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Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars because even though it has many good features and boasts a free version, the tool has a very narrow user base.

About Voicemod


In the dynamic landscape of voice-changing software, Voicemod stands as a remarkable innovation designed to empower users to express their unique sonic identities. With the real-time Voicemod Voice Changer and soundboard, individuals have the flexibility to be whoever they wish in the digital realm.

Whether it's the metaverse, gaming platforms like Roblox, or communication tools such as Discord and Zoom, Voicemod opens the door to creative self-expression. This platform seamlessly integrates with a multitude of desktop applications, enabling real-time custom voice transformation and custom sound effects.

It caters to a broad audience of gamers, content creators, and communication enthusiasts. Our team of experts has explored the realms of Voicemod, and we're excited to share our professional findings. Join us in unveiling the potential of this transformative voice-changing tool to create more voices.


Overview of Voicemod

Our comprehensive evaluation of Voicemod delves into its multifaceted key features, accessibility, pricing, and user experience, offering insights based on our professional findings. Voicemod is a no-cost, real-time voice changer and soundboard compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems.


Features that Fuel Creativity

Voicemod emerges as a versatile and user-friendly platform tailored to the needs of gamers, streamers, Vtubers, and content creators. For those looking to go beyond the ordinary, the Voicelab feature takes voice filters to a whole new level. With Voicemod, you can craft distinctive voices that breathe life into multiplayer games or elevate your streaming content, setting you apart from the crowd. Design filters to mimic beloved characters or conceive entirely new ones; it's all possible with Voicemod, and the setup takes mere minutes.

  • Fine-Tune Your Voice with Audio Effects

    Voicemod equips users with a wide array of audio effects, enabling them to fine-tune their vocal creations to perfection. Whether you aim to make your voice higher, lower, scarier, funnier, or entirely unrecognizable, Voicemod offers a diverse range of effects to fulfill your creative vision.

    Here's a glimpse of the remarkable different sound effects and audio tools available within the Voicelab:

    • Vocoder: This remarkable effect ingeniously mixes your voice with another sound source, creating robotic, vacuum cleaner, or even T-Rex-like vocal transformations that had our team experimenting for hours.
    • Wahwah: Inspired by Jimi Hendrix's iconic guitar effect, the Wahwah sound effect was at our disposal for vocal experimentation, allowing us to channel our inner rockstar.
    • Reverb: We were also able to immerse our voice in a reverberation reminiscent of being inside a cave, and suddenly, our audio felt like we were deep underground.
    • Pitch/Double Pitch: Also, it was possible to modify the tone of our voices to sound as if we had inhaled helium or adopted the deep growl of an ogre with a hangover, providing some comical moments during our testing.
    • Flanger: A classic sound effect that's perfect for creating extraterrestrial voice alterations, taking us on an intergalactic journey.
    • Chorus: This multiplied our microphone signal by 1000, transforming our voice into a harmonious chorus, perfect for trolling and having a good laugh.
    • Filters: Our team of professionals could fine-tune our voices by eliminating low or high frequencies, offering greater control over our vocal output and helping us achieve the perfect sound.
  • Persona Voice

    Voicemod introduces Persona Voice, an innovative AI voice filter within the Voicelab. This feature enables users to generate a staggering 36 variations of their voice using AI. Persona Voice offers a combination of three age choices (young, adult, senior), three gender choices (woman, man, androgynous), and four tone variations. To enhance your vocal creations, you can layer additional background sound effects atop Persona, making your voice truly unique with different crucial data.

  • User-Created Voice Library

    Voicemod users seeking to expand their creative horizons or share their own voice changers will appreciate the platform's library of user-created voice transformations. You can explore other voices, searching by voice type or even game category, and import your favorites directly into your Voicemod application and its real-time voice changer.

  • Community Engagement and Discord Server

    Voicemod thrives on community engagement, fostering a vibrant user base. You can showcase your voice maker creations or explore those crafted by others. Share your unique voices for others to try or find inspiration by browsing the creations of fellow users. To foster community interaction, Voicemod invites you to join their Discord server, where you can engage with a thriving community and explore even more creative possibilities.

  • Accessibility and Pricing

    Voicemod is highly accessible, as it is entirely free to download as a convenient app for free users. For those seeking advanced features and capabilities, Voicemod offers a paid version, known as Voicemod PRO version, available at $14 per quarter, $18 per year, or a lifetime license for $45. The paid version provides users with additional tools and flexibility to enhance their audio output.

    The pro version of Voicemod offers extensive customization features beyond what the basic free version provides. One unique feature that distinguishes Voicemod from other voice morphing tools is its ability to create personalized soundboard software, referred to as the "Voicemod Meme Sound Machine." This allows you to curate a collection of sounds for your use. If you're a CS:GO player, SLAM is a popular choice, but if not, Voicemod offers many valuable alternatives.

Pros and Cons of Voicemod

Voicemod brings a world of voice modulation to your fingertips. In this review, we'll explore the pros and cons to help you decide if it's the right tool for you.


User-Friendly: Voicemod offers an intuitive interface that makes voice modulation a breeze, even for beginners.

Diverse Sound Effects: With a vast library of sound effects, you can fine-tune your voice to sound funny, eerie, or anything in between.

Free Version: A free option is available for those looking to experiment with voice modulation without financial commitment.


AI Limitations: Voicemod, like all AI voice changers, may occasionally produce robotic-sounding voice effects.

Occasional Mismatch: While highly versatile, there may be moments where the generated voices don't perfectly align with your intended tone.

Alternatives to Voicemod

In a market flooded with AI solutions, it's no surprise that uniqueness is a rare find. Here, we explore a selection of voice changers, the alternatives to Voicemod, each offering its own set of features and capabilities.

RoboVox Voice Change Pro

RoboVox Voice Change Pro is a worthy alternative to Voicemod. This mobile app offers an extensive range of voice modulation effects, transforming your voice into various styles, such as robot, monster, and more. With RoboVox, you can apply effects in real-time, making it ideal for gaming and recording. However, it is limited to Android users, so iOS enthusiasts may need to explore other alternatives.

NCH Voxal

NCH Voxal is a powerful voice changer software for Windows and macOS. It boasts a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of voice effects. Voxal offers real-time voice modification, making it a great choice for gaming, streaming, and voiceovers. Its drawback lies in its paid version, which may not suit those seeking a free alternative.


VoiceMeeter is unique in that it's not just a voice changer; it's a full-fledged audio mixer. This Windows-based software allows you to connect various audio sources and apply real-time audio effects, including voice modulation. It's a versatile option for gamers, streamers, and podcasters who need advanced audio control. Nevertheless, its complexity may be intimidating for newcomers.


Altered is an AI-driven voice modulation app available on iOS devices. This app offers a variety of unique voice effects and customization options, allowing users to experiment with their voices. While Altered is user-friendly, it is exclusive to iOS, which means Android users will need to explore other alternatives. Furthermore, it may not have as extensive a library of voice effects as other software.

Summing Up: Voicemod

In summary, our in-depth exploration of Voicemod has uncovered a powerful tool for real-time voice modulation and sound manipulation.

Our team of experts was impressed with its user-friendly interface, offering quick and dynamic transformations, though we noted room for improvement in its editing capabilities. For both novice and experienced users, Voicemod provides an exciting platform to craft unique and entertaining voices for various online interactions.

As we wrap up our evaluation, we urge you to embrace this AI's potential and experience the fun and creativity it can add to your gaming, streaming, or content creation endeavors. Don't hesitate to unleash your voice's full potential with Voicemod.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Voicemod

As we delved into evaluating Voicemod, our team of experts meticulously assessed the tool based on several crucial criteria. Here's a glimpse into our professional findings:

  • User-friendliness: Navigating Voicemod's user dashboard proved to be a breeze, with an intuitive layout. However, some of the editing features raised concerns about their usability.
  • Speed: Voicemod shines in terms of speed, allowing users to swiftly transform their voices without any noticeable lag.
  • The overall quality of voices: Voicemod's voice modulation offers impressive results, delivering a diverse range of voices with a high level of realism.
  • Price: Voicemod provides a free version, making it accessible to users on various budgets. However, its paid versions offer additional features for those looking to enhance their experience.
  • Editing ability: While Voicemod is exceptional at voice modulation, its editing features may not be as robust as one would hope for, leaving some room for improvement.

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