Discover Altered, an AI tool for voice changing. Perfect for game designers and audio product development, it offers rapid ideation, efficient audio production, and professional voiceover creation.

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Our evaluation of Altered AI leads us to award it four stars, signifying it as an excellent choice. The tool's extensive range of AI voices, coupled with the option to create custom ones, provides us with unparalleled vocal diversity and creative freedom. Trusted by major media studios, Altered AI's credibility and reliability are evident. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, accommodating both professionals and beginners. While we did note some minor drawbacks, such as unclear cookie purposes and limited support information, the software's strengths far outweighed these concerns. Overall, Altered AI stands as an excellent resource for crafting engaging voice performances.

Overview of Altered AI


In today's fast-paced media industry, voice acting and audio production plays a crucial role in captivating audiences and creating immersive experiences.

Altered AI, a professional voice-changing software by Altered Studio, emerges as a cutting-edge solution for voice actors, media studios, and content creators alike.

With its unique technology, Altered AI allows users to transform their voices into a diverse array of AI voices, either from a curated portfolio or by creating custom voices.


Key Features

In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the best features of Altered AI and how it empowers users to create unique and engaging audio experiences.

  • AI Voice Alteration

    At the heart of Altered AI lies its exceptional AI voice alteration capability. Voice actors seeking versatility in their performances can benefit a lot from this tool which offers a wide selection of carefully curated voices to choose from.

    Whether you want a more traditional, professional tone or an imaginative sound, Altered AI has it covered. This diverse portfolio of AI voices ensures that users can find the perfect match for any project, be it animation, audiobooks, commercials, or video games.

    Moreover, Altered AI goes beyond the pre-made voice selections, giving users the freedom to create their own custom voices. This feature sets Altered AI apart from conventional voice-changing tools and allows artists to unleash their creativity without limitations.

    With total control over the sound production and design process, users can tailor voices to suit the specific requirements of their projects, resulting in compelling and authentic performances.

  • Backed by Renowned Studios

    Altered Studio has earned the trust of major media studios, including Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, Gimlet, War-Gaming, Sweetjustice Sound, Ninja Theory, and Neon Giant.

    This industry-wide approval is a testament to the software's reliability, performance, and ability to deliver exceptional voice-changing experiences. The confidence placed in Altered AI by these renowned studios underscores its credibility as a professional tool for audio production.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Altered AI not only impresses with its technology but also ensures an enhanced user experience. The user-friendly interface allows for smooth navigation, making it accessible to both seasoned professionals and those new to voice-changing software.

    With just a few clicks, users can transform their voices into entirely new characters or personalities. The simplicity and efficiency of the interface enable users to focus on the creative process, resulting in seamless and enjoyable audio production experiences.

  • Support Team

    Altered Studio understands the importance of providing comprehensive support to its users. Even the most intuitive software may occasionally encounter challenges, and that's where Altered AI's support team comes in.

    Users can take comfort in knowing that assistance is readily available should they encounter any difficulties along the way. The dedicated support team ensures that users can fully utilize the tool's capabilities and optimize their voice performances.

Pros and Cons of Altered AI

As with any software, Altered AI has its strengths and areas where it may have room for improvement. Here's a breakdown of its pros and cons:


Vocal Diversity: One of the most significant advantages of Altered AI is its extensive selection of AI voices. The curated portfolio offers a wide range of voices with various tones, accents, and styles.

Custom Voice Creation: Altered AI truly stands out from its competitors with its custom voice creation feature. This innovative capability enables users to generate entirely unique voices by training the AI model with their own voice samples.

Ease of Use: Altered AI boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures both seasoned professionals and newcomers can navigate the software effortlessly.

Industry Trust: The trust bestowed upon Altered Studio by major media studios speaks volumes about the software's reliability and performance. 

Diverse Uses: Altered AI caters to a wide range of audio production needs, making it a versatile tool for various professionals. Voice actors, media studios, and content creators can explore new avenues with custom voice creations, making Altered AI suitable for a diverse audience.

Moderate Pricing: The platform offers various price packages for individuals and businesses, all reasonably affordable and worth the money if you use the tool regularly.


Unknown Purpose of Some Cookies: The website for Altered Studio mentions the use of cookies to collect and analyze data, enhance content, and improve user experience.

However, it does not explicitly state the purpose of all cookies used, which may raise privacy concerns for some users. Transparency about the cookies' purpose and data handling practices would instill greater confidence in the software's privacy measures.

Additional Customization Features: While Altered AI offers the unique capability of custom voice creation, some users might desire further customization options.

Expanding the range of settings and parameters for custom voice training could enhance the software's appeal to users with specific voice alteration requirements.

Despite these minor drawbacks, Altered AI undoubtedly excels in delivering a comprehensive voice-changing experience with a wide array of voices and robust customization options.

The software's pros significantly outweigh its cons, making Altered AI a highly appealing choice for professionals and enthusiasts in the audio production realm.

Alternatives to Altered AI: Expanding the Horizon

While Altered AI is a powerful voice-changing software, exploring alternative tools can provide users with a broader perspective and help them find the perfect fit for their specific needs. Here are four alternative tools, each offering unique advantages and capabilities:

1. Voice AI

First up is Voice AI, a versatile voice-changing tool designed for content creators and gamers. What sets Voice AI apart is its combination of voice-changing and voice-cloning capabilities. Users can not only transform their voices into various AI characters but also clone their own voices and use the recordings as soundboards. This feature is particularly appealing to live entertainers, streamers, and podcasters who want to add an interactive element to their performances.

Voice AI boasts a vast Voice Universe tab, offering an extensive selection of voices to experiment with and enjoy. Whether you're seeking to parody famous voices or create unique characters, Voice AI provides the necessary tools for unleashing your creativity.

Best features of of Voice AI:

  • Voice Cloning: The ability to clone and use your own voice opens up endless possibilities for interactive and engaging content.
  • Extensive Voice Selection: The wide variety of voices in the Voice Universe tab offers plenty of options for diverse and imaginative performances.
  • Interactive Features: The soundboard functionality allows for live voice-changing, making it perfect for live performances and entertainment.

2. Musicfy

Musicfy is more than just a voice-changing tool; it's an AI voice and music tool that lets users create music using their own voices. It employs AI to convert vocals into an AI model that can sing any melody.

Artists, musicians, creators, and songwriters looking to explore new ideas will find Musicfy to be an intuitive and valuable tool.

Musicfy's stem-splitting feature is particularly impressive as it can isolate vocal, drum, bass stems, and more from any song. This capability allows users to manipulate and integrate their own voice into existing music tracks, opening up endless possibilities for remixes and mashups.

Best features of Musicfy:

  • AI Voice Cloning: The AI-generated vocals offer a realistic and emotive performance, giving users a unique way to add their voices to songs.
  • Stem Splitting: Isolating individual stems from songs allows for greater creative control in music production.
  • Pre-made Vocals Library: The library of pre-made vocals offers a convenient resource for experimenting with new sounds and melodies.

3. is an AI tool that goes beyond voice cloning and text-to-speech. It allows users to upload their own voice data without limitations on dialogue content, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking greater flexibility in their voice performances.

The tool's emotion recognition technology automatically detects emotional content in the input, focusing on the emotions to generate vocals that carry the desired expressiveness.

For singers and music enthusiasts, offers a custom music creation feature, enabling users to sing songs with their AI-cloned voice. This emotion-driven approach adds depth and character to vocal performances.

Best features of

  • Voice Cloning and Custom Music: Users can use their cloned voices to sing songs, enhancing music creativity.
  • Emotion Recognition: The emotion-driven vocals allow for expressive performances, ideal for emotionally charged projects.
  • No Limitations on Voice Data: The ability to upload voice data without restrictions grants users greater freedom in creating unique voices.

While Altered AI stands as a robust and versatile voice-changing software, exploring alternative tools can uncover additional features and functionalities that may better suit certain projects. 

From voice cloning and music creation to emotion-driven expressiveness, each alternative presents its unique strengths and opens up diverse opportunities for audio production.

By evaluating specific requirements and creative objectives, users can choose the ideal tool or combination of tools that align with their vision and propel their audio projects to new heights.

Summing Up This Altered Review

All in all, Altered AI is a good tool for crafting captivating voice performances. With its extensive selection of AI voices and the ability to create custom ones, you will enjoy unparalleled vocal diversity and creative freedom.

Trusted by major media studios, Altered AI boasts credibility and reliability, while its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for professionals and beginners alike. 

Though some minor drawbacks, such as unknown cookie purposes and limited support information, exist, the software's strengths outweigh them.

By exploring alternative tools and understanding specific project requirements, you can make informed decisions to elevate your audio creations.

Rating 4 /5

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