Get instant feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile with Resume Worded. Enhance your job hunting success through personalized tips and guidance.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all AI tools we review to provide clear and concise evaluations of each based on standardized criteria. Below is an overview of the grading system:

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our Team awarded Resume Worded four stars, marking it as an excellent choice for job seekers. The platform's AI-driven feedback system is a standout feature, providing tailored suggestions for resume and LinkedIn profile optimization. The range of over 350 customizable templates offers users a diverse selection for their specific industry and job role. While the platform excels in many areas, the limited language support prevented it from achieving a perfect score. Nevertheless, Resume Worded remains a highly effective tool for anyone looking to enhance his or her resume without using resume writers and increase their visibility in the competitive job market.

Overview of Resume Worded

Our in-depth exploration of Resume Worded begins with a comprehensive look at its key features and functionalities. This AI-powered platform is tailored to assist job seekers in fine-tuning their resumes and LinkedIn profiles for maximum impact in today's competitive job market.

Tailored Feedback and Instant Resume Review

One of the standout features of Resume Worded is its ability to provide personalized and actionable resume feedback, in the form of a resume score. The platform's sophisticated algorithms meticulously scan submitted documents, identifying areas for improvement in grammar, punctuation, tone, and formatting. This ensures that job seekers present themselves in the best possible light to potential employers. We tried this feature out for ourselves, and found that Resume Worded provided detailed feedback and actionable advice so that we could easily create a standout resume.

  • Grammar and Punctuation Analysis: Resume Worded's AI algorithms meticulously scan every submitted document, flagging any grammatical or punctuation errors. This ensures that your resume and LinkedIn profile are polished and professional.
  • Tone and Language Assessment: The platform assesses the tone of your content, ensuring it aligns with the job description and industry norms and showcases your professionalism.
  • ATS Compatibility Check: Resume Worded ensures that your resume is compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), a crucial aspect in today's digital recruitment process.
  • Instant Feedback: The platform's instant review feature provides real-time suggestions, allowing users to make on-the-fly adjustments for an optimized resume.

Customizable Resume Templates

Resume Worded

Resume Worded offers a vast library of over 350 customizable resume templates, each designed to strike the perfect balance between visual appeal and professionalism. These templates cover various industries and job roles, ensuring there's a suitable option for everyone.

  • Visually Appealing Designs: The templates are thoughtfully designed to catch the eye of hiring managers while maintaining a professional aesthetic.
  • Industry-Specific Templates: Whether you're in finance, marketing, or engineering, Resume Worded provides templates tailored to your specific industry.
  • Downloadable Formats: Templates are available in PDF and Word formats, ensuring compatibility with various application processes.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Resume Worded

In today's interconnected professional world, a compelling LinkedIn profile is just as crucial as a well-crafted resume. Resume Worded steps up to the plate, offering feedback and suggestions to ensure your LinkedIn profile effectively showcases your skills and experiences. We asked Resume Worded to have a look at some of our own LinkedIn profiles, and the tool provided us with actionable feedback on issues like bad grammar and headline optimization.

  • Headline and Summary Enhancement: The platform provides insights on how to create an attention-grabbing headline and a compelling summary that encapsulates your professional journey.
  • Work Experience Refinement: Resume Worded offers suggestions on how to present your work experience in a manner that highlights your accomplishments and contributions.
  • Skills and Endorsements Guidance: The tool advises on which skills to highlight and how to secure endorsements, further bolstering your professional credibility.

Personal Coaching Service

For those seeking more personalized guidance, Resume Worded offers a premium coaching service. This one-on-one coaching experience is led by professional career coaches who offer tailored advice on resume and LinkedIn profile feedback, as well as provide career advice.

  • Individualized Guidance: A dedicated career coach offers personalized recommendations based on your unique professional background and career goals.
  • Interview Preparation: The coaching service extends beyond resume optimization, providing invaluable guidance for successful interviews.

Pricing Plans

Resume Worded offers flexible pricing plans to cater to varying user needs and budgets.

  • Free Plan: Users can start with a free plan, which provides access to basic features and a taste of the platform's capabilities.
  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $29 per month, this plan offers full access to Resume Worded's suite of features, making it a suitable choice for job seekers in need of ongoing support.
  • Quarterly Subscription: At $99 every three months, this plan offers a cost-effective option for those who prefer a longer commitment.
  • Annual Plan: Priced at $299 per year, this plan provides the best value for users looking for continuous access and support.

Resume Worded's pricing options ensure that there's a plan to suit every job seeker's budget and requirements. With its range of features and pricing plans, the platform proves to be a versatile resume checker for job seekers at various stages of their careers.

Pros and Cons of Resume Worded

As we continue our exploration of Resume Worded, it's crucial to dissect the platform's strengths and weaknesses to provide you with a well-rounded perspective on its value for job seekers. Below, we present a list of the pros and cons of Resume Worded, drawing from our hands-on experience and expertise.


Tailored Feedback on Resumes

Resume Worded's AI algorithms excel at providing personalized feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. This tailored approach ensures that users receive precise recommendations for enhancing their documents, making them stand out to potential employers.

Automatic Resume Grading

The platform's automated grading system evaluates resumes based on various criteria, including ATS compatibility, structure, language, and content. This feature saves users time and effort by instantly identifying areas for improvement.

Optimizes LinkedIn Profiles

In today's digital job market, a well-optimized LinkedIn profile is essential. Resume Worded offers valuable feedback and suggestions for enhancing your headline, summary, work experience, and skills sections on LinkedIn, maximizing your visibility to recruiters and employers.

Customizable Resume Templates

With over 350 customizable resume templates, Resume Worded caters to diverse industries and job roles. These visually appealing templates ensure that your resume not only reflects your professionalism but also captures the attention of hiring managers.

Access to Personal Coaching

For those seeking more personalized assistance, Resume Worded offers a premium coaching service led by experienced career coaches. This one-on-one guidance encompasses resume and LinkedIn profile improvement, career advice, and interview preparation, offering valuable insights and strategies.

Industry-Specific Samples and Tips

Resume Worded offers industry-specific samples and tips, helping users tailor their resumes to meet the unique requirements of their chosen field. This industry-specific guidance can be invaluable in making a standout impression.

Resume Grammar Checker

Ensuring grammatical correctness in your resume is paramount. Resume Worded's built-in grammar checker helps users eliminate errors and present a polished and professional document.


Limited to English

Resume Worded primarily supports the English language. Users seeking support in other languages may need to look elsewhere for assistance.

Alternatives to Resume Worded

While Resume Worded offers a robust set of features for resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, it's essential to explore other options in the market. Here, we present four viable alternatives that cater to job seekers' diverse needs and preferences.


An intuitive online tool, is designed to streamline the resume-building process. It offers a range of designer-made templates and easy-to-use features, allowing users to create professional resumes in minutes. The platform's standout feature is its AI engine, which automatically fills in data, expediting the resume creation process.

Key Features:

  • AI-Driven Resume Building: employs an AI engine to automatically complete and fill in data, saving users time and effort.
  • Designer-Made Templates: The platform provides a variety of HR-approved templates that are easy to modify to fit any resume format.
  • Writing Tips and Advice: offers writing tips and advice to help users create standout resumes that grab the attention of potential employers.
  • Data Privacy: The platform employs encryption technology and an SSL certificate to ensure that user data remains secure.

2. Resume Studio

An AI-powered resume builder, Resume Studio is designed to help users create professional resumes in minutes. It features customizable templates, AI-generated suggestions for bullet points, and mobile-responsive design. The platform also offers pre-written professional summaries and job search tools.

Key Features:

  • AI-Generated Suggestions: Resume Studio provides AI-generated suggestions for bullet points, streamlining the resume-building process.
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: The platform ensures that resumes created are compatible with various devices, enhancing user convenience.
  • Pre-Written Professional Summaries: Users can access pre-written professional summaries to jumpstart their resume creation.
  • 7-Day Free Trial: Resume Studio offers a 7-day free trial for users to explore core functionalities before committing to a paid subscription.

3. Rezi AI Resume Editor

Leveraging the power of OpenAI's GPT-3 API, Rezi AI Resume Editor helps users create resumes that align with best practices. The platform understands resume writing from a vast database of content and offers AI-driven features for document generation.

Key Features:

  • AI Resume Writing Features: Rezi AI Resume Editor includes an AI Bullet Point Writer, AI Bullet Point Editor, and AI Resume Summary Generator.
  • AI Document Generation Features: The platform provides AI-driven tools for generating cover letters and resignation letters.
  • Real-Time Content Analysis: Users receive real-time feedback on their resume content to ensure it aligns with best practices.
  • Blockchain Verified Resume: Rezi AI Resume Editor offers the option to verify resumes using blockchain technology for added authenticity.

4. Kickresume

Standing out as a leading AI resume and cover letter builder in the market, Kickresume's advanced AI system employs sophisticated technology to assist users in crafting compelling, professional documents tailored to their career objectives.

Key Features:

  • AI-Driven Tools: Kickresume utilizes AI-driven tools to help users create standout resumes and cover letters.
  • Wide Array of Templates: The platform offers a diverse selection of resume templates designed to catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Customization Options: Users can easily modify templates to fit their desired resume format and style preferences.

Final Thoughts on Resume Worded

In conclusion, our thorough exploration of Resume Worded reveals it as a powerful asset for job seekers navigating today's competitive employment landscape. Its AI-driven features, tailored feedback, and customizable templates offer invaluable support in crafting standout resumes and LinkedIn profiles. While it has its limitations, such as the need for account creation and language restrictions, the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. We wholeheartedly recommend job seekers leverage this tool, whether starting their careers or aiming to advance to the next level. With Resume Worded, you'll be well-equipped to put your best foot forward in the job market. Try it today and elevate your chances of landing your dream job.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Resume Worded

Our evaluation of Resume Worded was conducted with meticulous attention to detail, employing a multi-faceted approach to assess its effectiveness. Our team of experts focused on several key criteria:

1. Accuracy of Feedback

We meticulously compared the platform's feedback with industry best practices, ensuring that the suggestions provided were accurate and beneficial for job seekers.

2. User-Friendliness

We assessed how intuitive and user-friendly the platform was, considering both experienced professionals and those new to resume optimization.

3. Effectiveness of Templates

We examined the range and quality of customizable templates, gauging their suitability for various industries and job roles.

4. Coaching Service Quality

For users opting for the coaching service, we evaluated the expertise and guidance provided by the career coaches.

5. Response Time

We measured the platform's efficiency in providing feedback and suggestions, taking into account the need for timely resume revisions.

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