Transform your photos with AI-powered editing features. Add stickers, filters, and fonts, or use AI-generated imagery and sketch prompts. Pro tools available. Enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Our Review Rating System

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  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars because of all the creative possibilities packed into Photoleap for photo editing and adding eye catching visual effects. It allows creators to superimpose images, add layers and make tonal adjustments across various types of images, making it a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.

What is Photoleap?


Photoleap is an iOS-exclusive photo editing app that enables users to unleash their creativity and turn their ideas into brilliant art directly on their iPhones. With its user-friendly interface and an impressive array of tools, Photoleap is designed to simplify the photo editing process and eliminate the need for complicated desktop software.

We were also glad to find out that it offers a 7-day free trial period, providing users with the opportunity to explore its extensive features before committing to a subscription, so we had the chance to start transforming photos and playing around with the various visual effects at no cost.

How Photoleap Works


Photoleap employs cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to make photo editing a breeze. Here's what we were able to explore while testing the app:

1. AI Magic: With Photoleap's AI capabilities, you can transform any part of your photo into something entirely new. We had fun with this feature and had a blast combining photos and adding eye-catching visual effects.

2. Tell Your Story: Photoleap provides tools for easy photo manipulation, such as cutouts and the removal of backgrounds and objects. You can also create double exposures for some surreal iphone art. We found it really simple using the tool to achieve the desired results and tell a visual story effectively.

3. Elevate Your Creativity: The app includes a library of assets like stickers, filters, effects, and fonts, so we used it to add a personal touch and showcase our own style in our photos.

Photoleap also offers pro editing tools like merge, double exposure, layers, and quick filters to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your photos.


Key Features

Photoleap offers an impressive range of features and we've listed the ones we found to be particularly fun and interesting:

  • QuickArt: We were able to instantly transform our photos into artwork with one-tap magical effects.

  • AI Scenes: We used the app to create new worlds by transforming our landscape and interior photos into works of art.

  • Text to Image: Photoleap lets you describe an idea, click generate, and AI will create an image in seconds, effectively turning words into art right on your phone.

  • Sketch to Image: If you have a concept in mind, you can sketch it out and add a short prompt. Photoleap's AI will then help fill in the gaps, bringing your vision to life with just a few tweaks.

  • Animation: Transform static images into dynamic ones by adding movement with a simple swipe of your finger. This feature is perfect for creating engaging GIFs and videos to share with your audience.


Photoleap is free to download in the App Store and on the Play Store, but you'll need to make a purchase in order to save your project. If you download the Photoleap mod apk, you can also get access to all its premium features.

Pros and Cons of Photoleap

Here are some of the main benefits this app offers, as well as some of the limitations we believe you need to take into account:


User-Friendly: Photoleap's intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginners and experienced photographers to edit and enhance their photos.

Versatile AI Tools: The AI-powered features and photo effects, including text-to-image and sketch-to-image, open up endless creative possibilities.

Animation: The ability to add movement to static images sets Photoleap apart and allows for engaging content creation.

All-in-One: The integration of Motionleap features eliminates the need for multiple apps, streamlining the editing process.

Powerful Editing Tools: Pro-level tools, such as merge, double exposure, and layers, provide advanced editing capabilities.


Subscription-Based: While the 7-day free trial is a nice touch, some users may find the subscription pricing to be an annoying recurring expense.

Alternatives to Photoleap

If you are looking for a great app or platform other than Photoleap, we have also tested and reviewed several other graphic design and online photo editing tools. Here are some alternative tools that harness the power of AI for various creative and design purposes:


PicWonderful is a photo toolkit that offers a range of online editing tools. PicWonderful's online photo editor can generate images from text, remove backgrounds, unblur photos, and colorize them. It also features automatic image enhancement, colorization, and background removal features to help create stunning visuals. PicWonderful is user-friendly and can be used by both professionals and novices to turn their photos into works of art.


Next on our list, Designs.ai is an integrated Agency-as-a-Service platform that utilizes AI technology to allow users to create, edit, and scale content. It offers a variety of tools for creating and editing AI-generated images, including:

  • LOGOMAKER: The AI image generator can generate logos and brand identity kits with over 10,000+ icons.
  • VIDEOMAKER: Transform articles, posts, and text scripts into fully-edited videos in more than 20 languages.
  • DESIGNMAKER: Create marketing collateral with thousands of potential variations using stunning and easy-to-edit templates.


Motionleap offers an intuitive and lightweight 3D picture editor designed to breathe life into your static images. With its array of features, including filters for adding motion to your photos, Motionleap provides a creative playground on the go.

Motionleap simplifies the process of creating captivating 3D animations from your photos. You can create moving photos and add dynamic elements to visuals effortlessly. Recognized as one of Google Play's Best Apps of 2019, Motionleap has garnered acclaim for its outstanding performance and creative potential.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Photoleap by Lightricks is a truly excellent app that empowers users to transform their photos into artistic masterpieces with ease and just a few little tweaks. Its intuitive interface, AI-powered features, and all-in-one capabilities set it apart in the world of mobile photo editing.

While it may have some limitations, its powerful tools and creative potential make it a valuable tool for those looking to take their photo editing skills to the next level. Whether you're an artist or a hobbyist, Photoleap offers a platform to express your creativity and turn your visions into reality.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Photoleap

In order to provide a comprehensive review of Photoleap, we employed a rigorous evaluation process that took into consideration several key criteria. Our review is based on the following five criteria, and here is our opinion on each:

User-Friendliness: We assessed Photoleap's user interface, the intuitiveness of its features, and the overall ease of use. Our opinion is that Photoleap's user interface is well-designed and beginner-friendly, with clear navigation and intuitive tools, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Editing Capabilities: We thoroughly tested Photoleap's editing tools, including AI features, filters, and special effects, to evaluate their effectiveness and versatility. Our opinion is that Photoleap offers a wide range of editing capabilities, from basic enhancements to advanced creative tools, providing users with ample room for artistic expression.

Performance: We considered how Photoleap performed in terms of speed, responsiveness, and the quality of the final output. Our opinion is that the app performed admirably, delivering quick results without compromising the quality of edited photos.

AI Features: We examined the effectiveness of Photoleap's AI features, such as text-to-image conversion and sketch-to-image generation, in bringing creative concepts to life. Our opinion is that these AI capabilities were impressive, allowing users to seamlessly translate ideas into visual art.

Animation and Motion: We thoroughly tested Photoleap's animation features, including the ability to add motion to static images. Our opinion is that this feature is a standout, enabling users to create engaging GIFs and videos effortlessly, making it an excellent tool for content creators.

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