Taplio 2024 Review: Boost Your LinkedIn Strategy

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Our Verdict

Taplio AI emerges as a valuable all-in-one tool for managing your LinkedIn presence. From its AI-powered writing assistant to post-scheduling and engagement features, it caters to users focused on effortless LinkedIn growth. The tool's ability to generate content ideas, schedule posts, and provide comprehensive analytics makes it a solid choice for those seeking a streamlined approach to LinkedIn strategy. For users keen on maximizing LinkedIn success with AI-powered efficiency, Taplio proves to be a worthy companion in navigating the dynamic landscape of professional networking.

Overview of Taplio


Our team, deeply entrenched in the world of AI-driven tools, recently explored Taplio, a promising all-in-one solution designed to elevate your LinkedIn experience. Let's dive into the intricacies of this platform, exploring its features and sharing our firsthand experiences.

AI-Writing Assistant Powered By GPT-4

Taplio's AI-writing assistant, fueled by the potent GPT-4, serves as your personal writing coach. We were keen to test its prowess in generating engaging LinkedIn posts swiftly. Our experiment involved crafting posts on various topics, and the AI seamlessly provided insightful suggestions, making the content creation process efficient and enjoyable. GPT-4's ability to offer contextual replies for comments elevated our LinkedIn engagement, demonstrating the AI's proficiency in enhancing communication.

Post Generator

The Post Generator feature proved invaluable in simplifying the content creation process. By automatically generating "For You" posts, it alleviated the brainstorming burden. We tested this feature by inputting diverse topics and preferences, and Taplio consistently delivered posts tailored to our specifications. This not only saved time but also ensured a steady stream of relevant content for our LinkedIn audience.

Post Inspiration

Taplio's Post Inspiration feature, boasting a library of over 4 million viral LinkedIn posts, caught our attention. We sought to find inspiration for our next posts by exploring this vast database. The tool effectively showcased successful posts in our industry, offering valuable insights into the content that resonates with audiences. This feature became a go-to resource, guiding our content strategy by aligning it with proven formulas for engagement and impact.

Viral Post Search

The Viral Post Search feature became a powerful ally in our quest to discover top-performing content. By identifying successful strategies in our niche, we gained inspiration for our posts. Testing this feature involved exploring different industries and niches, allowing us to witness firsthand the diverse approaches that lead to LinkedIn success. It's a valuable tool for staying informed about trending content and adapting strategies for optimal results.

Industry News Generator

Taplio's Industry News Generator, designed to fetch the latest updates in our niche, proved instrumental in keeping our content relevant and timely. Testing involved sharing these updates with our network, and Taplio not only streamlined the process but also suggested personalized comments for engagement. This feature facilitates seamless interaction with our audience on current topics, reinforcing our position as informed and engaged LinkedIn users.

Post Scheduler

Efficient time management is crucial, and Taplio's Post Scheduler became our ally in planning LinkedIn posts in advance. We tested its capabilities by scheduling posts at specific times and dates. The tool's support for drafts, queue management, rescheduling, and automation ensured our visibility on LinkedIn, even during periods of unavailability. It seamlessly integrated into our workflow, allowing us to maintain a consistent and strategic presence on the platform.

Contact Database

Building relationships is at the core of LinkedIn success, and Taplio's Contact Database feature simplified this process. We tested it by creating lists based on interactions with our content and Sales Navigator searches. The tool automatically imported individuals engaging with our posts into dynamic lists, facilitating targeted relationship-building efforts. This feature became an integral part of our strategy to nurture connections and expand our network strategically.

Direct Messages

Taplio's Direct Messages feature, allowing customization of up to 100 direct messages to first-degree connections or through LinkedIn InMails, added a personal touch to our communication efforts. We installed the Taplio X Chrome extension to test this feature, and it seamlessly integrated into our LinkedIn conversations. The personalized touch proved effective in initiating meaningful conversations and expanding our network.

Post Engagement

Engaging with the posts of our contacts is pivotal for visibility and relationship-building. Taplio's Post Engagement feature allowed us to select any contact list and start interacting with their recently published posts. Testing this feature enhanced our visibility and strengthened connections, demonstrating its value in driving tangible results and business opportunities.

CRM Integration

Taplio's integration with existing CRM tools through Zapier showcased its versatility in handling incoming LinkedIn leads seamlessly. We tested this integration by syncing our Taplio data with the CRM system, ensuring a streamlined approach to managing and nurturing leads. The cohesive integration proved beneficial for aligning our LinkedIn efforts with broader business strategies.

LinkedIn Chrome Extension (Taplio X)

The free LinkedIn Chrome extension, Taplio X, served as a convenient companion. Providing essential metrics and post inspiration directly within LinkedIn, it streamlined our browsing experience. We tested it during various LinkedIn activities, and its ability to display an account's top-performing content and offer a summary of individual profiles enhanced our understanding and engagement on the platform.

Comprehensive Analytics

Taplio's provision of powerful and actionable LinkedIn analytics became a critical component in assessing our performance. We tested the analytics by identifying our best-performing LinkedIn posts and evaluating our company's overall performance. The tool provided essential KPIs, offering quick insights into the effectiveness of our LinkedIn strategy.

Pricing and Plans


Taplio offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to explore its functionalities. The Starter plan, priced at $39 per month, caters to basic LinkedIn scheduling and analytics needs. The Standard plan, at $55 per month, unlocks the AI-powered features for content creation and relationship building. The Pro plan, priced at $149 per month, targets advanced users and larger accounts, offering increased auto-DMs and GPT-4 credits for extensive content creation. The pricing structure aligned with the value provided, making Taplio accessible for users with varying needs and budgets.

All in all, Taplio is an all-encompassing tool that simplifies and optimizes LinkedIn strategy, all with just a few clicks. From its intuitive interface to AI-powered content creation and robust analytics, Taplio stands out as a comprehensive solution for LinkedIn account growth.

Pros and Cons of Taplio

Delving into the advantages and limitations of Taplio unveils a nuanced perspective on its functionality. Our assessment of the tool highlighted several strengths and areas for improvement. Let's explore the pros and cons of Taplio, shedding light on its capabilities and potential drawbacks.


All-in-One LinkedIn Management

Taplio stands out as an encompassing solution for managing various aspects of LinkedIn presence. Its diverse features, ranging from content creation to engagement tools, offer a comprehensive approach to LinkedIn strategy. In our testing, the consolidation of these functionalities within a single platform proved convenient and efficient.

AI-Powered Content Generation

The AI-writing assistant powered by GPT-4 significantly simplifies the content creation process. Our experience with this feature highlighted its ability to generate engaging and relevant LinkedIn posts swiftly. The AI's contextual replies for comments and post suggestions proved valuable for enhancing engagement.

Content Inspiration and Viral Post Search

Taplio's repository of over 4 million viral LinkedIn posts provides ample inspiration for content creation. We found this database beneficial in understanding content trends and creating posts aligned with successful strategies. The Viral Post Search feature further aids in identifying top-performing content strategies, offering insights for content creation.

Post Scheduler and Contact Database

The Post Scheduler feature allows seamless planning and automation of LinkedIn posts, ensuring consistent visibility. Additionally, the Contact Database feature simplifies relationship-building by categorizing individuals based on engagement. Our testing revealed these tools' efficiency in streamlining post scheduling and targeted engagement.

Comprehensive Analytics

Taplio's provision of actionable LinkedIn analytics enables users to gauge the performance of their content. We found the analytics to be insightful, providing key performance indicators to assess content effectiveness and overall LinkedIn strategy. The clarity offered by these metrics aids in refining strategies for enhanced results.


Pricing Structure

While Taplio offers a range of plans catering to different needs, the pricing might pose a barrier for some users. In our evaluation, the cost, especially for the more advanced plans, could be prohibitive for individuals or smaller businesses seeking specific functionalities without a comprehensive suite.

Limitations in Advanced Social Selling

Taplio primarily focuses on content automation and lacks robust tools for advanced social selling activities. Our testing revealed a gap in functionalities related to lead management, sales, and deeper relationship tracking within the platform. For users seeking advanced sales-focused features, Taplio may fall short in meeting those specific requirements.

AI Text Originality

At times, the AI-generated posts might lack originality or seem somewhat robotic. Our experience with the AI-powered features occasionally showcased content that lacked a personalized touch or appeared formulaic. This aspect could affect the authenticity of user-generated content on LinkedIn.

How We Tested Taplio


Our team rigorously assessed Taplio across multiple criteria to provide an insightful review. The evaluation involved hands-on exploration, emphasizing user experience and platform effectiveness. Four key criteria guided our testing:

Speed of Content Generation

We examined how swiftly Taplio's AI-powered features generated engaging LinkedIn posts, ensuring efficiency in content creation.

Ease of Use

Taplio's user interface underwent scrutiny to gauge its intuitiveness and accessibility. We considered how seamlessly users, regardless of expertise, could navigate and leverage its features.

Integration and Compatibility

Testing included assessing how well Taplio integrated with other tools, ensuring a seamless experience for users with varied tech stacks.

Effectiveness of Post Scheduler

We evaluated the Post Scheduler's performance in automating and managing scheduled LinkedIn posts, emphasizing its reliability and user-friendly scheduling process.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Taplio emerges as an excellent choice for LinkedIn management, earning four stars in our evaluation. Its all-in-one functionality, from AI-powered content creation to effective post-scheduling, demonstrates its prowess in simplifying LinkedIn strategies.

While it meets several of our standards with a user-friendly interface and valuable features, the absence of certain advanced social selling tools prevents it from achieving a perfect score. Nevertheless, for those prioritizing content automation and streamlined management, Taplio proves to be a standout choice in the competitive landscape of LinkedIn tools.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Taplio

While Taplio offers a comprehensive suite of LinkedIn management tools, exploring alternatives provides a well-rounded perspective for users. Our assessment considers alternatives that complement different aspects of LinkedIn strategy. Let's delve into four notable alternatives, each offering unique features and advantages in the dynamic landscape of professional networking.


The LinkedIn Carousel Generator presents a free alternative focusing on enhancing engagement and visibility. Users can create captivating carousel posts, a distinctive feature not prominently offered by Taplio. Our exploration revealed its user-friendly approach, allowing easy creation and sharing of visually appealing content.


Contentin emerges as an all-in-one tool emphasizing personal brand building on LinkedIn. Our experience highlighted its efficiency in content creation, scheduling, and AI-generated ideas. Notably, Contentin caters to users aiming for a strong LinkedIn presence with minimal time investment, making it a viable alternative for streamlined content management.

LinkedIn Manager

The AI-powered LinkedIn Manager tool introduces automation in tasks, content creation, and salary estimation. Its seamless integration with Google Maps and efficient candidate analysis sets it apart. In our testing, the tool demonstrated prowess in simplifying recruitment and content creation processes, making it a robust alternative for LinkedIn users with diverse objectives.

LinkedIn Posts Generator

The LinkedIn Posts Generator specializes in generating engaging LinkedIn posts and articles effortlessly. Our exploration highlighted its simplicity, allowing users to customize articles or summarize existing content with ease. The tool's focus on saving time and improving engagement aligns with the needs of users seeking a straightforward alternative for content creation.

While considering alternatives, it's important to emphasize that each platform offers unique advantages tailored to specific needs. Carousel excels in visual storytelling, Contentin streamlines personal brand building, LinkedIn Manager introduces advanced automation, and LinkedIn Posts Generator simplifies the LinkedIn content creation process. Users can explore these alternatives based on their specific LinkedIn goals, ensuring a tailored approach to platform selection.

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