Opus Clip: Repurpose long videos into short, professional clips for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Boost engagement and monetization opportunities.

Our Verdict

After an in-depth exploration of Opus Clip, our verdict is resounding. This AI-powered video tool stands out as a game-changer in the world of video editing. With its ability to effortlessly transform long videos to create short clips or YouTube Shorts with the most compelling hooks, Opus Clip is a must-have for content creators seeking a streamlined, efficient, and innovative solution. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned creator, Opus Clip's features, including AI-powered editing, face-tracking technology, and automatic keyword identification, make it a valuable tool for enhancing your video content creation process.

Overview of Opus Clip

Opus Clip

Our team of experts has immersed itself in the realm of Opus Clip, a groundbreaking AI-powered video tool designed to redefine the video editing experience. Opus Clip has set out to simplify the often tedious and time-consuming process of video editing with its one-click approach. Let's delve into the key features that make Opus Clip stand out in the competitive landscape.

Effortless Video Editing

Opus Clip's promise of one-click video editing intrigued us from the start. To put this feature to the test, we uploaded a lengthy video of a recent seminar – a format often challenging to condense into engaging short clips. With just one click, Opus Clip analyzed the video content, identified compelling hooks, and seamlessly rearranged them into cohesive clips.

The generated clips were not only concise but also retained the essence of the seminar, ensuring that viewers got a glimpse of the most impactful moments without the need for manual editing.

Big Data Analysis

Opus Clip's utilization of big data for video content analysis intrigued us. To gauge its effectiveness, we uploaded a diverse set of videos – ranging from educational content to music videos. Opus Clip's big data analysis worked swiftly, identifying trends and generating comprehensive insights into each video's content.

The generated clips not only reflected the video's key highlights but also demonstrated Opus Clip's adaptability to different genres, making it a versatile tool for creators across industries.

Face-Tracking Technology

The promise of steady and centered faces in videos is a unique aspect of Opus Clip. We tested this feature by uploading a video with multiple speakers moving around the frame. Opus Clip's face-tracking technology impressively maintained stability, ensuring that all faces remained centered.

The generated clip exhibited a professional quality, with Opus Clip's predictive AI effectively enhancing the overall visual appeal by keeping faces in focus throughout the video.

Automatic Keyword Identification

Opus Clip's claim of automatically identifying valuable keywords for dynamic captions caught our attention. To assess this, we uploaded a tutorial video with technical terms and jargon. Opus Clip's AI-powered dashboard accurately identified and highlighted key technical keywords.

The generated captions not only simplified the content for viewers but also increased the video's accessibility, showcasing Opus Clip's potential for a wide range of content types.

Easy Caption Editing

While Opus Clip boasts over 97% accuracy in caption generation, we wanted to test the ease of manual editing. Uploading a video with specific terminology, we used Opus Clip's caption editing feature to tweak and refine the automatically generated captions.

The editing process was seamless, allowing us to make precise adjustments to captions. This feature is valuable for creators who prefer a personal touch or need to ensure accuracy in technical content.

Emojis for Engagement

Opus Clip's integration of relevant emojis to highlight content aligns with the current trend of increased engagement through visual elements. We tested this feature by uploading a travel vlog and observed how Opus Clip added emojis based on the content's tone.

The inclusion of emojis proved effective in enhancing engagement, with viewers responding positively to the visual cues. Opus Clip's choice of appropriate emojis showcased its attention to detail.

Efficient Video Repurposing

Opus Clip's promise of expedited video repurposing is a key selling point. To evaluate this, we entered a YouTube link into Opus Clip's dashboard and clicked "Get clips." The algorithm swiftly generated clips from the spoken word video, highlighting the efficiency of the repurposing process.

Opus Clip delivered on its commitment to making video repurposing swift and accessible, allowing creators to maximize their daily content output.

Free-Forever Tier

Opus Clip's decision to offer a free tier piqued our interest. We explored this by uploading a variety of videos to test the limitations of the free version. The software allowed us to download up to 50 clips based on five hours of uploaded videos, providing a substantial allowance for creators to get started with repurposing.

The free tier is a valuable offering for creators, enabling them to experience Opus Clip's features without a financial commitment. The allowance of up to 50 clips for free encourages experimentation and exploration of the platform.

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support is a critical aspect of any software. We engaged with Opus Clip's support through their Discord community and email system, posing queries and seeking assistance. The community and support staff responded promptly, providing helpful tips and addressing our concerns within the promised 24-hour timeframe.

Opus Clip's responsive customer support adds to the overall positive experience, ensuring that users can seek assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Opus Clip Pricing

Opus Clip

Understanding the pricing structure is essential for users considering Opus Clip. You could try out the Opus Clip free version, which allow creators to explore its features without financial commitment. The paid plans, starting from $9/month with a 7-day free trial, cater to varying needs and usage levels.

Opus Clip's pricing aligns with industry standards, offering flexibility for creators to choose a plan that suits their requirements. The availability of a free version ensures accessibility for all, while the paid plans unlock additional features for those seeking advanced capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Opus Clip

Opus Clip has stormed onto the scene as a formidable AI-powered video tool, offering an array of features that aim to streamline the video editing process. Our team of experts delved into Opus Clip's offerings, uncovering both the shining advantages and areas where improvement could enhance the user experience.


Screen Sharing Feature: Opus Clip's inclusion of a screen sharing feature is a notable advantage for creators who want to seamlessly incorporate screen captures into their videos. We tested this feature by integrating a software tutorial into a vlog, and Opus Clip flawlessly incorporated the screen share without compromising video quality.

Works Across Various Industries: Opus Clip's versatility across different industries is a standout feature. We explored this by testing the tool with videos ranging from educational content to music videos. Opus Clip's adaptability and effectiveness make it a valuable asset for creators in diverse fields.

One-Click Content Repurposing: The one-click content repurposing feature is a game-changer for content creators seeking efficiency. Uploading lengthy videos, we marveled at how Opus Clip's AI seamlessly identified compelling hooks and rearranged them into engaging short clips with just a single click.

Preset Scenes Available: Opus Clip's inclusion of preset scenes adds a creative touch to video editing. Our team experimented with various scenes and found that they not only save time but also enhance the visual appeal of the final video, making it more engaging for viewers.

Scene Template Library: The availability of a scene template library further amplifies Opus Clip's creative potential. Testing various templates, we observed how they provided a quick and effective way to enhance the visual storytelling of the videos, catering to different moods and themes.

Portrait & Landscape Orientation: Opus Clip's support for both portrait and landscape orientations ensures flexibility in video creation. We tested this by uploading videos in different orientations, and Opus Clip adeptly maintained the aspect ratio, providing professional-looking results regardless of the original video's dimensions.

Uploadable Stickers, Logos, CTAs: The ability to upload stickers, logos, and CTAs is a valuable customization feature. Testing this, we added branding elements to a video, and Opus Clip seamlessly incorporated them, allowing creators to personalize their content and maintain a consistent brand identity.

Custom RTMP Destinations: For creators who require specific streaming destinations, Opus Clip's support for custom RTMP destinations is a significant advantage. We tested this by streaming a live event to a custom destination, and Opus Clip facilitated a smooth and reliable streaming process.

Multiple Platform Content Repurposing: Opus Clip's commitment to supporting various platforms simplifies content repurposing. Uploading a video, we explored the option to repurpose it for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok, witnessing Opus Clip's efficiency in adapting content to different platform specifications.

Watch Party/Video Comment Monetization: The inclusion of features for watch party and video comment monetization is a forward-thinking move by Opus Clip. In our testing, we observed how these features open new avenues for content creators to monetize their videos and engage with their audience in innovative ways.


Requires Solid Internet for 1080p: Opus Clip's demand for a stable internet connection for optimal 1080p video quality is a potential drawback. Our team experienced occasional buffering when working with high-resolution videos, highlighting the importance of a robust internet connection for seamless editing.

Logo Watermark Removable Only by Request: The inability to remove the logo watermark without a specific request is a minor inconvenience. While Opus Clip offers professional results, having a more user-friendly approach to logo customization would enhance the overall experience.

May Require High Technical Knowledge: Opus Clip's extensive features may pose a challenge for users with limited technical knowledge. During our testing, we noted that navigating through advanced settings and customization options might require a learning curve for some users.

No Listed Support for Linux: For users operating on Linux, the absence of official support is a limitation. While Opus Clip excels on other platforms, our team found that Linux users may need to explore alternative video editing tools tailored to their operating system.

Limited Customization Options: Despite offering impressive preset scenes and templates, Opus Clip's customization options have room for expansion. Our team found that users seeking more granular control over visual elements may find the current customization offerings somewhat restrictive.

User Reviews of Opus Clip

Opus Clip

"I've been using Opus Clip to shorten some of our customers' rambling interviews and video clips into short forms for the past few months. Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to its selection of scenes and moments. The framing of the shots is always on point, and the transcription (with emojis) is excellent." Theo Pistorius

"Opus Clip is a game changer. I've been using it since it launched, and it makes creating clips for Reels so effortless. The team continues to add impressive features, cutting down my video editing work time by at least 50%. This is the perfect example of how AI can be implemented to boost productivity and efficiency! Keep up the great work!" Chad Fullerton

"I have used it and am a big fan. In the same week that someone reached out and said their agency could do the exact same thing as Opus Clip does but would charge me a small fortune, I discovered Opus which charges way less and is very good! I can highly recommend!" Danielle Newnham

How We Tested of Opus Clip

1. Ease of Use: Our team rigorously evaluated Opus Clip's user interface, assessing how intuitively creators could navigate the platform. We gauged the ease of uploading videos, accessing features, and customizing content, ensuring Opus Clip caters to both beginners and experienced users.

2. Speed of Content Repurposing: To test Opus Clip's efficiency, we uploaded videos of varying lengths, measuring the time taken for the tool to analyze and repurpose the content into shorter clips. The speed at which Opus Clip processed the videos was a crucial factor in determining its practicality for creators with time-sensitive content needs.

3. Accuracy of AI-Powered Features: We examined the accuracy of Opus Clip's AI-powered features, including face-tracking, keyword identification, and dynamic caption generation. Our team uploaded diverse videos to ensure Opus Clip consistently delivered precise results, reflecting the tool's reliability in enhancing video content.

4. Customization Flexibility: Opus Clip's customization options were put to the test, focusing on the ability to add logos, stickers, and CTAs. We evaluated the flexibility in scene selection and template customization, ensuring creators have ample room for personalization while maintaining Opus Clip's promise of a streamlined editing process.

Opus Clip

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Opus Clip has proven itself as an excellent choice in the realm of AI-powered video editing tools. With its one-click content repurposing, accurate AI features, and versatile platform support, Opus Clip simplifies the video editing process for creators across industries. While there are areas for improvement, such as customization options and Linux support, the overall performance, efficiency, and innovative features make Opus Clip a standout choice. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or a newcomer in the video editing arena, Opus Clip offers a powerful set of tools to elevate your video content.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Opus Clip

As we explore the landscape of AI-powered video editing tools, it's crucial to consider alternatives to Opus Clip. Each alternative brings its unique features and capabilities to the table, catering to diverse needs in the content creation realm.


ClipMaker is a compelling alternative that focuses on quick and easy creation of short clips from YouTube videos, scheduling them on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

While both tools aim for simplicity, ClipMaker excels in user-friendly navigation with a straightforward interface. ClipMaker's emphasis on quick clip creation aligns with Opus Clip's efficiency, but its focus on YouTube videos may limit its versatility. Opus Clip offers a broader range of customization options, allowing for more personalized branding and scene selection.


Vidyo.ai specializes in content repurposing, converting long-form podcasts and videos into shorter, shareable clips for various social media platforms.

Vidyo.ai places a strong emphasis on accurate AI captions and content repurposing. Vidyo.ai aligns closely with Opus Clip's commitment to precision. Opus Clip offers more extensive customization options, allowing users to add logos, stickers, and CTAs, providing a higher degree of personalization.


Klap is an AI-powered tool that generates short-form videos for platforms like TikTok, Shorts, and Reels from existing YouTube videos with a single click.

Both tools share a focus on one-click functionality, but Opus Clip's broader platform support enhances its versatility. Opus Clip's AI features, including face-tracking and keyword identification, showcase a higher level of accuracy compared to Klap.

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