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Our Verdict

Our experts found Voila to be a versatile AI tool with compelling features. From effortless information access to personalized editing, Voila streamlines content creation with its extensive library and AI templates. Privacy-conscious users will appreciate its commitment to data security. However, limited browser compatibility and the absence of a mobile version may be drawbacks for some. Despite minor concerns, our verdict leans positively, recognizing Voila as a valuable resource for those seeking efficient content generation.

Overview of Voila


Voila is a browser extension armed with ChatGPT's prowess. As we delved into its functionalities, we were intrigued by its potential to revolutionize content creation. Below, we dissect Voila's key features, sharing our hands-on experiences to provide a nuanced perspective.

Effortless Access to Information

Voila's claim to provide instantaneous answers to any query held our attention. We put this to the test by posing a range of questions on diverse topics. The results were impressive – Voila swiftly retrieved relevant information, sparing us the hassle of navigating multiple tabs or search engines. It emerged as a handy tool for quick research, making it particularly valuable for time-sensitive tasks.

Personal Assistant

The allure of having a personal assistant well-versed in myriad subjects intrigued us. We tasked Voila with generating answers to various questions without disrupting our workflow. The results were impressive, saving us valuable time and enhancing productivity. Its prowess as a personal assistant was evident, offering quick and accurate responses, ranging from factual information to nuanced explanations.


Privacy is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive queries. Voila's assurance that user content and conversations remain confidential prompted us to put it to the test. We threw a range of confidential and sensitive questions its way, and Voila delivered on its promise. Our data remained secure, offering peace of mind when dealing with delicate information. Voila proved to be a trustworthy companion in safeguarding user privacy.

Extensive Library of AI Templates

The prospect of accessing an extensive library of AI writing templates, covering various categories, intrigued us. We explored Voila's library, selecting templates for marketing, advertising, and social media copy. The results were promising – Voila generated content that was not only relevant but also exhibited a level of creativity. It showcased its versatility, making it a valuable resource for users across different content creation domains.

Custom Requests

For scenarios beyond pre-defined templates, Voila allows users to submit custom queries. We tested this by requesting an explanation of a complex topic – blockchain – in easy language. Voila's response was impressive, breaking down intricate concepts into digestible information. This feature proved useful for generating content tailored to specific needs not covered by standard templates.

Email Automation

Voila's integration with Gmail for email automation intrigued us. We experimented with both composing new emails and responding to existing threads. The tool intelligently analyzed previous conversations and generated suitable responses. This not only saved time but also maintained a consistent tone throughout the email thread. Voila's email automation feature emerged as a valuable asset for those seeking efficient communication.

Custom Actions

Recognizing the diversity of content needs, Voila's Custom Actions feature stood out. We created a custom action for generating recipes, and Voila's responses were surprisingly detailed and coherent. This feature empowers users to tailor content creation to specific requirements, enhancing Voila's adaptability to individual preferences.

Advanced GPT-4 Responses

Voila's Tier 2 plan boasts integration with the advanced GPT-4 model. To gauge its effectiveness, we compared responses generated by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for a blog post on "Health risks of Coffee." GPT-4's outputs stood out with more sources, higher credibility, and better-formatted content. The upgraded model demonstrated enhanced capabilities, justifying the value of the premium plan for users prioritizing top-tier content generation.

Text Integration

Voila's text integration features for fixing common issues in pre-written content intrigued us. We selected blocks of text and experimented with options: we used it to fix grammar, and spelling, summarize, and translate. The results were impressive – Voila effectively addressed common writing concerns, providing a quick and convenient way to produce high-quality content.

Convenient Shortcuts for Productivity

Voila's Smart Shortcuts promised streamlined access to favorite apps, reducing distractions during research and content creation. We tested this feature by using keywords like "New" to generate new events, documents, or tasks. Voila's shortcuts proved efficient, saving us from individually navigating through various applications. This feature emerged as a time-saving asset for those juggling multiple tasks.

Additional Settings


Voila's attention to user preferences and settings was evident in its offering. We explored the options to customize AI models, output language, and keyboard shortcuts. The dark theme option, along with the ability to view chat history and create custom queries, added to the user-centric experience. Voila's additional settings cater to individual preferences, enhancing the overall user interface.

Pros and Cons of Voila

Our extensive exploration of Voila uncovered a spectrum of features that contribute to its allure. However, no tool is without its nuances, and Voila is no exception. Let's delve into the pros and cons, providing a comprehensive view for users considering integrating this AI-powered content assistant into their workflow.


Keyboard Shortcut Activation: Voila's activation through a simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M) proved to be a convenient and quick way to access its features. This streamlined initiation contributes to a seamless user experience, particularly for those looking to enhance efficiency in their daily tasks.

Email Reply Capability: The integration of Voila with Gmail, allowing for the generation of high-quality emails, emerged as a standout feature. The tool's ability to analyze email threads and generate suitable responses is a time-saving asset for individuals managing numerous email communications.

Questions Answering: Voila's proficiency in answering a diverse range of questions was a highlight during our testing. Whether it was factual information or nuanced explanations, the tool consistently provided accurate and relevant responses, showcasing its prowess as an effective virtual assistant.

Text Summarization: The text integration features, including the ability to summarize content, proved invaluable for refining pre-existing text. Voila's summarization tool effectively condensed lengthy content while retaining key information, making it a valuable asset for content creators aiming for clarity and conciseness.

Text Translation: Voila's capability to translate text offered an additional layer of versatility. We found this feature particularly useful for users dealing with multilingual content or seeking quick translations for better accessibility and understanding.

Blog Post Idea Generator: The AI's ability to generate blog post ideas showcased Voila's creative potential. This feature is beneficial for content creators facing writer's block or seeking inspiration for engaging and relevant topics within their niche.

Marketing Copy Creation: For businesses and marketers, Voila's prowess in generating marketing copy was a significant advantage. The tool produced compelling and tailored content, demonstrating its utility for crafting impactful messages for various promotional purposes.

SEO Copy Creation: Voila's capacity to assist in SEO copy creation was evident in its ability to generate content aligned with search engine optimization principles. This is a valuable asset for those prioritizing content visibility and ranking in online searches.

Creates an Outline: The tool's ability to generate outlines for various content types provided a structured starting point for writers. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals looking to streamline their writing process and ensure a well-organized final product.

Free to Use: Voila's free version offers a substantial range of features, making it accessible to users without the need for immediate financial commitment. This allows individuals to explore and familiarize themselves with the tool's capabilities before considering premium plans.

Educational Resource: Voila's versatility and informative responses make it a valuable educational resource. It can assist students in research, provide explanations on various topics, and serve as a learning aid in diverse subjects.

Great for Learning: The AI's ability to simplify complex concepts proved beneficial for users seeking a learning tool. Voila's knack for breaking down intricate information into digestible portions enhances its utility for educational purposes.


Limited Browser Compatibility: One notable drawback is Voila's limited browser compatibility. While available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, users of other browsers may find themselves unable to access its features seamlessly.

No Mobile Version: The absence of a dedicated mobile version limits Voila's accessibility for users who prefer or need to engage with the tool on mobile devices. This constraint may pose challenges for those working on-the-go.

Only English Language Support: Voila's current language support is confined to English, limiting its effectiveness for users who operate in multilingual environments or require content assistance in languages other than English.

User Reviews of Voila

"Pretty easy to use. Pretty generous quotas for both paid and free users. Especially good if you have poor access to services like chatgpt. Instead of going through a ton of VPN and verification processes, one can now just open a chrome plugin, and voila takes care of the rest." YYF Lei

"I love the app, it’s a tool I use every day, with user-friendly access to ChatGPT and a quick response." Bryon F.

How We Tested Voila


Our team rigorously tested Voila across various criteria to offer an authentic and insightful review. The following criteria were central to our evaluation:

1. Ease of Use: Our experts assessed how quickly we could familiarize ourselves with Voila's features. Navigating through the tool's functionalities and understanding its interface played a crucial role in determining its user-friendliness.

2. Content Generation Accuracy: We extensively tested Voila's ability to generate accurate and relevant content across different categories, including marketing, social media, and email replies. The accuracy and coherence of the AI-generated content were essential benchmarks.

3. Privacy Assurance: Ensuring the privacy of user data was a paramount consideration. We conducted tests to verify Voila's commitment to not storing content or conversations on their servers, examining the tool's approach to safeguarding sensitive information.

4. Integration and Shortcuts Efficiency: We evaluated the efficiency of Voila's integration with Gmail and the overall effectiveness of smart shortcuts. The tool's seamless integration with these platforms and the ease of accessing favorite apps through shortcuts played a pivotal role in our assessment.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Our team thoroughly tested Voila across various criteria, and the results position it as an excellent choice in the realm of AI-powered content assistants. Voila's prompt query answering, efficient email automation, and versatile content library impressed us, earning it a solid four-star rating. While it excels in certain niches, the absence of an API and limitations in browser compatibility slightly nudged it away from a perfect score. For users prioritizing content generation, privacy, and ease of use, Voila stands as a commendable option, meeting the standards for an excellent choice in the AI content creation landscape.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Voila

In the landscape of AI-driven content creation, Voila stands as a prominent player, but it's essential to explore alternatives for a comprehensive perspective. Our team delved into three notable alternatives, comparing their features and capabilities to Voila.


Easy-Peasy.AI offers an expansive suite of AI-powered content creation tools, comprising over 80 copywriting templates, AI images, and transcription capabilities. Compared to Voila, Easy-Peasy.AI mirrors Voila's extensive library but takes a step further by incorporating AI images and transcription tools. While Voila excels in answering queries and generating content efficiently, Easy-Peasy.AI edges ahead with a broader spectrum of content creation tools, catering to visual content and audio transcription needs, check out our Easy-Peasy review.


Simplified focuses on streamlining collaborative efforts in marketing teams. Its vast library of free multimedia resources, including images, videos, and audio clips, sets it apart. In contrast, Voila primarily focuses on AI-generated content. Simplified's emphasis on multimedia resources outweighs Voila's strength in AI content generation. While Voila thrives in answering queries and email automation, Simplified excels in providing a diverse pool of visual and auditory elements for marketing campaigns. Check out our Simplified review here.


Jasper targets enterprise teams, facilitating quick AI-generated content creation. Similar to Voila, Jasper specializes in blog posts, marketing copies, and AI-generated images. However, Jasper distinguishes itself with its API integration, allowing users to incorporate generative AI directly into their platforms. Voila lacks an API, limiting its integration capabilities. Jasper's API integration caters to a broader range of technical needs, surpassing Voila in flexibility for platform integration. Look at our Jasper review here.

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