Create and showcase unique artwork using PicSo AI tool. Accessible on mobile and PC, experiment with art styles and showcase your creations online.

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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars due to its strong editing capabilities and enticing free trial option. However, its exclusivity to Android users limits its potential audience, preventing it from achieving the coveted five-star "Editor's choice" status.

About Picso


Picso is a versatile AI-powered art generator catering to a diverse audience. It empowers users to craft AI-generated real girls, AI anime girls, and various AI art forms.

With its user-friendly interface, creating captivating portraits or artwork in chosen art styles is just a few clicks away. Whether you desire a stunning AI image generator or need to bring your text prompt to life, Picso harnesses the power of AI art generation to fulfill your creative aspirations seamlessly.

It has found favor with artists and enthusiasts alike who seek an innovative and accessible tool for their artistic endeavors.

Overview of Picso


In this overview, we delve into the remarkable world of Picso, an innovative tool designed to transform your artistic dreams into reality. Our team of experts has tested this AI art generation platform, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Picso empowers users to create artistically styled images in their chosen art style, making the creative process a breeze and turning your imagination into vivid artwork.

Best Features

As our team of experts delved deeper into Picso, we uncovered a treasure trove of intuitive features that redefine the way you create art. These features, designed with precision and creativity in mind, make Picso a versatile and indispensable tool for artists and enthusiasts alike.

  • Built-In Styles: Picso boasts an extensive library of built-in styles that cater to a wide range of artistic preferences. We found that these styles served as a wellspring of inspiration, allowing us to explore and apply a multitude of artistic directions effortlessly.

  • Content Image Customization: Picso empowers you to start your creative journey from your own content images. This means that you're not limited to pre-existing artworks; you can bring your unique creations into the AI realm and watch them transform into masterpieces.

  • User Artwork Exploration: The ability to explore and view other users' artworks is a noteworthy feature. Our team found it inspiring and informative, as it allows you to see how different users approach artistic creation with Picso. This feature can spark your creativity and open your eyes to new possibilities.

  • Input Text and Simple Collage: One of Picso's standout features is the option to provide input text or create simple collages as prompts for the AI. Our team found that this feature enhances the AI's understanding of your creative intentions, resulting in more personalized and meaningful artworks.

  • AI Real Girls and AI Anime Girls: Picso isn't just limited to traditional artwork. Our team was captivated by its ability to create AI real girls and AI anime girls. This unique feature opens up a world of possibilities for those interested in character design and storytelling.

  • AI Art Editor and Creator: Picso's built-in AI art editor and creator are powerful tools that offer extensive customization options. Whether you're refining an existing artwork or starting from scratch, these features provide you with the tools to make each piece uniquely yours.

  • Mask Styles: Picso introduces the concept of mask styles, a feature our team found intriguing. Masks allow for more targeted and precise styling, enabling you to influence specific elements of your artwork with precision.

  • Web-Based Tool: The fact that Picso is a web-based tool was a major plus for our team. It allows users to access their creative endeavors from any device with internet connectivity. This flexibility means that you're not limited to a specific location or device; your artistic journey can go wherever you do.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Picso understands the importance of mobile accessibility in today's on-the-go world. Our team found this feature particularly valuable as it enables you to harness the creative potential of Picso on your mobile devices. Whether you're in the studio or on the move, your artistic vision is never out of reach.

    Picso is a well-rounded AI art generation tool, encompassing a range of features that cater to various artistic needs. Our professional findings reveal that Picso's intuitive features, from built-in styles to mobile accessibility, create a seamless and inspiring environment for your creative endeavors.

    Whether you're looking to create portraits, AI real girls, AI anime girls, or delve into the world of AI art, Picso provides the means to explore, customize, and bring your artistic visions to life with precision and creativity.



Picso understands that artists and enthusiasts come from diverse backgrounds, each with their unique artistic aspirations. To cater to this varied audience, Picso offers a free version with a range of Pro Benefits. This free version grants you 100 credits per month, access to Pro styles, and the convenience of a priority queue for quicker results. What's more, there are no unsightly watermarks on the images you create, ensuring your artistic expression remains unblemished.

One remarkable feature that enhances your creative journey is the ability to unlock multitasking, allowing you to engage in multiple creative projects concurrently. Our team of experts found this to be a game-changer, as it maximizes your creative potential.

For those who desire a more extensive and uninterrupted creative experience, Picso AI offers paid plans at competitive prices. The 1-month plan is available at a reasonable $9.99, while the 12-month subscription offers excellent value at just $49.99. These plans provide you with an affordable means to unlock the full potential of Picso AI, ensuring that your artistic aspirations can flourish without limitations.

Pros and Cons of Picso

In the realm of AI tools, it's essential to understand that each one comes with its own set of advantages and limitations. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of Picso to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what this innovative platform has to offer.


Fast Processing: Picso impresses with its speed. Our professional findings reveal that the platform generates AI art efficiently, ensuring that your creative process remains smooth and streamlined.

Free Version: The availability of a free version is a significant advantage. It allows users to explore and experiment with Picso without any financial commitment, making it an accessible option for both beginners and experienced artists.

Editing Options: Picso offers a range of editing options that allow users to fine-tune their creations. These editing tools enable you to personalize your artwork to a high degree of detail, reflecting our team's appreciation for creative control.

Mobile App: Our team found the presence of a mobile app to be a key benefit. With Picso's mobile application, you can take your creative projects on the go, ensuring that your artistic inspiration is never confined to a single location.


Female Portrait Orientation: One limitation that our team noted is that Picso leans toward female portrait-oriented art styles. While it excels in this particular niche of creating dream girls, it may not be as versatile for users with interests in other artistic directions.

No iOS Mobile App: An area of improvement for Picso is the absence of an iOS mobile app. Our team recognized this as a drawback for iOS users who would like to access the platform through their Apple devices. Expanding to iOS could further enhance Picso's accessibility and user base.

Alternatives to Picso

In a competitive landscape, it's essential to recognize that no AI tool stands alone as unique. While Picso offers remarkable features and capabilities, several alternatives cater to diverse artistic needs and preferences. Let's explore a few alternatives to Picso and highlight what sets them apart.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator is an AI art generation platform that has gained recognition for its versatility. It provides a wide array of styles and artistic directions for users to explore, making it an ideal choice for those seeking diverse creative options. Our team found NightCafe Creator's user-friendly interface and extensive library of multiple styles to be particularly impressive. It offers a creative playground where users can experiment with various art forms and genres for their artistic images.

Adventure AI

Adventure AI is an alternative AI tool that focuses on storytelling and narrative-driven art creation. Our team appreciated its unique approach to AI art, which allows users to generate artwork inspired by their own stories and imaginative worlds. Adventure AI empowers users to bring their narratives to life with AI-generated visuals, making it a valuable choice for writers and storytellers looking to complement their work with stunning visuals.


OpenArt is a collaborative platform that combines AI art generation with the wisdom of the crowd. It allows users to contribute to and benefit from a shared repository of AI-generated artwork. Our team was intrigued by the community aspect of OpenArt, where users can both create images and explore a wide range of artistic styles. This collaborative approach offers a unique experience for artists looking to connect and engage with other creative minds.


ArtGuru is an AI art tool that stands out for its emphasis on art history and cultural references. It provides users with the opportunity to create art in the style of renowned artists from various periods, such as the Renaissance or Impressionism. Our team found ArtGuru to be an excellent choice for those who appreciate the rich tapestry of art history and seek to explore it through their creations as the tool creates artistically styled images.

In summary, while Picso offers an array of features and benefits, it's worthwhile to explore alternative AI art generation tools like NightCafe Creator, Adventure AI, OpenArt, and ArtGuru. Each of these alternatives caters to specific artistic interests and provides unique approaches to the creative process. By considering these options, artists and enthusiasts can find the AI tool that best aligns with their creative vision and preferences.

User Reviews of Picso

When considering any tool, it's valuable to explore the experiences and opinions of users who have firsthand experience with it. Here are a few user reviews that provide insights into Picso and its functionality:

"I always need to deal with activity poster making / social media content creation during my worktime. Although I can choose to use online designing tools like Canva, or just use Photoshop, to be honest, it can take quite a long time for me to select the most suitable background pics and elements contained on the image from the large amounts of pre-set materials, or just start from scratch to complete every single tiny element. After all, I didn't major in designing. Thanks to PicSo, I can generate images simply by inputting the prompts which describe what I want to see on the artworks, and then tada—I get what I need, a picture fits almost all my requirements. For example, I input "Pink sunset, an elegant black cat with emerald eyes, sitting in the cafe, smiling, with a cup of latte". The artwork generated is sooo marvelous and keeps gaining upvotes in AI art related subreddits!" - by Arlene

"PicSo supports both web and client use. Everything you create is saved in the cloud, and the history is automatically saved. If you find it difficult to write the prompts by yourself or have no idea what style your image should be in, you can choose the prompt tags below the input box and the built-in styles can be helpful. Besides, you can also enter the "Discovery" community within the app to check out other users' artworks, which can be enjoyable." - by Andrej Gotovac

How We Tested Picso

Our evaluation of Picso was based on several key criteria that encompassed user-friendliness, speed, the overall quality of art generated, pricing, and editing abilities. Here's a glimpse of our professional findings:

  • User-Friendliness: The user dashboard of Picso impressed us with its clean layout and straightforward navigation. We found it relatively easy to create art with the platform. However, we did observe that some of the editing features were less intuitive and could benefit from improved usability.
  • Speed: Picso proved to be a time-saving tool in our testing. It efficiently generated AI art, ensuring that the creative process was smooth and fast-paced. The rapid turnaround time allowed for quick exploration of various styles and artistic directions.
  • The Overall Quality of Art: Our team was particularly pleased with the quality of art produced by Picso. The platform consistently delivered visually appealing and artistic images that showcased a high level of detail and precision. The art generated often exceeded our expectations, making it a valuable resource for artists and enthusiasts.
  • Pricing: Picso's pricing structure, which includes a free version and affordable subscription plans, earned favorable reviews from our team. The availability of a free version allows users to test the platform without financial commitment, while the paid plans offer a cost-effective means to unlock premium features.
  • Editing Ability: Picso provides a range of editing options that allow users to fine-tune their creations. Our team appreciated the depth of customization available, which empowers users to personalize their artwork to a high degree of detail.

Summing Up: Picso

Our team of experts delved into the world of Picso, and our professional findings reveal a powerful AI art generation tool that excels in many areas. Picso, an AI-powered platform, enables artists and enthusiasts to transform simple text prompts into artistic masterpieces within mere seconds, thanks to its latent diffusion capabilities.

The user-friendly interface, high-quality art generation, and versatile pricing options make it a compelling choice. While some editing features could benefit from improved intuitiveness, Picso remains a valuable resource for creative individuals. If you're seeking a dynamic creative outlet, Picso invites you to unleash your imagination and embark on a remarkable artistic journey.

Rating 4/5

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