Discover Orchard, the context-aware AI assistant that delivers precise answers and insights through a chat interface. With web-enhanced answers in real-time, multi-party document chats, and a smart text editor, analysts can comprehend their work effortlessly. Developed by experts from Yale and Stanford universities, Orchard is available in personal and pro versions.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars because its unique AI chat interface and Copilot for Writing functionality set it apart from traditional text editors, enhancing the writing process.

While it doesn't include a built-in plagiarism checker and its pricing structure may not suit all budgets, its strengths in AI-powered writing assistance, collaboration features, and user-friendly interface make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of writers and teams.

What is Orchard?


Orchard is more than just a text editor; it's a comprehensive writing tool that incorporates a native AI chat interface. This chat interface, akin to an AI writing assistant, is designed to empower users to create and improve written content seamlessly.

We also noticed Orchard features an AI autocomplete experience known as "Copilot for writing," which promises to assist users in generating text, editing documents, and answering questions while writing.

How Orchard Works


Orchard's functionality is a fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and traditional text editing. We were able to upload documents, ask questions, and interact with the AI chat interface.

The platform offers several unique ways to improve the writing process:

Upload Documents

Orchard allowed us to upload documents, making it easy to integrate existing content into the platform. Whether you're working on a new project or need to revise an existing document, Orchard streamlines the process.

Ask Questions

Orchard encouraged us to interact with its AI chat interface, allowing us to ask questions related to our content. These questions can range from clarifications to fact-checking, providing valuable insights and guidance during the writing process.

Enhance Your Writing

Orchard's main goal is to help users enhance their writing. With its AI-powered features and chat interface, we received suggestions, edits, and continuations based on the content we were working on, thus improving the quality of our writing.

Кey Features

Here are some of the main features we explored and found to be very useful:

  • Search and Ask Questions About Saved Links: Orchard enabled us to search and ask questions about saved links, uploaded files, and connected sources. This feature provided us with a convenient way to gather information and validate facts while writing.

  • Web-Enhanced Answers: Orchard offers real-time web search capabilities, ensuring that the information you receive is the most accurate and up-to-date. This is invaluable for writers who need the latest information for their content.

  • Team Collaboration: Orchard supports collaborative writing by allowing users to work together on documents and engage in real-time chats. We found that this made it an ideal platform for team projects and group writing tasks.

  • Smart Text Editor: Orchard's text editor is designed to provide context-aware suggestions and edits based on your workspace content. This feature helps streamline the writing process and make it more efficient.

Pricing Options


Orchard offers a straightforward pricing structure with two options suitable for different user needs:

Personal Version

Price: Free


  • 1 workspace
  • 25 messages/day
  • Unlimited documents
  • 10 resources
  • Unlimited collaborators

Pro Version

Price: $25/month


  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited documents
  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited collaborators

Pros and Cons of Orchard

Here is an overview of the main benefits we noticed while testing Orchard, as well as some of the limitations we believe you need to be aware of.


AI-Powered Assistance: Orchard's AI chat interface and autocomplete feature offer substantial support to writers, enhancing productivity and content quality.

Collaborative Features: The multiplayer functionality enables seamless collaboration, making Orchard a versatile platform for individuals and teams.

Web-Enhanced Answers: Real-time web search ensures that writers have access to the latest and most reliable information.

Generous Free Plan: Orchard offers a free plan with several useful features, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


Paid Plan Price: While the free plan is generous, the Pro plan might be on the expensive side for some individual users, particularly if they do not require the full range of features.

No Built In Plagiarism Checker: Orchard lacks a built-in plagiarism checker, meaning another tool must be used for this. This is especially a drawback for anyone wanting to use Orchard for academic purposes.

Learning Curve: For users new to AI-powered writing tools, there might be a learning curve in fully utilizing Orchard's capabilities.

Alternatives to Orchard

When it comes to AI-powered writing tools, there is a diverse array of alternatives available, each catering to specific writing needs.

Here, we delve into some noteworthy options, highlighting their unique features, intended user base, the presence of built-in tools, availability of free plans, and their respective pricing structures.


We found Copy.ai to be a versatile solution, ideal for writers looking to overcome writer's block and boost their creativity. Although it doesn't include built-in plagiarism or grammar checkers, it stands out by offering a free plan, making it accessible to users on a budget. For more extensive features, you can opt for the paid plan, starting at $49 per month or $36 per month when billed annually.


Designed with copywriters in mind, Rytr is a valuable tool offering built-in plagiarism checking to ensure the originality of your content. While it lacks a grammar checker, it does provide a free plan for basic needs. The pricing is affordable, with options at $9 per month or $90 per year, making it cost-effective for writers.


QuillBot is an excellent choice for students and academics, offering both built-in plagiarism and grammar checkers to maintain academic integrity. It also provides a free plan, catering to those with tight budgets. The starting price for QuillBot is competitively set at $9.95 per month.


While exploring AI writing tools we discovered Frase.io, which targets SEO teams and content managers by featuring a grammar checker for quality assurance. However, it lacks a built-in plagiarism checker and a free plan. The pricing starts at $14.99 per user per month or $12.66 per user per month if billed annually, making it a solid option for those focused on SEO content.

These alternatives offer a range of features, making it essential to consider your specific writing needs, budget, and the tools that align best with your goals. Whether you need to overcome writer's block, enhance academic writing, optimize SEO content, or improve your writing style, there's an AI-powered writing tool tailored to your requirements.

Key Takeaways

Orchard is a promising addition to the world of text editors, offering a unique blend of AI-powered writing assistance and collaborative features. Its web-enhanced answers, context-aware suggestions, and multiplayer capabilities set it apart from traditional text editors. While the Pro plan comes with a price tag, the free plan provides a taste of what Orchard has to offer, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Whether you're an individual writer looking to streamline your writing process or part of a team working on collaborative projects, Orchard's innovative features are worth exploring for a more efficient and productive writing experience.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Orchard

In order to provide an objective and comprehensive review of Orchard, we rigorously tested the tool based on several criteria that are crucial for evaluating its performance and value to users.

Here are the five key criteria we used to rate and review Orchard, along with our opinions on each:

User-Friendliness: Orchard's interface and features should be intuitive and easy to navigate for writers of all levels. We assessed how quickly users could adapt to the platform and utilize its AI-powered features. Our opinion is that Orchard excels in this aspect, with a user-friendly interface and straightforward tools that can be readily integrated into the writing process.

AI-Powered Writing Assistance: One of the core strengths of Orchard is its AI chat interface and autocomplete features. We examined the quality of suggestions, edits, and responses provided by the AI. In our opinion, Orchard's AI consistently delivers valuable insights and improvements to written content, enhancing the overall writing experience.

Collaborative Capabilities: Orchard's multiplayer functionality is a unique selling point. We evaluated how well it facilitates real-time collaboration among users working on shared documents. Our opinion is that Orchard's collaborative features are well-implemented, making it an ideal platform for team-based projects and group writing tasks.

Content Verification and Web Search: Orchard's ability to search for and provide up-to-date information is a crucial factor. We tested the accuracy and relevance of web-enhanced answers and how effectively Orchard supports fact-checking and information gathering. Our opinion is that Orchard's real-time web search adds significant value, ensuring writers have access to the most reliable data for their content.

Pricing and Value: We analyzed Orchard's pricing structure and assessed whether the features provided in each plan offer good value for users. Our opinion is that while the Pro plan comes with a price tag, it provides a robust set of features that can significantly improve the writing process, making it a worthwhile investment for users who require advanced writing assistance and collaboration tools.

Orchard FAQ

Here we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our Orchard review.

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