2024 Pixop Review: Transform Videos with AI

Pixop is a cloud-based AI video enhancement tool that upscales videos to 8K, improves quality, and offers a user-friendly interface. Ideal for businesses and filmmakers.

Our Verdict

Pixop stands as a robust contender in the field of AI video upscaling, offering an intuitive web app experience coupled with powerful AI capabilities. Our exploration revealed a tool that excels in enhancing video resolution, analyzing footage, and simplifying complex video editing tasks. While Pixop isn't without its considerations, such as dependency on original footage quality and a cloud-based approach, its strengths in affordability, adaptability, and extensive features make it a worthy investment. Whether you're an individual seeking to enhance a few home videos or a professional aiming for high-resolution content, Pixop proves to be a valuable ally in the quest for superior video quality.

Overview of Pixop


Pixop is an AI-powered video remastering and upscaling service that promises to upscale videos to unparalleled heights. Pixop's forte lies in its ability to enhance videos by reducing noise, improving contrast and colors, and increasing sharpness, all through proprietary algorithms that leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

Video Quality Analysis

Pixop doesn't just enhance videos blindly; it first conducts a meticulous analysis of each video's quality based on factors such as colors, noise, and details. This analysis results in a combined score of up to five, providing users with a clear understanding of the original footage's quality. In our testing, we found this feature to be invaluable, especially when dealing with older or degraded video content. Knowing the starting point allows for more informed decisions on the extent of enhancement required.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Pixop takes a modern approach with its cloud-based platform, eliminating the need for users to download and install software on their computers. Our team appreciated the convenience this brings, allowing seamless access to Pixop from any internet-connected device. During testing, we found the transition between devices to be smooth, ensuring that video editing tasks could be accomplished regardless of our physical location. The cloud-based nature also adds an extra layer of security, with the reassurance that work is continuously saved online, eliminating the risk of data loss or file overwrites.

Team-Based Collaboration

Pixop isn't just for individual users; it caters to teams of all sizes. With the ability to add up to five teammates and support for unlimited team size, Pixop proves itself as a versatile tool for collaborative video editing. Billing at the team level streamlines financial management, making it an attractive option for both small groups and larger enterprises. Our team appreciated the seamless collaboration enabled by Pixop, making it an ideal choice for projects that require collective input.

Effortless Video Trimming

Trimming videos can be a tedious task, especially for those less familiar with video editing software. Pixop simplifies this process, allowing users to trim videos quickly and easily without the need for additional downloads. In our testing, we found this feature to be particularly user-friendly, enabling us to edit videos with precision and achieve the desired results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Format Flexibility

Pixop boasts impressive transcoding capabilities, supporting various video formats for ingestion and processing. This flexibility extends to the conversion of videos into different output formats, ensuring maximum compatibility across devices. Our team appreciated the ease with which Pixop facilitated format changes, making it a versatile solution for ensuring videos are viewable on any device without concerns about compatibility issues.

Video Comparison Ease

One of Pixop's standout features is the ability to compare the original video with the upscaled version effortlessly. With just a few clicks, users can visually assess how Pixop's AI upscaling technology has enhanced the video in terms of resolution, color, and clarity. During our testing, this feature proved invaluable for fine-tuning enhancements and ensuring that the upscaled version met our quality standards before sharing it with the world.

Pre-Built Filters for Upscaling

Pixop doesn't just rely on sophisticated algorithms; it also offers users a variety of pre-built filters designed to enhance video quality with a single click. These filters cover a wide range of improvements, including resolution increase, noise reduction, and color enhancement. Our team found these filters to be a valuable asset, providing a quick and easy way to upscale video quality without delving into intricate settings. This feature proved especially handy for those seeking a straightforward solution for immediate improvements.

In our journey through Pixop's features, we discovered a tool that seamlessly combines AI technology with user-friendly design, resulting in a powerful yet accessible video enhancement platform. Whether enhancing old video footage, refining social media content, or completing video enhancement tasks, Pixop proves to be a versatile and efficient companion in the quest for superior video quality.

Pros and Cons of Pixop

Pixop emerges as a compelling tool with a plethora of advantages, making it a frontrunner in the realm of video enhancement. However, like any technology, it's not without its considerations. Our exploration of Pixop's pros and cons provides a nuanced understanding of its capabilities and areas for improvement.


Cloud-Based Platform: Pixop's cloud-based approach revolutionizes video editing by eliminating the need for software downloads. Our team found this to be a game-changer, ensuring accessibility from any internet-connected device and saving valuable local storage space.

Intuitive Web App: Pixop's user-friendly interface makes video enhancement accessible to users of all skill levels. During our testing, the intuitive web app streamlined the editing process, allowing for quick and efficient enhancements without a steep learning curve.

No Expensive Hardware Required: Pixop's cloud-based nature means users don't need high-end hardware for video enhancement. This significantly lowers the barrier to entry, making advanced video quality improvements accessible to a broader audience.

Automated Video Enhancement Filters: Pixop's automated filters leverage AI to enhance videos effortlessly. Our team was impressed by the efficiency of these filters, delivering noticeable improvements in noise reduction, contrast, and overall visual quality.

Specialized in Upscaling and Remastering: Pixop's specialization in upscaling and remastering sets it apart. This focus ensures that users get optimal results when enhancing video quality, particularly in terms of resolution and clarity.

Pay-As-You-Use Model: Pixop adopts a flexible pay-as-you-use pricing model. Users pay for the processing power and storage they need, providing a cost-effective solution without the burden of recurring subscription fees.

ML Super Resolution: The integration of machine learning super resolution enhances Pixop's upscaling capabilities. This feature impressed our team with its ability to produce high-resolution videos without compromising quality.

Video Quality Analysis Feature: Pixop's video quality analysis feature provides users with valuable insights into the original footage's quality. Our testing revealed its efficacy in guiding enhancement decisions based on a thorough evaluation of colors, noise, and details.

Offers Video Asset Management: Pixop goes beyond enhancement, offering video asset management capabilities. This feature ensures organized storage and easy retrieval of enhanced videos, contributing to a seamless workflow.

Tools for Easy Collaboration: The inclusion of collaborative tools makes Pixop suitable for team-based projects. During testing, our team appreciated the smooth collaboration enabled by Pixop, simplifying group editing tasks.

Trained on Thousands of Hours of Footage: Pixop's extensive training on thousands of hours of footage contributes to its robust performance. The AI's familiarity with diverse video content enhances its ability to deliver consistent and high-quality results.

Custom Enterprise Solutions: Pixop caters to the needs of enterprises by offering custom solutions. This adaptability ensures that businesses can tailor Pixop to their specific requirements for optimal video enhancement.

API for Seamless Integration: Pixop's API, including update and retrieve information capabilities, facilitates seamless integration into existing workflows. Our team found this feature valuable for incorporating Pixop into various applications and processes.

Integrated Video Processing Capabilities: Pixop's integration of video processing capabilities streamlines the editing workflow. The ability to handle various aspects of video enhancement within a single platform enhances efficiency.

APIs for High-Volume Scenarios: Pixop offers APIs tailored for high-volume scenarios, catering to the needs of businesses with extensive video processing requirements. This scalability ensures that Pixop can adapt to varying workloads.

REST API for Seamless Integration: The REST API support further enhances Pixop's integration capabilities. Our team found this to be particularly useful for developers looking to incorporate Pixop into their applications seamlessly.

Provides Calculator for Processing Cost: Pixop's inclusion of a processing cost calculator allows users to estimate expenses based on their specific requirements. This transparency is beneficial for budgeting and cost planning.

Footage Enhanced to Fit Modern Screens: Pixop ensures that enhanced footage is optimized for modern screens. This consideration is vital for delivering an enhanced viewing experience across various devices.

Offers Storage and Transcoding: Pixop provides additional value by offering storage and transcoding capabilities. This comprehensive approach simplifies video management and delivery.

Encrypted In-Transit Inside AWS: The encryption of data in transit inside AWS ensures the security of user data. Pixop's commitment to data protection adds a layer of trust for users concerned about privacy.

Member of NVIDIA Inception: Pixop's affiliation with NVIDIA Inception reflects its commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of AI technology.

Part of AWS Activate Builders Program: Being a part of the AWS Activate Builders Program demonstrates Pixop's alignment with industry-leading cloud infrastructure.

Ideal for Both Individuals and Enterprises: Pixop's versatility makes it suitable for individual users seeking to enhance personal videos as well as enterprises with more extensive video processing needs.


Dependent on Quality of Original Footage: Pixop's effectiveness is contingent on the quality of the original footage. In cases where the source material is severely degraded or of extremely low resolution, Pixop's enhancements may have limitations.

Not Suitable for Archival Footage Pre-90s: Pixop's specialization in enhancing videos may not be suitable for archival footage dating back to the pre-90s era. The tool is optimized for improving the quality of more recent video content.

Subscription Price Model Might Be Expensive for Occasional Users: While the pay-as-you-use model is flexible, occasional users may find the subscription price model to be relatively expensive, especially if they only require sporadic video enhancements.

Depends on AWS Infrastructure: Pixop's dependence on AWS infrastructure means its performance is intertwined with the stability and reliability of AWS services. Any disruptions or issues with AWS may impact Pixop's functionality.

User Reviews of Pixop


"Customer service was very friendly and reactive and instantly solved my issue. There are a ton of options to choose when you want to enhance your video quality, they'll help you to choose the right one for you. Definitely recommended!" - Mehdi

"I searched far and wide for a high quality web-based service for upscaling my video footage. Without a doubt, Pixop delivered the best results for me and for a reasonable price too. I've successfully upscaled dozens of clips from 480p to 1080p, as well as 1080p to 4K. Their platform is really simple to use and has a clean user interface. The customer service is top-notch, with an actual human being (Morten) available on chat who is quick to respond and very helpful. Aside from upscaling videos, I've also used Pixop a little bit to quickly cut short clips out of my video files, which is especially handy if you have an older computer/laptop that struggles with efficiently processing/rendering large video files." - Matthew

How We Tested Pixop


We embarked on a rigorous testing process to assess Pixop's capabilities and performance in enhancing video quality. We focused on key criteria that encompassed speed, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. Here's an insight into our evaluation process:

1. Speed of Enhancement: Our team meticulously measured the time Pixop took to enhance videos of varying lengths and resolutions. We aimed to gauge the tool's efficiency in delivering rapid enhancements without compromising the quality of the final output.

2. Ease of Use: Evaluating the user interface and overall user experience, we assessed how intuitively Pixop's features could be navigated. Our goal was to determine whether the tool caters to users of varying skill levels with a user-friendly design.

3. Effectiveness of AI-Powered Features: We delved into Pixop's AI-powered features, focusing on its ability to automatically enhance videos through filters and analysis. Our team scrutinized the effectiveness of these features in reducing noise, improving contrast, and upscaling resolution.

4. Collaboration Tools: As collaboration is a highlighted feature of Pixop, we tested the tools provided for collaborative video editing. We explored how well Pixop facilitates teamwork, considering factors like file sharing, version control, and collaborative editing capabilities.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars as an excellent choice in the realm of video enhancement tools. Its cloud-based platform, intuitive web app, and specialized focus on upscaling and remastering contribute to a powerful suite of features. The pay-as-you-use model, ML super resolution, and collaboration tools further enhance its appeal. While Pixop meets most of our standards, it falls short of the highest rating due to considerations such as occasional users finding the subscription model expensive. Overall, Pixop stands out as an excellent choice for enhancing video quality.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Pixop

From comprehensive video editors to specialized image enhancers, each alternative brings unique strengths to the table. In this comparison, we delve into prominent alternatives, providing insights into varied user preferences. Here's an exploration of alternative tools in comparison to Pixop:


Videoleap stands as a formidable alternative to Pixop, offering a comprehensive set of video editing tools designed for both beginners and experienced filmmakers. While Pixop specializes in AI-powered video enhancement and upscaling, Videoleap focuses on providing a robust platform for creative video editing. It excels in offering a wide range of editing features, effects, and intuitive tools for seamless video creation and transformation. However, unlike Pixop's specialized AI-driven enhancement, Videoleap might not provide the same level of advanced upscaling and remastering capabilities. See our Videoleap review here.

Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI emerges as another strong contender in the realm of video upscaling and enhancement, providing users with access to production-grade neural networks. Similar to Pixop, Topaz Video AI emphasizes video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization. Both tools leverage AI technology for enhancing video quality, but Topaz Video AI focuses more on local workstation optimization, offering users a powerful toolkit for improving video quality. However, Pixop's cloud-based approach and intuitive user interface might cater better to users seeking accessibility and ease of use, check out our Topaz Video AI review here.


Pixalto offers AI-powered image enhancement tools, specializing in features like removing backgrounds, fixing blurry images, reducing noise, and enhancing facial features. While Pixop concentrates on video upscaling and remastering, Pixalto's focus lies within the domain of image enhancement. It caters to users seeking to elevate the quality of images rather than videos. Users looking for dedicated image enhancement might find Pixalto more suitable, whereas Pixop stands out for its video-specific enhancement capabilities.

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