Unlock your writing potential with Sudowrite, an AI tool that generates and suggests text for brainstorming, rewriting, and character development. Discover its features and read customer reviews.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars, considering it an excellent choice for writers. The tool offers a range of powerful features that significantly enhance the creative writing process. From overcoming writer's block to refining narrative elements, Sudowrite proves to be a valuable companion.

While it excels in various aspects, there are still minor areas that could be further refined. Overall, Sudowrite stands out as a commendable writing assistant, providing substantial support and innovative features for writers of all levels.

Overview of Sudowrite

Sudowrite, a trailblazing AI-powered novel writing assistant, redefines creative writing. With a suite of ingenious features designed to enhance every aspect of the writing process, Sudowrite invites authors to embark on a journey where inspiration meets innovation. In this section, we delve deep into the extensive capabilities of Sudowrite and explore how it transforms the art of storytelling.

First Draft Tool


We were pleasantly surprised by the "First Draft" tool. We fed it a basic story idea, and it transformed it into a captivating narrative of nearly 1,000 words. It truly acted as a springboard to creativity, helping us overcome writer's block and providing an initial canvas for our story.

Expand Feature

The "Expand" feature, previously known as the "Wormhole," proved to be a muse for us. It was like having an autocomplete for writers. While it occasionally led us in unexpected directions, refining it through trial and error revealed its true potential. It seamlessly generated suggestions for subsequent paragraphs, blending AI-generated content with our voice.

Rewrite Tool

The "Rewrite" tool was a treasure trove for us. It allowed us to infuse our narrative with distinct tones and moods, enhancing the ambiance we intended to convey. It was particularly helpful for refining the "show, don't tell" principle, and it truly amplified the art of storytelling.

Describe Feature


When words failed us in capturing the essence of a scene or character, the "Describe" button became our lifeline. It invoked sensory details and metaphorical descriptions, elevating our prose to a realm of immersive vividness. A simple highlight of a word activated a cascade of suggestions that engaged all the senses.

Brainstorming Feature

Navigating complex plot conundrums became a collaborative venture with Sudowrite's "Brainstorming" feature. It responded with potential solutions to our dilemmas, whether it was orchestrating a daring escape or sculpting an unexpected twist. It truly stimulated our creative synapses, propelling our story forward.

Summarize Feature

Although currently tailored for chapters, the "Summarize" feature held the promise of distilling intricate chunks of text into streamlined outlines. It acted as a valuable compass for us, helping us navigate our story's labyrinthine paths.

BetaReader Feature

Engaging beta readers is a pivotal step in refining a manuscript, and Sudowrite's "BetaReader" feature bridged the gap between solitude and scrutiny. The three virtual beta readers proffered constructive criticism, offering insights into different facets of a chapter. While experimental, it granted us a preliminary glimpse into our story's impact.

Character Generator

The "Character Generator" was a boon for us. By inputting character descriptions, we unlocked a treasure trove of suggestions for a diverse cast, complete with interpersonal dynamics. This feature nurtured creativity, allowing us to put together unique characters from the AI's offerings.

Twist Feature


The "Twist" feature empowered us to inject our narratives with intriguing plot twists. While occasionally requiring fine-tuning, it beckoned to those seeking to inject their tales with enigmatic turns.

Poetry Tool

Sudowrite's utility transcended prose, embracing the realm of poetry. The "Poetry" tool resonated with us, aiding in crafting verses that danced off the page. It also served as a creative resource for us when incorporating poetry into our narratives, allowing our characters to sing with authenticity.

In conclusion, Sudowrite proved to be a valuable partner for getting the creative juices flowing. Its intelligent design, powered by NLP and machine learning, reshaped the way we approached writing fiction. It refined our writing style, enhancing our narratives with innovation and captivating the human spirit. Sudowrite isn't here to replace human writers; it's here to elevate our craft.

Pros and Cons of Sudowrite

Sudowrite, an AI-powered writing tool, offers a range of features to assist and enhance the creative writing process. Like many AI tools, it's essential to consider both the pros and cons to make an informed decision about using the tool.


Overcoming Writer's Block: One of the significant advantages of Sudowrite is its ability to help writers overcome the dreaded writer's block. The Brainstorming feature generates ideas and suggestions, providing inspiration and pushing the writing process forward.

Creative Writing Assistance: Sudowrite is specifically designed to aid in the creative writing process. It understands story elements and provides tailored suggestions, making it a valuable tool for novelists, screenwriters, and short story writers.

AI-Generated Feedback: Sudowrite's BetaReader feature offers AI-generated feedback on your writing. While not a substitute for human feedback, it can provide valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. It serves as a helpful sounding board for refining your work.

Character and Plot Development: Sudowrite's Character Generator and Brainstorming features are beneficial for character and plot development. The tool can generate new character ideas and relationships, as well as assist in creating plot points and twists. It adds depth and complexity to your story world.

Enhanced Descriptive Writing: The Describe feature helps writers improve their descriptive writing by providing suggestions based on sensory details. It offers a wealth of vocabulary and sensory phrases, allowing writers to create vivid and engaging descriptions.


Experimental Features: Sudowrite includes experimental features such as the BetaReader and Twist tools. While they can be helpful, their results may vary, and they may not always provide the desired outcome. Writers should be aware of the experimental nature of these features.

Lack of Plagiarism Checker: Sudowrite does not have a built-in plagiarism checker. While it is against the tool's terms of service to plagiarize, having a plagiarism checker would provide an added layer of assurance for writers concerned about unintentional similarities with existing content.

Cost of Subscription: Sudowrite operates on a subscription-based model, and while it offers a free trial, access to all features requires a paid subscription. The pricing plans may not be suitable for all writers, particularly those on a tight budget.

Alternatives to Sudowrite

Even though Sudowrite is a useful AI-powered writing assistant, there are other alternatives, each with its unique set of features and nuances. In this section, we uncover a selection of noteworthy alternatives, highlighting their offerings and showcasing the diverse options available to writers seeking inspiration and assistance.


Jasper stands as an alternative worth considering, particularly for those who dabble in both creative writing and digital marketing. This versatile AI writing software transcends traditional boundaries, offering features that cater to content creation for marketing purposes.

Its "Jasper Chat" feature is an engaging dialogue-based text generator, while the "creative story" tool provides an outline following the hero's journey narrative structure. Jasper also boasts an AI art generator, "Jasper Art," enriching visualization possibilities for characters and scenes. 


Serving as a robust alternative to Sudowrite, SceneOne is built on web-derived information, employing language models to generate text and offering assistance in various writing facets. What sets SceneOne apart is its "Story Path" companion site, which aids in high-level novel planning. Authors can plot and plan their narratives, refining story elements before delving into actual writing.

SceneOne also excels in scene expansion, sentence rephrasing, and ideation, making it an attractive option for authors who seek comprehensive writing support.


For authors who relish a more hands-on approach, MasterWriter beckons. Distinct from AI-driven tools, MasterWriter is a reference dictionary that aids in refining creative expression. It provides synonyms, rhyming words, and phrases, offering a rich linguistic palette to enhance prose and poetry. This tool encourages writers to evolve their skills organically, bolstered by a thorough understanding of language nuances.


Introducing a unique twist to the writing process, NovelAI enables users to write in the style of renowned authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. This alternative blends text generation capabilities with an interactive text adventure module, encouraging imagination to run wild. Its AI image generation engine empowers authors to visualize characters and scenes, fostering a holistic approach to narrative creation.

Final Thoughts

Our team evaluated Sudowrite and found it to be a remarkable AI-powered writing assistant for creative endeavors. We tried out its array of AI-powered features that optimize the storytelling process. From sculpting characters to unearthing unexpected plot twists, Sudowrite opened up uncharted creative territories for us.

However, as the world of AI writing tools expands, we also explored alternative options. Whether it's the linguistic finesse of MasterWriter, the marketing prowess of Jasper, or the imaginative allure of NovelAI, each alternative presented a unique brushstroke on the canvas of creative expression. In the end, we believe the right tool beckons—whispering secrets of inspiration to authors seeking to craft narratives that endure.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Sudowrite

We used the following four key criteria to effectively form a fair evaluation for our Sudowrite review.

1. Installation and Setup: Our first criterion was evaluating the ease and speed of installing Sudowrite. We observed how quickly the software integrated into our existing writing environment and assessed the simplicity of the setup process.

2. User Interface Intuitiveness: We delved into the user interface to assess its intuitiveness. Our team paid close attention to how easily we could navigate through the various features and tools. We considered the accessibility of each tool and how seamlessly they integrated into our writing workflow.

3. Processing Speed: Speed was a crucial factor in our evaluation. We tested Sudowrite's processing speed, analyzing how swiftly it generated suggestions and implemented changes in real time. This criterion played a significant role in determining the overall efficiency of the software.

4. Effectiveness in Enhancing Writing: We assessed Sudowrite's impact on our writing. This included evaluating how well it assisted in overcoming writer's block, enhancing narrative flow, and refining prose. We looked at both the quality and relevance of suggestions generated by the AI.

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