Opera's inclusion of popular messengers in the sidebar extends beyond just convenience. Our team explored the seamless integration of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and VKontakte, making communication more accessible while browsing the web. This feature caters to users who prefer to keep their messaging apps within easy reach.

Search in Tabs

Efficiency is a key focus for Opera, as demonstrated by the Search in Tabs feature. Our team tested this by working with multiple open tabs, making it easy to locate specific content without unnecessary scrolling. This feature enhances productivity, especially for users who frequently work with numerous open tabs.

Snapshot Tool

The Snapshot Tool makes capturing, editing, and sharing snapshots from webpages a breeze. Our team appreciated the simplicity and functionality of this tool during testing. It provides a quick and easy way to capture and share relevant content, adding a practical dimension to Opera's feature set.


Opera's Pinboards feature allows users to save and collect web content visually. During our tests, we found this to be a useful tool for organizing and curating online resources. Pinboards make it easy to revisit and share favorite content, adding a personal touch to the browsing experience.

Easy Files

Attaching files in one click without navigating through folders is made possible with Opera's Easy Files feature. Our team tested this functionality by seamlessly attaching files to emails and messages. This time-saving feature enhances user convenience, aligning with Opera's commitment to providing a streamlined browsing experience.

Battery Saver

Opera's Battery Saver is a practical addition, offering an easy way to extend a laptop's battery life noticeably. Our team conducted tests to evaluate the impact on battery consumption. The results highlighted Opera's dedication to optimizing performance without compromising efficiency.

Unit Converter

Automatically converting time-zones, currencies, and units of measurement is simplified with Opera's Unit Converter. Our team found this tool handy during international research and collaboration, showcasing Opera's attention to catering to a global audience. The Unit Converter adds a layer of convenience for users dealing with diverse metrics.

Personal News

Opera's customizable and convenient newsfeed on the start page provides users with a curated browsing experience. During our tests, we explored the ease of customizing news preferences and staying informed without navigating to external sites. Personal News reflects Opera's commitment to making the browser a holistic platform for information consumption.

Sync Data

Synchronizing Opera browsers across multiple devices is seamless with the Sync Data feature. Our team tested this by ensuring bookmarks, settings, and preferences mirrored across different platforms. Sync Data enhances the user experience, allowing for a consistent and personalized browsing environment.

Import Bookmarks

Managing, customizing, and keeping favorite online places in one location is made easy with Opera's Import Bookmarks feature. Our team explored the simplicity of importing bookmarks from other browsers, making the transition to Opera smooth for users with established online preferences.


Opera can be downloaded for free, aligning with its commitment to providing accessible and feature-rich browsing without a financial barrier. Our team found this pricing model inclusive, allowing users to explore Opera's capabilities without upfront costs.

In this comprehensive overview, Opera emerges as a versatile and feature-packed browser, catering to users' diverse needs. The integration of innovative tools, coupled with a commitment to privacy and convenience, positions Opera as a modern and user-friendly browser in the competitive digital landscape.

Pros and Cons of Opera

Opera, with its rich set of features, has garnered attention for providing a unique and innovative browsing experience. Let's delve into the pros and cons that define Opera's strengths and areas for improvement.


Built-in Ad Blocker, VPN, and Battery Saver

Opera's triple threat of a built-in ad blocker, VPN, and battery saver is a standout feature. Our team tested these functionalities extensively, and they collectively contribute to a more secure, private, and efficient browsing experience. The ad blocker ensures a distraction-free environment, the VPN enhances privacy, and the battery saver extends device longevity.

Fast Performance

Opera impresses with its swift performance, delivering a responsive and smooth browsing experience. During our tests, we found that Opera consistently outpaced some of its competitors, loading web pages promptly and handling multimedia content with ease.

Helpful Speed Dial Start Page

The Speed Dial start page is a user-friendly feature that simplifies accessing frequently visited websites. Our team appreciated the convenience of having quick and visually appealing access to favorite sites, streamlining the browsing process.

Turbo Mode for Slow Connections, Reduced Data Usage

Turbo mode, designed to accelerate slow connections and reduce data usage, proved to be an effective tool during testing. Opera's commitment to optimizing the browsing experience, especially in regions with limited connectivity, was evident in the seamless performance of Turbo mode.

Gestures for Easy Navigation

Opera enhances user navigation with intuitive gestures. Our team found these gestures to be a practical and efficient way to move between tabs and navigate the browser seamlessly. This feature adds a layer of user-friendly interaction.

Lots of Built-in Features

Opera's commitment to innovation shines through its plethora of built-in features. From messengers and AI assistance to VPN and unit converters, Opera strives to be more than just a browser, offering users a comprehensive digital platform.

Multiple Mobile Versions

Opera's availability across various mobile platforms ensures that users can enjoy a consistent browsing experience across devices. Our team explored different versions, and the seamless synchronization across mobile and desktop platforms was a noteworthy advantage.

Anonymous & Easy Device Sync

Opera's emphasis on privacy is evident in its anonymous and easy device sync. Our team tested the synchronization of data across devices, and Opera's approach to maintaining user privacy while offering a seamless sync experience is commendable.


Some Sites Balk Don't Recognize Opera Browser

A drawback of using Opera is that some websites may not recognize it as a mainstream browser. During our tests, we encountered instances where certain sites displayed compatibility issues or prompted messages about the browser being unrecognized.

No Reading Mode or Reading List

Opera lacks a dedicated reading mode or reading list feature, which could be a drawback for users who prefer a more focused reading experience. Our team noted the absence of these features, impacting the browser's suitability for users who engage in extensive reading online.

Lacks Social Sharing Tool

Unlike some competitors, Opera lacks a built-in social sharing tool. Our team observed that sharing content directly from the browser to social media platforms is not as seamless as it is in some other browsers, impacting user convenience.

Uses a Lot of RAM

One notable downside is Opera's relatively high RAM usage compared to some other browsers. During testing, our team observed that Opera's memory consumption can be significant, which may impact the performance on devices with limited RAM.

How We Tested Opera

We used these key criteria as the basis for our evaluation:


Our team rigorously assessed Opera's speed by loading various websites, streaming multimedia content, and navigating between tabs. We benchmarked its performance against other browsers to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of its speed capabilities.

Ease of Use

Evaluating Opera's user interface, features, and overall accessibility was a key focus. We considered how easily users could navigate settings, utilize built-in tools, and customize their browsing experience. The goal was to gauge Opera's intuitiveness and user-friendly design.

Security and Privacy

We delved into Opera's security features, including the effectiveness of its built-in ad blocker and VPN. Our team assessed privacy concerns, scrutinizing browser data collection practices and ensuring that Opera's privacy claims aligned with real-world usage.

Feature Integration

Opera's unique features were individually tested for seamless integration and functionality. From the VPN to social media integration, we ensured that each feature contributed positively to the overall browsing experience. Our focus was on the practicality and effectiveness of Opera's built-in tools.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of five stars. Opera unquestionably earns our highest rating as an Editor's Choice. With its innovative features, including a built-in ad blocker, VPN, and battery saver, Opera sets the standard for modern browsers. Its fast performance, customizable interface, and commitment to user privacy make it an excellent choice for a diverse range of users.

Opera not only meets but exceeds our standards, providing a comprehensive and feature-rich browsing experience that consistently outpaces many competitors. For those seeking a versatile, secure, and user-friendly browser, Opera stands out as an exceptional choice.

Alternatives to Opera

While Opera stands out as a feature-rich and innovative browser, it's essential to explore alternative options that cater to various user preferences and needs. Here are four notable alternatives, each with its unique strengths:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, an open-source browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation, offers a robust and customizable browsing experience. With the Gecko rendering engine, Firefox adheres to current web standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of websites.

During our tests, we found Firefox to be a reliable choice for users who prioritize privacy and customization. Its extensive library of add-ons allows users to tailor the browser to their specific requirements, making it a versatile alternative to Opera.


Brave is a privacy-focused browser based on the Chromium engine, developed by Brave Software, Inc. Known for its automatic ad and tracker blocking, Brave prioritizes user privacy by default.

Our team explored Brave's ability to provide a streamlined and secure browsing experience, noting its fast performance and emphasis on reducing online clutter. Brave's unique feature, rewarding users with Basic Attention Tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads, adds an intriguing dimension to the browsing landscape.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, a cross-platform browser developed by Google, is a widely used option known for its speed and simplicity. It utilizes the WebKit and Mozilla Firefox components, ensuring compatibility with various websites.

During our tests, Chrome demonstrated fast loading times and a user-friendly interface. Its extensive library of extensions enhances functionality, making it a preferred choice for users deeply integrated into the Google ecosystem. While privacy concerns have been raised, Chrome remains a popular and efficient browser for many.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, a proprietary browser created by Microsoft, has undergone significant improvements, particularly with the shift to the Chromium engine. Edge was first introduced in 2015 and has evolved to provide a seamless and integrated browsing experience for Windows users.

Our team explored Edge's features, including its smooth integration with Microsoft services, intuitive interface, and compatibility with Chrome extensions. The recent transition to Chromium has notably enhanced Edge's performance and versatility.

While Opera excels in providing a comprehensive set of built-in features, users may find specific preferences and needs met more effectively by exploring these alternatives. Whether it's customization, privacy, ecosystem integration, or familiarity, each alternative offers a positive spin on the browsing experience. It's essential for users to consider their priorities and test different browsers to find the one that aligns best with their individual requirements.

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