"ProWritingAid: the AI tool for writers, educators, and non-native speakers. Improve writing skills, save time, and get direct suggestions for improvement."

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars, because ProWritingAid is a great piece of writing software that offers excellent features to help users deal with grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, typos, repeated words, sticky sentences, and more.

What is ProWritingAid?


ProWritingAid is a premium grammar checker and style editor designed to assist bloggers, novelists, and business writers in refining their writing. This editing software is a versatile tool that aids users in eliminating errors, optimizing word choice, and improving grammar and punctuation efficiently.

We were thrilled to discover that it can be applied to various types of content, from blog posts and articles to books and editor's notes. ProWritingAid is accessible through web browsers on both Windows and Mac, and it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and even the popular bookwriting application, Scrivener.

How Does ProWritingAid Work?


ProWritingAid serves as both a grammar and spell checker, while also enhancing the overall readability of your writing.

We tested the editing software by submitting a long article and asking the tool to check for incorrect spelling and grammar. It did a great job and was also able to identify sticky and run-on sentences, suggesting improvements in word choice, and ensuring consistent tenses. Moreover, it assists in making weak writing more reader-friendly.

The ProWritingAid desktop app offers a range of features to help you improve your content, including identifying clichés, overused words, sentences that slow down readers, vague and abstract terms, incorrect tenses, duplicated words and phrases, and sentence length. While testing the tool, we also found it interesting that it offers writing mentorship by evaluating your writing against exemplary authors in your genre.

Key Features

ProWritingAid stands out with its extensive reports, offering insights that many other grammar and spell checkers do not provide.

Here are the main features we believe are quite useful and valuable:

  • For Creative Writers

    ProWritingAid can take your manuscript from draft to publish-ready, eliminating common first-draft frustrations. It helps shorten sentences, remove weak adverbs, and enhance sensory details in a single click.

  • For Work

    Save time and money with fast fixes to create a perfect draft for your editors. ProWritingAid scans and corrects surface errors such as typos, punctuation issues, and grammar errors, allowing editors to focus on your content.

  • For Higher Education

    Power up your academic writing with ProWritingAid's unnecessary adverb checks, cliche alerts, and dialogue tag flags. Refine the details of your work and elevate your writing to the next level.

  • For Teachers

    Improve your students' writing by providing instant improvements. ProWritingAid shortens sentences, removes jargon, and adjusts tone for both formal and conversational writing. It offers confidence in all written assignments.

  • For Non-Native Speakers

    ProWritingAid helps non-native speakers improve their writing by offering instant word choice and flow enhancements. It catches challenging spelling and grammar issues, ensuring clear and accurate writing that resembles native fluency.

  • Know Exactly How to Improve

    Save time and frustration with real-time quick fixes. ProWritingAid's AI checker and goals provide you with precise editing recommendations, from quick emails to lengthy reports.

  • Get Straight to the Point

    Enhance clarity, readability, and professionalism with clarity suggestions, detailed readability goals, and tone detection, making any document a clear and professional read.

  • Personalize Your Writing Experience

    Tailor your writing experience with custom rules, feedback, and time-saving snippets. No matter your industry, ProWritingAid adapts to your specific needs.

  • Academic Writing Made Easier

    Improve academic writing with ease. ProWritingAid helps you shorten sentences, correct informal language, diversify sentence structure, and add transitions to enhance flow.

  • Catch Every Easy-to-Miss Mistake

    ProWritingAid's AI-powered grammar checker identifies and corrects even the trickiest typos and grammar errors, ensuring your ideas shine.

  • In-Depth Analysis Whenever You Need It

    Perform comprehensive reviews on any document. ProWritingAid offers structure analysis, complex paragraph alerts, and an advanced thesaurus tool for a publish-ready result.

  • Write Clearly, Concisely, and Accurately

    The editing software helps you eliminate vague and abstract words. It helps you strike the right balance between clarity and academic rigor with analytical language goals and power-verb suggestions. Ensure your work is professional without sacrificing readability.

  • Get Native Speaker Fluency in Clicks

    Whether writing in English or your native language, ProWritingAid helps translate and improve word choice and sentence flow instantly.

  • Catch Difficult Spelling and Grammar Issues

    ProWritingAid catches hundreds of errors that regular spell-checkers may miss, making it ideal for ESL speakers.

  • Get More Eyes on Your Work

    Improve writing by eliminating passive voice and following readability suggestions to write like a native speaker, emphasizing clarity and conciseness.

  • Get Personalized Feedback Reports

    The free version offers 22 reports, which are adequate for most everyday writers, while the paid version offers 25 extensive writing reports, giving writers even more comprehensive feedback to improve their writing process.

  • Using ProWritingAid With Chrome and Google Docs

    ProWritingAid also offers a browser extension designed for use with Chrome. Once the extension is installed, it becomes a convenient tool for checking your writing in real-time.

    You can use it to review your emails, social media posts, and various content for grammar errors. When working with Google Docs, a separate add-in is required. While this add-on doesn't offer a full-fledged editor, it still serves a valuable purpose. You can hover over spelling mistakes and other grammar issues, and it provides summary reports regarding your writing, making it especially handy when working within Google Docs.



ProWritingAid offers several pricing options to cater to different needs:

  • Free: This plan provides basic writing suggestions and can be used anywhere you write. It includes a 500-word count limit, 10 rephrases per day, grammar, spelling, punctuation checks, a word explorer, thesaurus, and document type settings. It assures 100% data security and privacy.
  • Monthly Premium: At $20 per month, this plan unlocks the full power of ProWritingAid. It includes all the features of the free version and adds advanced style improvements, custom style guides, snippets, 24+ writing analysis reports, customizable writing suggestions, terminology management, author comparison, citations, collaboration, and unlimited document storage.
  • Yearly Premium: Priced at $100, billed annually, this plan is a cost-effective option for those who want full access to ProWritingAid.
  • Lifetime Premium: For a one-time payment of $1200, this plan provides a lifetime subscription to ProWritingAid, eliminating the need for recurring payments.

Pros and Cons of ProWritingAid

Here is an overview of the main benefits and limitations we think users need to take into account when using this tool:


Comprehensive grammar and style checking.

Extensive reports with valuable writing insights.

Integration with various writing platforms, including Scrivener.

No risk of content theft or plagiarism.

A free version with substantial functionality.


Premium plans are relatively pricey.

While the free version is valuable, it offers fewer reports than the paid version.

Alternatives to ProWritingAid

In the world of writing and editing, ProWritingAid is not the only option available. Several other tools offer their unique features and advantages. Let's delve into some popular alternatives to ProWritingAid.


Grammarly is perhaps one of the most well-known alternatives to ProWritingAid. It offers comprehensive grammar and spelling checks, style suggestions, and even a plagiarism checker. Grammarly can seamlessly integrate with web browsers, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. It's a favored choice for those who require real-time grammar and spell-checking as they write.


While Zapier isn't a direct competitor in the grammar-checking realm, it plays a significant role in automating various tasks, including those related to writing and editing.

It allows users to create automated workflows that connect different apps and services. Writers can streamline their processes, such as sending drafts from one application to another for editing or publication.


A unique tool, Sapling focuses on improving writing skills, particularly in the workplace. It offers specialized email composition assistance, making sure your professional emails are polished and error-free. It's a great choice for individuals who want to enhance their business communication through email.

Wordvice AI

Wordvice AI is tailored for academic and research writing. It helps writers refine their research papers and manuscripts. The tool provides advanced grammar and writing style suggestions, making it an excellent choice for students, researchers, and scholars who need a comprehensive review of their academic work.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, our evaluation has revealed that ProWritingAid is a valuable writing tool for fiction writers, academics, bloggers, and anyone looking to improve the quality of their content.

The ProWritingAid desktop app offers an editing tool that excels in providing a thorough analysis of grammar mistakes and style, offers a comprehensive writing style report, and integrates with popular writing platforms, such as Google Docs and MS Word, making it a practical choice.

While the premium plans come at a cost, the free version of the writing tool still offers substantial benefits. So, if you're seeking a reliable writing assistant, ProWritingAid is certainly worth considering among the many grammar checkers, editing, and writing tools available out there.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested ProWritingAid

To provide an informed evaluation of ProWritingAid, our team conducted an extensive review based on several key criteria:

1. Grammar and Spell Checking Accuracy: We rigorously assessed ProWritingAid's ability to detect and correct grammar errors and spelling mistakes. The tool's proficiency in identifying typos, punctuation issues, and other common language errors was a crucial aspect of our evaluation. In our opinion, ProWritingAid excelled in this area, consistently providing accurate and helpful suggestions for error correction.

2. Writing Style Enhancements: We closely examined how ProWritingAid assisted in improving writing style. This criterion involved assessing its capability to identify and rectify issues such as word choice, sentence structure, and overall readability. We found ProWritingAid's style enhancement suggestions to be insightful and valuable, helping writers craft more engaging and polished content.

3. Integration and Compatibility: We considered ProWritingAid's compatibility with popular writing platforms, including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Scrivener. In our opinion, the seamless integration with these platforms was a significant advantage, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the editing process.

4. Reporting and Feedback: We evaluated the quality and depth of the reports generated by ProWritingAid. These reports offer valuable insights into a document's strengths and weaknesses, allowing writers to make informed improvements. We were impressed with the extensive range of reports provided by the tool, offering detailed feedback to enhance the overall writing process.

5. Pricing and Value for Users: Our assessment included an examination of the pricing options and value for users. While ProWritingAid offers a free version with substantial functionality, we also considered the affordability and benefits of the premium plans. In our opinion, the pricing structure offered various choices to cater to the needs and budgets of different users. Still, we noted that premium plans may be relatively pricey for some individuals.

ProWritingAid FAQ

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