Automata: Repurpose your marketing assets effortlessly. Create social media posts and blog articles from existing content. Start optimizing your distribution strategies now.

Our Verdict


After thorough evaluation, our team found that Automata excels at content repurposing, offering a user-friendly interface and templates for various platforms. Automata's intuitive interface, coupled with AI-assisted content generation, demonstrates its effectiveness in streamlining the content creation process. Its Chrome Extension for LinkedIn posts simplifies content creation, and the tool's efficiency in converting content into multiple forms impressed us. While it excels in many aspects, the limited number of content repurposing templates and dependencies on the Chrome browser slightly impact its rating. While it has some limitations, overall, Automata is a valuable asset for marketers looking to maximize the impact of their existing content across different channels.

Overview of Automata


Automata is an AI content repurposing tool designed to revolutionize marketers' content creation strategies. Developed to streamline the conversion of marketing assets into various content forms, Automata aims to save time, money, and enhance visibility across multiple channels. In this comprehensive overview, we explore its key features, functionalities, and share our hands-on experiences during testing.

Efficiently Convert Your Content into Multiple Forms


Automata's Content Repurposing Templates offer a streamlined approach to converting existing blogs, videos, and PDF documents into social media posts, emails, and website content.

We tested this feature by inputting a blog post from our recent campaign. The templates were user-friendly and required minimal editing. The process was quick, saving us valuable time. The resulting social media posts and website content maintained the essence of the original blog, showcasing Automata's efficiency.

Flexible Input Options

Automata's Content Repurposing Templates accept a variety of input options, including text, links to public videos on YouTube, and PDF documents, providing users with flexibility.

We experimented with different input options, including pasting text directly into the tool and providing a link to a YouTube video. Automata seamlessly processed both, demonstrating its adaptability. This flexibility ensures users can repurpose content without constraints.

Create Native Social Content from Blog Posts

Automata's AI Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Posts facilitates the quick creation of engaging LinkedIn posts without leaving the platform.

We installed the Chrome Extension and used it to convert an existing blog post into a LinkedIn post. The AI analysis was impressive, generating a relevant and well-structured LinkedIn post. This feature simplifies the content creation process for LinkedIn, enhancing our reach on the platform.

Easy to Use

The AI Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Posts boasts a user-friendly interface, requiring no technical knowledge for effective utilization.

We assessed the extension's user interface, ensuring that even team members with limited technical expertise could navigate and use it efficiently. The straightforward design allowed us to focus on creating quality posts without getting bogged down by technical details.

Increased Reach on LinkedIn

With Automata's AI Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Posts, users can significantly expand their reach on LinkedIn by consistently delivering high-quality content.

We monitored our LinkedIn engagement before and after implementing Automata. The consistent stream of relevant content increased our visibility, leading to more connections and interactions. This feature proved instrumental in enhancing our presence on LinkedIn.

Create Native Content for Your Website and Social Media Platforms

Automata's Content Distribution feature facilitates the creation of native content optimized for websites and various social media platforms.

We utilized this feature to repurpose blog content for our website, Twitter, and Facebook. The results were well-adapted and platform-specific, ensuring engagement across different channels. Automata's Content Distribution feature became a valuable asset in maintaining a consistent and high-quality content output.

Efficient Email Distribution

Automata's Content Distribution feature extends to efficient email distribution, allowing users to convert blog posts into email newsletters effortlessly.

We transformed a blog post into an email newsletter using Automata. The tool seamlessly converted the content, making it suitable for email distribution. This streamlined process saved us time and resources while ensuring our subscribers received relevant and engaging content.

Customizable Content Distribution Strategy

Automata's Content Distribution feature provides users with a customizable content distribution strategy aligned with their overall marketing objectives.

We explored the customization options, tailoring a content distribution plan that met our specific marketing goals. Automata's flexibility allowed us to exercise control over our content distribution while benefiting from its AI-powered optimization technology.

Maximize the Value of Your Existing Content


Automata's Content Repurposing feature enables users to maximize the value of existing content by repurposing it into multiple formats.

We repurposed a series of blog posts into social media content, emails, and website articles using Automata. The results were diverse and effective, demonstrating the tool's ability to extract additional value from our existing content without the need for extensive new creations.

Optimization for Different Channels


Automata's Content Repurposing feature optimizes content for different channels, ensuring relevance and engagement.

We used pre-built templates to create content tailored for various platforms, including social media, email newsletters, and website articles. The optimized content resonated well with each audience, showcasing Automata's effectiveness in catering to diverse channels.

Increased Content Accessibility

Automata's Content Repurposing feature enhances content accessibility by making it available across multiple platforms.

We assessed the impact of repurposed content across different platforms, noting increased accessibility and engagement. Automata's ability to reach a wider audience translated into more leads and sales compared to relying on a single platform or content format.



Automata offers a free trial, allowing users to test its features and benefits without financial commitment. The free trial period provides sufficient time to evaluate the tool's performance and suitability for individual business needs. For those opting for paid plans, prices start from $3 for pay-as-you-go and $49 for a monthly subscription.

Pros and Cons of Automata

In our extensive evaluation of Automata, its strengths in content repurposing, multi-channel distribution, and efficient LinkedIn post creation stood out prominently. However, limitations such as the availability of templates, browser dependency, and multilingual support could potentially impact its overall suitability for diverse marketing strategies. Understanding these pros and cons can guide businesses in assessing Automata's alignment with their specific content needs and preferences.


Content Repurposing Tool: Automata excels as a content repurposing tool, efficiently converting existing marketing assets into multiple forms, saving time and effort for marketers.

Multi-Channel Content Distribution: The platform facilitates content distribution across various channels, ensuring wider visibility and engagement for marketers' content.

Efficient LinkedIn Post Creation: Automata's Chrome Extension simplifies and speeds up the process of creating engaging LinkedIn posts, streamlining content delivery on the platform.

Chrome Extension Availability: The availability of a Chrome Extension adds convenience, allowing seamless use and accessibility for creating LinkedIn posts without leaving the browser.

Repurposing Templates: The tool offers diverse repurposing templates, aiding in the transformation of content into formats suitable for different platforms.

Extracts Key Points from PDFs and Videos: Automata's ability to extract essential information from PDFs and videos streamlines content creation and repurposing.

Automated Content Generation: The AI-assisted content generation feature ensures consistent posting and enhances content quality.

Supports LinkedIn and Twitter: Automata's focus on LinkedIn and Twitter integration provides specific benefits for users targeting these platforms.

Complete Content Distribution Solution: It offers a comprehensive solution for content distribution, spanning from social media to emails, aiding in a holistic content strategy.

Unlocking The Value of Trapped Content: By repurposing existing content, Automata helps businesses leverage the untapped potential of their previously created materials.


Limited Content Repurposing Templates: Despite its versatility, Automata has a limited number of templates for content repurposing, potentially limiting diverse content creation.

Dependencies on Chrome Browser: The tool's reliance on the Chrome browser might pose limitations for users preferring other browsers or operating systems.

Lack of Multilingual Support: Automata's lack of robust multilingual support might hinder its effectiveness for businesses targeting diverse language markets.

Doesn't Support All Video Types: The tool's inability to support all video formats might restrict users when working with specific video types.

No PDF Editing Features: Automata lacks editing features for PDF documents, potentially requiring users to edit documents externally before repurposing.

User Reviews of Automata

"This is so awesome. As a writer, it's shocking how much you’re making me like AI." Bree Neely

"Automata has helped us define our content strategy. Now that we're posting more consistently, we're seeing our social engagement grow." Brent Danis

"Works like magic. Least amount of input among all others I have tried yet produces maximum output." Gina Meneses

How We Tested Automata

We used these key criteria to form the basis of our evaluation of this tool:

Ease of Use: Our team evaluated how quickly we could grasp Automata's features. We assessed the user interface, template accessibility, and overall navigational simplicity to ensure the tool's ease of use.

Content Repurposing Efficiency: We tested Automata's ability to convert various content types, including blogs, videos, and PDFs, into multiple forms. The goal was to assess the tool's efficiency in maintaining content quality while repurposing.

LinkedIn Post Creation: We installed and tested Automata's Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Posts, analyzing its functionality and AI capabilities in creating engaging LinkedIn posts seamlessly.

Content Distribution Strategy: Our experts explored Automata's Content Distribution feature, customizing content distribution plans to align with specific marketing objectives. We evaluated the tool's flexibility and AI-powered optimization technology in executing effective content distribution strategies.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Its standout features, including efficient LinkedIn post creation and multi-channel content distribution, impressed our team. Overall, Automata is highly recommended for marketers seeking an efficient and user-friendly tool to enhance their content strategies.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Automata

When it comes to AI-powered content creation tools, several alternatives to Automata offer unique features and functionalities. As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive overview, we explore four notable alternatives, comparing them to Automata in terms of their capabilities and suitability for diverse marketing needs.


RADAAR's AI-powered Social Media Post Generator stands out as a versatile tool designed to simplify the creation of engaging social media posts tailored to specific audiences. With multilingual support and a library of media sources, RADAAR aims to offer a diverse content creation experience.

Comparison to Automata:

  • Content Repurposing: While both tools excel at content repurposing, RADAAR's emphasis on social media post generation aligns more with immediate engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Multilingual Support: RADAAR outshines Automata in supporting a wider range of languages, making it a preferred choice for businesses targeting diverse language markets.
  • Media Sources: RADAAR's extensive library of media sources provides users with a rich pool of images and videos, enhancing content quality and visual appeal.

Instagram Reels Templates: RADAAR's specific post templates for Instagram Reels cater to the growing trend of short-form video content, offering a unique advantage in the competitive social media landscape.

Generator XYZ

Generator XYZ presents itself as an AI-powered platform dedicated to helping bloggers and marketers swiftly craft compelling social media messages. With an intuitive interface and the ability to generate tweets, guides, and other content, Generator XYZ aims to streamline the content creation process.

Comparison to Automata:

  • Ease of Use: Both Generator XYZ and Automata focus on user-friendly interfaces. However, Generator XYZ's emphasis on simplicity makes it an excellent choice for users seeking an intuitive and quick content creation experience.
  • Twitter and Google Integration: Generator XYZ's seamless integration with Twitter and Google enhances its usability, providing users with convenient options for login and authentication.

Regular Updates: Generator XYZ's commitment to regular updates ensures that users benefit from the latest features and improvements, maintaining its relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of content creation tools.


Ocoya positions itself as a powerful AI content automation tool, specializing in creating and posting attractive social media content such as posts, captions, blogs, and hashtags. With AI-driven suggestions and a focus on collaboration, Ocoya aims to enhance efficiency and campaign planning.

Comparison to Automata:

  • AI Copywriting: Ocoya's emphasis on AI copywriting for generating text in 26 languages provides a broader linguistic scope compared to Automata, making it suitable for businesses targeting diverse international audiences.
  • Autopilot Feature: Ocoya's autopilot feature allows users to automate the content creation and posting process, offering a hands-free experience. Automata, while efficient, may not provide the same level of automation.

Integrated Collaboration Tools: Ocoya's integration with major platforms across social media, design, and ecommerce sectors fosters collaboration, making it an attractive option for teams or clients working together on content campaigns.


GetMax positions itself as an AI-powered tool assisting with content marketing strategies. With features like AI-driven suggestions for content themes and keywords, content calendar creation, and auto-publishing capabilities, GetMax aims to provide a comprehensive solution for content creation and management.

Comparison to Automata:

  • Keyword Competitiveness Analysis: GetMax's focus on analyzing product or website keywords for competitiveness provides a strategic advantage for users aiming to stay ahead in their industry.
  • Content Calendar Creation: GetMax's content calendar creation feature, seamlessly integrated with existing calendar tools, offers users a centralized platform for planning and generating content in advance, streamlining workflow management.

Auto-Publishing Capabilities: GetMax's ability to schedule and automatically publish posts across different platforms, including social media and content management systems, enhances efficiency and ensures timely content delivery.

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