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Are you ready to experience productivity like never before with Jeda AI? This cutting-edge Generative AI Workspace offers user-friendly features so you can enhance collaboration, streamline content creation, and improve analysis. Jeda AI's endless capabilities will transform your work.

What is Jeda AI?

Jeda AI

Jeda AI is a Generative AI Workspace that transforms the way we collaborate, create content, and view data. It is a game-changing technology meant to boost productivity and empower individuals and teams across multiple areas.

Jeda AI ushers in a new era of efficiency, innovation, and cooperation by harnessing powerful AI capabilities. Jeda’s AI Visual Chat feature is used to create content and facilitate immediate communication between team members.

Meanwhile, the AI Visual Analysis is used to examine sentiment, and the AI Data Template Analysis is used to solve problems. Visualize thoughts with AI Diagrams, create attractive pictures, and easily manage whiteboards with Jeda AI.

Jeda AI offers flexible pricing plans, including a free version with essential features. For advanced capabilities, the Black Belt subscription is available at $10/month, while the pricing for Black Belt+ is agreed between the Jeda team and your company. Choose the plan that best suits your needs to unlock enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Key Features

Jeda AI

AI Visual Chat: Jeda AI's AI Visual Chat redefines communication. Users can generate material such as tweets, emails, and newsletters using commands such as "/ai," "/a," "/as," and "aa." This feature helps teams communicate more effectively by providing an interactive environment for debates, brainstorming, and documenting journeys.

AI Visual Analysis: Use AI Visual Analysis to uncover hidden insights within content. Individuals can make educated judgments and foresee obstacles with increased clarity by comprehending the story behind the words.

AI Data Template Analysis: With AI Data Template Analysis, Jeda AI goes beyond traditional analysis. For leaders and managers, this feature serves as a valuable tool to decipher sentiment. This technology improves problem-solving capabilities and, as a result, contributes to mission accomplishment by accurately addressing client complaints.

AI Diagram [Alpha]: The AI Diagram [Alpha] functionality allows users to easily create diagrams and solve complicated problems. This feature is extremely useful when venturing into unfamiliar territory when quick, visual solutions are required. Users can manage hurdles and contribute to the accomplishment of their missions by synthesizing ideas and concepts.

Jeda AI

AI Art & Image Generator: The AI Art & Image Generator allows for unlimited creativity. Captivate spectators with a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind visuals created by AI. For individuals seeking to add a touch of artistic flair to their projects, this feature unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities.

Collaboration: Jeda AI's Real-time Collaborative Online Whiteboard promotes dynamic teamwork. By harnessing AI-created content tailored to specific strategies and topics, teams can propel projects forward efficiently. This feature allows people to share their ideas, creating a collaborative environment that promotes collective invention.

AutoShape: The AutoShape tool transforms scribbles into clear shapes. This tool is especially useful for those who want to improve their visual presentations or convey ideas through creative images.

Real-Time Meeting Minutes: With Real-time Meeting Minutes, efficiency takes center stage. Meetings become more organized as participants can record and organize discussions in real-time. Making quick decisions becomes second nature, allowing initiatives to move forward without unnecessary delays.

How to Use Jeda AI: Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the forefront of productivity and collaboration with Jeda AI – the Generative AI Workspace designed to accelerate business strategy and teamwork through cutting-edge features.

In this guide, we will take you step-by-step through the different aspects of Jeda AI, allowing you to fully utilize its possibilities.

Step 1: Get Started: To begin this journey of increased productivity, you must first access the Jeda AI platform. For new users, the sign-up process is straightforward, requiring essential information to create an account. Once logged in, you'll be taken to the dashboard, which houses all of Jeda AI's features. Spend some time surfing the dashboard to become acquainted with its layout and options.
Jeda AI
Step 2: AI Visual Chat: When you access the program's interface, the option will be available in the lower portion of the screen. To access the chat interface, click on it.

You can begin typing commands within the AI Visual Chat interface. For example, to generate AI-assisted text, enter "/ai" followed by your desired text.

After you enter your command, the AI will rapidly process it and react with the created output. You can expect to receive insightful content that aligns with your command.

Experiment with alternative commands such as "/as" for sticky notes, “/ad” for mind maps, and "/aa" to access the AI Art & Image Generator.

AI Visual Chat converts communication into a dynamic and creative process, allowing you to develop content rapidly, explore ideas, and improve collaborative efforts within the Jeda AI platform.

Step 3: AI Visual Analysis: AI Visual Analysis is a sophisticated feature included into Jeda AI that allows you to go deeper into textual information, understand sentiment, and identify underlying emotions.

To access AI Visual Analysis, navigate to the AI Visual Analysis area of your Jeda AI dashboard. This option is located in the AI menu on the left side of the screen.

Enter the text to be analyzed into the designated text box. This could include information from emails, articles, or any other written contact.

Press the "Generate" button to instruct the AI to evaluate the text and provide a sentiment analysis report. The AI will provide a visual representation of sentiment, frequently in the form of charts or graphs, to interpret the results. Positive, negative, and neutral moods are typically portrayed with percentages.

Delve deeper into the sentiment analysis report to comprehend the emotions linked with various sections of the text. This will give you a better sense of the overall tone and effect of the information.

Step 4: AI Text Maker: The "Generate as Text" option provided by Jeda AI, located in the chat menu at the bottom of the page, is a versatile tool that simplifies content creation. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Specify the type of content you want Jeda AI to generate. Options include text rewriting, email composition, bullet points, blog posts, customer testimonials, website copy, landing page copy, product descriptions, press releases, social media posts, LinkedIn recommendations, resumes, and job posts.

Moreover, you should enter a few key phrases or words related to the type of content you want to generate. Then, click on the field showing the up arrow, and Jeda AI will create a draft based on your keywords and chosen content type.

Step 5: AI Diagram [Alpha] : Within Jeda AI, the AI Diagram tool allows you to design intricate diagrams and visual representations to tackle complex problems. This tool improves your ability to clearly and organizedly synthesize ideas, describe strategies, and develop solutions.

To use AI Diagram, go to your Jeda AI workspace and look for the Diagram feature. It is also located in the AI menu. Select the type of diagram that corresponds to your goal. Basic Diagram, Flowchart, and Mindmap tools will be available.

Using the simple interface, you can create shapes, connect parts, and enter text. Arrange and customize your diagram by modifying the colors, shapes, and layout.

Once you're happy with your diagram, save it and share it with your team for collaboration, feedback, and future growth.

Step 6: AI Art & Image Maker: This incredible tool allows you to delve into the world of visual creation by generating one-of-a-kind and intriguing images that can be used to enhance your content.

To use the AI Art & Image Generator, go to your Jeda AI workspace. In the chat field at the bottom of the screen, type the description of the image you want the program to generate for you.

To begin image generation, use "/aa" followed by particular keywords or prompts. Such as "/aa mountain landscape" or "/aa futuristic cityscape."

Based on your command, the AI will process your input and generate images. You'll be shown a selection of photographs that correspond to your description. Look through the created images and select the ones that speak to your vision purpose.

Download and incorporate the generated images into your presentations, content, or creative projects to add visual impact.

Step 7: AutoShape: Incorporate the AutoShape tool in Jeda AI to turn basic shapes into outstanding design pieces. Allow AutoShape to convert simple forms into detailed, hand-drawn masterpieces to elevate your creations.
Step 8: Real-Time Meeting Minutes: With Jeda AI's Real-Time Meeting Minutes functionality, you can improve team communication. During meetings, capture, organize, and share critical discussions, decisions, and action items in real time.
Step 9: Jeda AI : With Jeda AI's AddOns feature, you can improve your collaborative efforts. Integrate icons, stickers, and wireframes to elevate visual dialogues. To improve communication and engagement, you can use a variety of tools, including hundreds of icons from Iconfinder.

These powerful AddOns enhance the collaboration experience by creating a dynamic environment in which ideas are brought to life in engaging and visually stunning ways. Enhance your cooperation with Jeda AI's AddOns and discover new levels of involvement in your workspace.

Step 10: Collaborate to Achieve Collective Success: Through Jeda AI's Real-time Collaborative Online Whiteboard, you may experience the potential of teamwork. Begin by inviting team members to join your workspace. Participate in live debates, brainstorming sessions, and idea sharing. Contribute, modify, and visualize concepts at the same time, ensuring that everyone's participation is smoothly merged. Use artificial intelligence-powered information to supplement your thoughts and initiatives.
Step 11: Whiteboard and Account Management: The Whiteboard and Account Manager features enable you to arrange your workspace, interact smoothly, and change your account settings as needed.
  • Rename Whiteboards: To give a more descriptive name to a whiteboard, select the "Rename" option.
  • Duplicate Boards: Click the "Duplicate" option to easily produce copies for different uses.
  • Archive Boards: Keep your workplace clear of clutter by archiving boards that are no longer in use. Unarchive them with a single click if necessary.
  • Shared Boards: Access boards shared with you by others by clicking "Shared with me." Effectively collaborate on shared tasks.
  • Notifications: Stay up to speed on board invitations via email and in-app notifications, so you never miss out on crucial information.

Who Uses Jeda AI?

Jeda AI brings up an array of possibilities in a variety of circumstances, simplifying processes and increasing inventiveness. Let's look at some instances of how to use this tool's various capabilities.

Content Creators

To produce subject ideas, content creators can enter the Jeda AI workspace and use the "/ai" command. The AI quickly generates a list of engaging topics based on trending keywords and user preferences. They may then visualize these concepts on the limitless canvas, make notes, and even create mind maps to efficiently organize their work.

Project Managers

Project managers in charge of complex product developments can use Jeda. They can invite members of the team to the Real-Time Collaborative Online Whiteboard. Together, they create flowcharts ("/af") to outline project workflows, wireframes ("/aw") to design user interfaces, and diagrams ("/ad") to visualize the product architecture. This collaborative environment streamlines communication and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Creative Designers and Artists

Graphic designers can take advantage of Jeda AI's creative features. They can use the AI Art & Image Generator ("/aa") to create unique and visually stunning graphics for their projects. Additionally, the AutoShape feature ("/as") helps them transform basic shapes into intricate design elements, saving time and effort in crafting detailed designs.


Jeda AI is more than simply a tool, with its AI-powered workspace, dynamic features, and collaborative prowess. From generating ideas to visualizing complex concepts, Jeda AI unleashes your creativity and amplifies teamwork.

Seamlessly blending AI intelligence with human ingenuity, it ushers in a new era of efficiency, creativity, and unified collaboration.

Embrace Jeda AI as your ultimate partner in conquering challenges, fueling growth, and realizing your aspirations. Step into a world where productivity knows no bounds, and collaboration knows no limits.

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