SYNTHESYS | THE BEST AI TOOL EVER? is an innovative AI tool that allows you to effortlessly generate voice, video, and image content. With its powerful capabilities, this tool empowers content creators, helping them enhance their content creation process. Try for free and unlock the true potential of AI in your creative endeavors today.

Our Verdict

Synthesys is a potent tool for diverse content creation needs. With its robust features, intuitive interface, and a vast array of customization options, Synthesys proves itself as a valuable asset for those seeking efficient and high-quality AI-generated content.

The tool's user-friendly design, coupled with a supportive team and competitive pricing, positions it as an attractive choice for both beginners and seasoned creators.

Whether you aim to easily create videos, leverage AI technology, or enhance your content with realistic voices, Synthesys stands out as a versatile solution, earning its positive place in the realm of content creation tools.

Overview of Synthesys


In the ever-evolving landscape of AI tools, Synthesys emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite for content creation. Our experts delved into its features, testing its capabilities in AI voices, image generation, and video editing. In this in-depth review, we explore the tool's best features, ease of use, applications, and the opinions of our experts.

Best Features of Synthesys

  • AI Voices Tool: Synthesys boasts an impressive array of over 400 ultra-realistic voices in more than 140 languages. Our experts were particularly impressed with the diversity and quality of voices available. The tool's ability to customize voice settings, including rate, pitch, and emphasis, provides users with unparalleled control over their audio content.

  • AI Images Tool: The AI Images Tool stands out for its ability to generate stunning visuals for various purposes. Content creators and graphic designers can easily create eye-catching images for ads, eBooks, logos, and more. The intuitive interface allowed us to describe the desired image in natural language, and Synthesys generated copyright-free images, simplifying the creative process.

  • Video Editing and Generation: Synthesys eliminates the complexity associated with video editing. We could seamlessly create professional-looking videos with the incorporation of AI avatars and voiceovers. Our experts found the tool to be a game-changer for those without prior animation experience, enabling the creation of compelling videos in minutes.

  • Ease of Use: One of the standout features of Synthesys AI Studio is its user-friendly interface. Even non-technical users can navigate the platform effortlessly, making content creation accessible to a broader audience. The intuitive design ensures a smooth workflow, allowing users to focus on creativity rather than grappling with complicated interfaces. Our experts appreciated the platform's simplicity without compromising on advanced functionalities.

Popularity of the Tool


Synthesys has gained significant popularity in the content creation landscape. Trusted by hundreds of leading brands, the tool has become a go-to solution for professionals seeking efficient and high-quality content creation at scale.

Positive user reviews highlight the tool's effectiveness in generating AI content, making it a popular choice among content creators, marketers, and business professionals.

Who Can Benefit the Most

Synthesys caters to a diverse audience, making it a versatile tool for various industries. Content creators, graphic designers, marketers, and creative professionals stand to benefit the most from its features.

Entrepreneurs and SMEs can leverage the tool to enhance their marketing collateral, while educators can create engaging training videos. The tool's scalability and customization options make it suitable for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Opinion of Our Experts

Our experts were particularly impressed with Synthesys' ability to democratize content creation. The vast language support, customizable voices, and ease of use were highlighted as standout features.

The platform's seamless integration of AI avatars and voices in video creation also received praise, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize the way content is produced.



This is always a very important factor, almost as much as ease of use in our honest opinion. Luckily, Synthesys caters to the diverse needs of creative entrepreneurs with a range of pricing plans tailored to different stages of the content creation journey.

The Synthesys Bundle offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions, with a 20% discount for the annual commitment, making advanced AI technology accessible. Priced at $23 per month, the plan provides options for 100 to 1800 minutes of audio renders, accommodating varying usage levels.

Users gain access to 400 premium voices in 140 languages, including 10+ ultra-lifelike Synthesys voices. Notably, the plan features voice settings customization, multi-voice functionality, and voice cloning capabilities.

With additional perks like commercial licenses, Synthesys ensures creators have the flexibility to choose a plan that aligns perfectly with their content creation requirements.

Pros and Cons of Synthesys

Our assessments are grounded in honesty, providing a transparent view of Synthesys based on our expert opinions.


Easily Create Videos: Synthesys simplifies the video creation process, enabling users to generate professional-looking videos effortlessly.

AI Video Generator: The tool's AI video generator feature stands out, allowing users to produce engaging content with the incorporation of AI avatars and voiceovers.

Great Support Team: Synthesys offers excellent customer support, ensuring users receive assistance promptly, and contributing to a positive user experience.

Wide Language Support: With access to 400+ ultra-realistic voices in over 140 languages, Synthesys provides a diverse range of language options for content creation.

Customizable Voice Settings: Users can adjust rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses to achieve the desired tone of voice, adding a personalized touch to audio content.

Multi-Voice Functionality: The tool allows the use of different voices for different sentences in a single audio file, facilitating the creation of conversational voiceovers.

Commercial License: Synthesys includes a commercial license, allowing users to leverage the tool for commercial purposes without limitations.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of the platform ensures a seamless experience, making it accessible for both technical and non-technical users.

AI Script Assistant (Coming Soon): The upcoming AI script assistant feature promises to enhance the scriptwriting process, offering additional support to content creators.

One-Click Embedding of Voice Files in Blog Posts (Coming Soon): An upcoming feature that streamlines the integration of voice files into blog posts, enhancing content accessibility.


Limited Free Plan: The availability of a free plan is limited to 5 minutes per month, which will restrict users who require more extensive usage.

Commercial License Only in Paid Plans: While a commercial license is advantageous, it is only available with paid plans, limiting its accessibility for users on the free plan.

Monthly Commitment Required for Enterprise Package: Users seeking an enterprise package must commit to a monthly subscription, lacking the option for an annual commitment with a discount.

How We Reviewed This Tool

In our commitment to providing insightful and comprehensive reviews of AI tools, we adhere to a stringent evaluation process. For Synthesys, we considered six key criteria that reflect the tool's functionality, usability, and overall value.

Ease of Use: Synthesys' user-friendliness was a crucial aspect of our evaluation. We examined how easily users, regardless of technical expertise, could navigate the platform. From the initial setup to the execution of advanced features, a tool's ease of use significantly contributes to its accessibility and appeal.

Prices and Plans: Pricing structures were meticulously analyzed to provide users with a clear understanding of the tool's affordability and value for money. We delved into the available plans, their features, and the overall cost, ensuring that our audience can make informed decisions based on their budget and content creation requirements.

Feature Set: The range and effectiveness of features offered by Synthesys were thoroughly scrutinized. This included exploring AI capabilities, customization options, and any unique functionalities that set the tool apart. An in-depth examination of the feature set helps users discern the tool's potential for meeting their specific content creation needs.

Support Team: The quality of customer support is a critical element in our reviews. We assessed the responsiveness, helpfulness, and availability of Synthesys' support team. This criterion reflects the tool's commitment to user satisfaction and ensures that users receive timely assistance when navigating the platform.

Popularity and User Feedback: Understanding the tool's reception within the user community is pivotal. We explored its popularity, user reviews, and feedback to gauge the real-world experiences of those who have utilized Synthesys. This criterion adds a valuable layer of insight, providing a user-centric perspective on the tool's performance.

Use Cases and Flexibility: We examined the versatility of Synthesys by exploring its applications across different content creation scenarios. Assessing its adaptability and flexibility allows users to ascertain whether the tool aligns with their specific goals, whether it be video production, audio content creation, or image generation.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

Five stars: Editor’s choice

Four stars: An excellent choice

Three stars: Meets some of our standards

Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards

One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars because it stands out as an excellent choice in the realm of content creation. Synthesys demonstrates impressive capabilities, particularly in voiceovers, video generation, and image creation. Its vast language support, user-friendly interface, and innovative features contribute to its high rating.

Alternatives to Synthesys

In the realm of AI-powered content creation, Synthesys has made waves with its innovative features. However, for those seeking alternatives, a variety of tools cater to different requirements, providing users with a spectrum of choices. Let's delve into a few noteworthy alternatives, each with its unique strengths.


Descript stands out as an excellent alternative, especially for those focused on audio content creation. With powerful features like collaborative audio editing, transcription, and a user-friendly interface, Descript offers a seamless experience for podcasters, content creators, and voiceover artists. Its intuitive editing tools make it easy to refine audio content with precision, complementing the needs of those who prioritize audio-centric projects.


Lumen5 is a robust alternative for those heavily invested in video content creation. Recognized for its AI-driven video creation capabilities, Lumen5 assists users in turning text into engaging video content. With features like automated video creation, scene suggestions, and a media library, Lumen5 is particularly beneficial for individuals and businesses looking to streamline the video production process. It's an excellent choice for those who prioritize visually compelling content.


Canva is a versatile alternative for creators focusing on graphic design and image-related content. While known for its design capabilities, Canva's recent advancements in incorporating AI-driven features make it a comprehensive tool. Users can explore AI-powered design suggestions, background removal, and various templates for creating visually appealing graphics. Canva is ideal for graphic designers, marketers, and social media enthusiasts aiming to elevate their visual content

DALL-E by OpenAI

DALL-E, an innovation from OpenAI, is a cutting-edge alternative for those intrigued by AI-generated images. Leveraging advanced generative models, DALL-E can create unique and diverse images based on textual prompts. This tool is a fascinating exploration for artists, designers, and creators interested in pushing the boundaries of visual content creation.

In summary, while Synthesys excels in its own right, exploring alternatives allows creators to tailor their tool selection to specific content creation needs. Each of these alternatives brings its own set of strengths, offering users a diverse toolkit to enhance their creative endeavors.

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