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Our Verdict

After our extensive testing, our experts find this tool to be an amazing resource for graphic design projects. With a vast collection of icons, a smart upscaler, and a user-friendly interface, Icons8 proves to be a valuable asset for designers. Icons8 stands out as a versatile graphic design tool, offering an extensive range of features, from maintaining image quality to innovative tools like the Smart Upscaler and Background Remover. The user-friendly interface and the inclusion of a free version make it accessible to designers of varying expertise.

However, limitations such as image size constraints and the necessity of paid plans for certain features slightly hinder its perfection. In a market saturated with graphic design tools, Icons8 stands out for its functionality and versatility. Whether you're creating logos, business projects, or dealing with web design, Icons8 is a tool worth exploring.

Overview of Icons8


In this comprehensive overview, we'll explore the various features that make Icons8 a compelling choice for graphic designers, from maintaining image quality to its innovative Smart Upscaler and Background Remover tools.

Maintains Image Quality

Icons8 boasts a unique feature that caught our attention—the ability to maintain image quality even during complex design processes. To put this claim to the test, we uploaded a high-resolution image, replete with intricate details and colors, onto the platform. Our experts then engaged in a series of edits, from recoloring icons to adding various design elements. The result? Astonishingly, Icons8 preserved the original image quality, ensuring that the final output was a visually stunning masterpiece. For graphic designers working on projects where image fidelity is paramount, Icons8 undoubtedly proves its mettle.

High-Max Photo Size

The tool's capability to handle high-max photo sizes is a boon for designers working on projects demanding large-scale visuals. To assess this feature, we uploaded images with resolutions exceeding the standard dimensions. Icons8 not only effortlessly processed these sizable images but also maintained its efficiency in rendering and editing. This ensures that designers can confidently tackle projects with diverse photo size requirements without compromising on performance.

API for Developers


Icons8 caters not only to designers but also extends its utility to developers through its API. Intrigued by this feature, we tasked our development team to integrate Icons8 into a custom application. The seamless integration process and the robust functionalities provided by the API were notable. Icons8's API facilitates a smooth workflow for developers, allowing them to leverage the tool's extensive icon library and design capabilities within their own applications.

Secure and Private

Security is a paramount concern when dealing with design assets and sensitive projects. Icons8 addresses this with a focus on security and privacy. Our team scrutinized the tool's security protocols, exploring its data encryption measures and user authentication processes. Icons8's commitment to safeguarding user information instills confidence, making it a reliable choice for both individual designers and businesses handling confidential design projects.

Face Swapping on Photos


The face swapping feature is a fun and creative aspect of Icons8, enabling users to experiment with photos in amusing ways. To test this, we took a group photo and decided to play around with faces. The tool accurately detected facial features and seamlessly swapped them, resulting in hilarious yet impressively realistic outcomes. Icons8's face swapping functionality proved to be not only entertaining but also a testament to the tool's precision in image manipulation.

Smart Upscaler Tool


Icons8's Smart Upscaler tool is designed to enhance the resolution of images without compromising quality—a valuable asset for projects requiring larger dimensions. We tested this tool by taking a low-resolution image and subjected it to the Smart Upscaler. The results were remarkable; the tool intelligently upscaled the image, adding clarity and detail without introducing pixelation. For designers working on projects demanding high-resolution outputs, Icons8's Smart Upscaler proves to be an invaluable ally.

Background Remover Tool


Removing backgrounds from images can be a time-consuming task, but Icons8's Background Remover tool aims to simplify this process. Intrigued by its promise, we tested the tool on images with complex backgrounds. The tool efficiently identified and removed the backgrounds, leaving behind clean, transparent images. This feature not only streamlines the design workflow but also enhances the versatility of Icons8 for various design projects.

Pros and Cons of Icons8

In our extensive exploration of Icons8, our team unearthed a host of advantages and a few limitations that provide a nuanced perspective on this graphic design tool.


Free Version with Extensive Features: Icons8 offers a free version that provides access to a wealth of design assets, including free icons, vector illustrations, and design elements. For graphic designers operating on a budget or those seeking a versatile tool without immediate financial commitment, the free version is a considerable advantage.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Icons8 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our experts found the platform to be well-designed, making it accessible even for users with varying levels of design expertise. This ease of use contributes to a seamless design process, enabling designers to focus on creativity rather than grappling with a steep learning curve.

Versatility for Various Design Projects: Icons8 caters to a wide array of design needs, making it a versatile companion for graphic designers. Whether you're working on web design, business projects, or digital designs, Icons8's extensive collection of icons and design elements ensures that you have all the assets needed in a consistent style. This adaptability positions Icons8 as a valuable tool across diverse design scenarios.

Multi-Face Swap Functionality: The face-swapping feature on Icons8 proved to be not only entertaining but also technically proficient. The tool accurately detects facial features and seamlessly swaps them, allowing users to experiment with photos creatively. This feature adds a playful dimension to Icons8, making it suitable for both professional and casual use.

API for Developers: Icons8 recognizes the symbiotic relationship between designers and developers and provides an API to seamlessly integrate its features into custom applications. Our development team found the API integration process smooth and the functionalities robust. This extends the utility of Icons8 beyond design, making it a valuable asset for developers seeking design elements within their applications.


Limited to 5 MB Images: One notable limitation of Icons8 is the restriction on image size, with the free version supporting images up to 5 MB. This constraint can be a drawback for designers working with larger files, as they may need to opt for a paid plan to accommodate their project requirements.

Only Up to 1024x1024 px Faces: While Icons8 excels in maintaining image quality, the face-swapping feature has a limitation on face size, supporting faces only up to 1024x1024 pixels. For projects requiring larger or more detailed face swaps, this restriction may pose a challenge.

Requires Paid Plans for Priority Processing and Email Support: Icons8 offers a free version, but for users seeking priority processing and email support, opting for a paid plan is necessary. This limitation could be a drawback for those who prioritize these features but are hesitant to commit to a paid plan.

60-Day Storage Limit: Icons8 imposes a 60-day storage limit on user-uploaded images. While this might not be a significant concern for short-term projects, it could pose challenges for users with long-term or ongoing design projects who may need to find alternative storage solutions.

User Reviews of Icons8

"Icons8 exhibits one of the most robust image tinkering capabilities in a web application suite. From photo upscaling & background removal to provisioned search-by-image results that yield splendid icon sets & much, much more, Icons8 left me in awe & joy with its abundant features that catalysed my personal & productivity workload." Mohammad M.

"The user experience of this software is quite good. In contrast to Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch, the price of this tool is less and it can be free if you don't use the premium feature. I use this software day to day basis to do my design work. I will recommend it to others." MD Rashedul K.

How We Tested Icons8

We used these key criteria to form the basis for our review:

Ease of Use: Our team assessed how quickly we were able to get to grips with Icons8's features. We gauged the intuitiveness of the user interface and the overall learning curve for both novice and experienced designers.

Maintaining Image Quality: To evaluate Icons8's claim of maintaining image quality, we uploaded high-resolution images and performed various edits. Our experts scrutinized the output to ensure that the tool preserved image fidelity throughout the design process.

Smart Upscaler and Background Remover: We put Icons8's Smart Upscaler to the test by upscaling low-resolution images and assessed the tool's ability to enhance clarity without compromising quality. Additionally, we extensively used the Background Remover tool to evaluate its efficiency in eliminating complex backgrounds.

API Integration: Our development team tested the seamless integration of Icons8's API into a custom application. We assessed the ease of integration, the functionalities offered by the API, and how well Icons8 extended its design capabilities into external development environments.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Icons8 proves to be an excellent choice for designers seeking a robust and adaptable tool for their graphic design projects.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Icons8

In the vast realm of graphic design tools, several alternatives vie for attention alongside Icons8. Let's delve into a comparison of these alternatives, examining their unique features and how they stack up against Icons8.


Deepswap is a web-based tool that specializes in face swapping in both images and videos using advanced deep learning techniques. This alternative offers a 50% discount for first-time subscribers, making it an appealing option for users exploring cost-effective face-swapping solutions. While Icons8 also provides face-swapping functionality, Deepswap distinguishes itself with a specific focus on deep learning techniques, potentially yielding more realistic results. The pricing strategy of Deepswap, offering a substantial discount for initial subscriptions, contrasts with Icons8's monthly subscription model, providing users with a flexible cost structure.

FaceSwapper Online Tool

The FaceSwapper online tool is an AI-based application designed for easy and quick face swapping in images. Boasting a user-friendly interface, this tool requires minimal technical skills, with the AI handling the face-swapping process. Icons8 and FaceSwapper both offer face-swapping capabilities; however, FaceSwapper emphasizes simplicity, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize ease of use over extensive features. Icons8's versatility across various design projects contrasts with the FaceSwapper's specialized focus on face swapping, catering to users seeking a dedicated solution for this specific task.


ChangeFace.ai is an AI tool crafted for seamless face swapping with over 100 iconic images. Priced at $7.99, users can unlock access to a larger selection of images for a more personalized face-swapping experience. ChangeFace.ai distinguishes itself with a curated collection of over 100 iconic images, offering users a unique set of options for face swapping. While Icons8 provides a broader range of design elements, ChangeFace.ai is tailored specifically for users looking to integrate iconic faces into their images, catering to a niche within the graphic design spectrum.


Swapface stands out as a real-time face-swapping AI tool designed for live streams and video calls. Leveraging advanced machine learning models, Swapface excels in real-time face replacement during video interactions. Icons8 and Swapface share the face-swapping feature, but Swapface's specialization in real-time applications sets it apart, making it an ideal choice for users engaged in live streams and video calls. Swapface's lightweight, computationally efficient nature contrasts with Icons8's broader suite of design tools, appealing to users with a specific focus on real-time face swapping.

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