Discover "The Interview" AI tool for streamlining your recruitment process. Custom job lists, asynchronous video answers, and a built-in rating system for effortless candidate evaluation.

Our Review Rating System

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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of three stars. The lack of transparency in pricing and the absence of comprehensive information about the platform's capabilities are significant concerns.

For a tool that aims to revolutionize the hiring process, the inability to provide detailed pricing information can hinder potential users' ability to assess its suitability for their specific needs. While the platform emphasizes privacy and security, which are commendable, the lack of information on key features and functionality hinders our ability to provide a higher rating.

What is The Interview?

The Interview

The is an online platform that aims to revolutionize the way companies hire new talent. It allows businesses to create custom job listings and interview questions, which candidates can respond to via asynchronous videos. This approach is designed to save time for both employers and job seekers while also providing a more comprehensive assessment of candidates' abilities and qualifications.

How The Interview Works

The Interview

The process begins with companies creating job listings and tailored interview questions. Candidates, on the other hand, can record their video responses at their own pace, adding a layer of convenience to the application process. We had a go at recording our own videos using the platform and found that the interface was easy to use, and our videos came out looking great.

The Interview provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies candidate evaluation, with a built-in rating system for qualifications and skills. This flexibility ensures that hiring managers can compare and contrast candidates effectively, all on their own schedule.

Key Features

The Interview boasts some key features that set it apart from traditional hiring methods:

  • Privacy and Security: One of the most noteworthy aspects of The Interview is its emphasis on privacy. The platform does not share or sell user data to third parties and abstains from using personal information for targeted advertising. This commitment to data protection is reassuring for users. Our team rigorously reviewed The Interview's privacy policies, and we were impressed with the level of detail and thought that has gone into them.

  • Passwordless Authentication: The use of magic links for authentication is a novel approach that eliminates the need for traditional passwords, a commendable security feature. We found that erasing the need to remember a password was also an efficient time saver for us.

  • Secure File Storage: Decentralized storage is employed to ensure sensitive files are not concentrated in one location, reducing the risk of data breaches. This approach enhances data security and mitigates unauthorized access risks.


While the platform's functionalities seem promising, pricing will always be a significant factor in determining any tool's overall value. Unfortunately, The Interview's pricing structure is not mentioned in the provided information. This lack of transparency could potentially deter potential users who need to assess whether the platform fits their budget.

Pros and Cons

Here's an overview of the pros and cons of using this platform:


Efficiency: The Interview's asynchronous video responses streamline the hiring process, saving time for both candidates and employers.

Privacy and Security: The platform's strong emphasis on data privacy and the use of passwordless authentication contribute to a secure and user-friendly experience.

In-Depth Candidate Evaluation: The ability to evaluate candidates more comprehensively through video responses is a valuable feature for employers.


Pricing Transparency: The lack of information on pricing may deter potential users who need to assess whether The Interview fits their budget.

Limited Information: While the information provided in the description is promising, it lacks depth and does not offer a comprehensive overview of the platform's capabilities. The platform requires you to register as a company before giving more than a brief overview of its functionality, which could be a turn-off for those looking to get an in-depth idea of the platform's features before dedicating time to signing up and giving away their company's information.

Alternatives to The Interview

In the realm of job interview preparation, several alternative tools and platforms are available to help candidates sharpen their skills and increase their chances of success. Let's explore some of these alternatives:


Huru is an innovative AI-powered interview preparation coach designed to empower candidates with tailored interview sessions, instant feedback, and access to a vast database of over 20,000 carefully crafted questions and answer guides.

Key Features Include:

  • Customized question generation based on popular job platforms.
  • Advanced feedback system for performance insights.
  • Extensive question database covering various job positions.
  • Video practice sessions.
  • Integration with popular job listing platforms.


TalkBerry is primarily a language learning app with an additional feature for improving English interview skills through simulated job interview sessions.

Key Features Include:

  • Personalized AI tutor selection for language practice.
  • Real-time feedback and personalized suggestions on spoken English.
  • Diverse conversation scenarios for language exploration.
  • Offers a realistic language practice experience using advanced AI.


RightJoin provides tailored interview practice by allowing users to upload their resumes and share job postings for upcoming interviews, serving as the foundation for mock interviews.

Key Features Include:

  • Personalized mock interview sessions based on resume and job listings.
  • Multiple interview formats, including technical, behavioral, and case studies.
  • Creation of candidate profiles, AI interviewer sessions, and performance assessments.

The Interview Coach

The Interview Coach website incorporates an AI-driven interview preparation tool within its job search console, enabling candidates to practice and answer interview questions based on job titles.

Key Features Include:

  • Customized questions targeting specific job positions.
  • Expert guidance for formulating responses aligned with job role expectations.
  • Tailored practice across various job scenarios.
  • Coverage of a wide range of job positions, from software engineers to marketing managers.

Key Takeaways

The appears to be a promising solution for modernizing the hiring process. Its emphasis on efficiency, privacy, and security is commendable. The ability for candidates to respond via asynchronous videos offers a convenient and thorough evaluation method.

However, the lack of pricing transparency is a notable drawback that may affect the platform's appeal to potential users, as is the lack of information available before signing up.

Overall, The has the potential to be a game-changer in the recruitment landscape, but its effectiveness will depend on its pricing model and the depth of its features beyond the provided information.

Rating 3/5

How We Tested The Interview

To provide a comprehensive assessment of The, we rigorously evaluated the platform against several key criteria, offering our insights and opinions on each aspect. The following criteria were used in our testing process:

1. User-Friendliness: We examined the platform's ease of use and navigation, looking at how intuitive it is for both employers and job seekers. The is well-designed with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the recruitment process for all parties involved.

2. Privacy and Security: We assessed the platform's commitment to data privacy and security, considering factors such as data protection practices, passwordless authentication, and secure file storage. Our opinion is that The excels in this regard, prioritizing the confidentiality and safety of user data.

3. Efficiency: We analyzed the platform's ability to streamline the hiring process, focusing on the efficiency of asynchronous video responses and how well it saves time for both employers and candidates. The offers a significant efficiency boost, making the recruitment process smoother and more time-effective.

4. Candidate Evaluation: We examined how well The allows employers to assess candidate qualifications and skills using its built-in rating system. The platform provides a valuable tool for in-depth candidate evaluation, aiding hiring managers in making informed decisions.

5. Pricing Transparency: We evaluated the platform's transparency regarding pricing, looking at whether the pricing model is clear and easily accessible to potential users. Unfortunately, our opinion is that The falls short in this aspect, as the lack of pricing information could pose a barrier for businesses assessing their budget constraints.

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