Discover the versatile Moises App, a musician's tool with powerful features including vocal removal, audio separation, metronome, pitch changer, and more. Perfect for music education, production, and personal practice. API integration available. Positive reviews from professionals. Free and paid versions available.

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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars because Moises offers excellent resources to those interested in creating good-quality music.

What is Moises?


The Moises App is a music practice tool that harnesses the power of AI to provide musicians with a range of innovative features. It allows users to separate vocals and individual tracks from a particular song, adjust speed, change pitch, and even generate metronome counts. All of this is wrapped up in a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it a valuable resource for musicians looking to enhance their practice sessions.

How the Moises App Works


The core functionality of the Moises App is rooted in AI-powered audio separation. Users can isolate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and backing tracks with a simple click.

The Smart Metronome feature sets it apart as the world's first of its kind, generating metronome counts in sync with your selected song.

The Audio Speed Changer allows you to slow down or speed up any track, while the Pitch Changer empowers you to control the music key with a single click. Moises also incorporates AI Key Detection, chord detection, and precise identification of song sections, making it an all-encompassing practice tool.


Key Features

The Moises App boasts an impressive array of key features that cater to musicians, music enthusiasts, and creative minds looking to enhance their musical experience. Here are the ones we found to be really fun and valuable:

  • Song Sections: Moises' Sections feature is a game-changer for practice. It identifies and separates crucial parts of a song, such as the intro, verse, chorus, drum tracks, and bridge. When we tested this feature, we were impressed with how effortlessly it identified each part of the song, always with accuracy. Such track separation allows musicians to focus their practice on specific song sections with precision.

  • Song Key Finder: Struggling to identify a song's key? Moises' Song Key Finder swiftly and accurately determines the key for you, simplifying the process of learning and performing songs in your preferred key.

  • BPM Finder: Moises employs cutting-edge technology to help users tap into the unique cadence of any song flawlessly. The BPM Finder ensures that you can practice and perform with perfect timing.

  • AI Lyrics Transcription: This AI-driven feature transforms songwriting and vocal practice. It accurately transcribes lyrics in multiple languages and syncs them precisely to the music, simplifying the process of exploring and practicing songs. We had a go with this feature and liked how accurate the transcriptions were throughout many different genres and languages.

  • Lyric Writer: For those looking to express their creativity, Moises' Lyric Writer is the ultimate sidekick. It offers tailored line and rhyme suggestions for your ideas, going beyond a rigid AI lyric generator. When we tried this feature out, we surprised ourselves with the quality of the content the lyric writer helped us generate, even as first-time songwriters! This feature keeps your inspiration flowing and assists you in crafting unique lyrics.

  • Chord Finder: Enhance your musical knowledge and playing experience with Chord Detection. This intuitive feature identifies chords in real-time in any song, simplifying the process of learning, practicing, and creating new arrangements.

  • Pitch Changer: Customize your audio effortlessly with the Pitch Changer feature. You can shift the pitch if the original key of the song is not a good match with your vocal range. We were impressed with how smooth and natural songs sounded even after being shifted in pitch.

  • Metronome Online: Moises introduces the world's first Smart Metronome online. Boost your practice by setting the BPM, time signature, and accents for a personalized beat. You will be able to instantly generate click tracks that are in sync with any song.

  • Vocal Remover: Experience Moises' vocal remover feature, which effortlessly separates vocals from a song, allowing you to create stunning instrumental tracks with ease. We tested this feature on several tracks and were wowed by how good the resulting instrumental tracks sounded, as the software left behind no trace that there had originally been a vocal track there at all. This feature is a boon for musicians and producers looking to craft unique arrangements.

Who Can Benefit from Moises

  • Music Teachers: Moises is an ideal tool for music educators. It simplifies the learning and practice of music for students, making it more accessible, quicker, and enjoyable. Teachers can use the app to enhance their teaching methods, offering students an innovative and engaging experience.
  • Producers and DJs: Moises offers a valuable resource for music producers and DJs, regardless of their experience level. It provides music-making software that is both beginner-friendly and equipped with features that professionals can appreciate. This makes music creation, editing, and production more accessible and efficient.
  • Guitarists: Guitarists can benefit from Moises by performing with their favorite artists and creating their own arrangements. The app's ability to generate guitar backing tracks using AI simplifies the process of crafting custom arrangements. This feature can be a boon for both practicing and performing guitarists.
  • Bassists: Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, Moises allows bassists to create bass backing tracks with ease. Additionally, they can change the key of a song and control its speed, providing an immersive and versatile experience for musicians, producers, and enthusiasts specializing in bass.
  • Singers: The Moises App offers a valuable tool for singers looking to enhance their vocal skills. It enables users to isolate or remove vocals from songs, sing along with transcribed lyrics, and even change the key of a song. This versatility empowers singers to improve their vocal abilities and enjoy singing with their favorite artists.
  • Drummers: For drummers, the Moises App provides a distraction-free environment to play along with their favourite songs and artists. The inclusion of the Smart Metronome feature ensures that drummers can synchronize their performance with drumless tracks and click tracks seamlessly, whether they are playing along with studio recordings or recordings of live gigs.


The Moises App offers a dual-tier pricing structure. It starts with a free version that provides access to a wide range of features and allows you to discover its potential.

For those looking for unlimited access and greater control, a Premium subscription is available at a competitive price of $3.99 per month. Premium users of Moises AI can upload unlimited tracks and explore the premium features of the platform. You will also be able to download track stems as WAV files.

Pros and Cons

Here are the benefits of Moises AI, as well as some limitations we believe you should be aware of:


Powerful AI Features: Moises provides a comprehensive set of AI-driven tools for musicians, offering powerful capabilities for practice and music manipulation.

User-Friendly: The app is easy to use, with a straightforward interface that allows musicians to quickly access the features they need.

Affordable Premium Subscription: The Premium version, priced at $3.99 per month, offers fantastic value for the features it unlocks.

Accessible from Any Device: Moises runs on cloud servers, eliminating the need for specialized hardware. You can simply download Moises on your mobile or use it on desktop devices.

Sharing and Collaboration: The app enables musicians to share their performances and covers on social media, facilitating collaboration and exposure.


Occasional Separation Issues: While Moises generally works well, some users have reported difficulties in separating certain instruments, like organs and horns from electric guitars.

Inconsistent Results: Users have found occasional inconsistencies, such as keyboard and horn tracks being incorrectly placed in the guitar track.

Limited Wind Instrument Support: The app currently lacks support for wind instruments, which could be a valuable addition for a broader user base.

Alternatives to Moises

While the Moises App offers an array of powerful features for music enthusiasts, there are also other apps available that cater to similar needs.

Our team tested and reviewed other sites and tools that provide different approaches to audio source separation and music manipulation:


Description: Spleeter is an audio source separation library written in Python that utilizes TensorFlow. It is an easy-to-train source separation model that offers both pre-trained and customizable models for various separation tasks.

Notable Features: Spleeter is the most popular alternative for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It is also open-source and free.


Description: LALAL.AI is a web-based service that employs machine-learning algorithms to accurately extract vocal and instrumental tracks from music. It offers an efficient way to create karaoke versions or acapella tracks.

Notable Features: LALAL.AI is the go-to web-based alternative to Moises App for those looking for online audio separation solutions.


Description: Mutedrums is a mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and iPad users. It simplifies the creation of drumless tracks from your device's music library or YouTube. It's designed for those who mostly play drums and allows them to create play-alongs and practice their drumming skills.

Notable Features: Mutedrums offers an MP3 downloader, is ad-free, and does not require registration for most of its features.


Description: StemRoller is an online tool that allows users to generate instrumental (karaoke) or acapella versions of songs from YouTube. It also provides the option to isolate drum or bass stems from other tracks, offering versatile audio manipulation capabilities.

Notable Features: StemRoller is ad-free and doesn't require registration for most features, and it is also helpful for removing vocals and audio track splitting.

Key Takeaways

Our team has found that the Moises App is a great application for musicians, offering a diverse range of features, from AI audio separation to metronome generation.

While it has some minor imperfections in instrument separation, its potential is significant. The app's low-cost Premium subscription makes it accessible to musicians of all levels, and its user-friendly interface ensures that musicians can focus on their craft without the hassle of juggling multiple applications.

If Moises continues to improve and expand its instrument separation capabilities, it has the potential to become an indispensable resource for musicians of all genres.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Moises

When reviewing the Moises App, we thoroughly assessed its performance and capabilities using a set of key criteria to provide an objective evaluation of the tool. Here are the four to five criteria we employed and our opinions on each:

Audio Separation Accuracy:

We rigorously tested Moises' ability to accurately separate vocals and individual instruments from various songs. The AI-driven audio separation is impressive, but it occasionally exhibits minor inconsistencies, especially when dealing with complex instrumentations. Our tests revealed some challenges with specific instrument combinations. In certain scenarios, it struggled to cleanly separate instruments like organs and horns from electric guitars, which may require improvement.


Moises is exceptionally user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate and access its features with ease. It's a tool that can be embraced by both beginners and experienced musicians.

Feature Versatility:

Moises impressed us with its extensive feature set, including key detection, chord detection, pitch changing, and lyrics transcription. These features enhance its value as an all-in-one practice and creativity tool for musicians.

Performance Across Platforms:

We tested Moises on various platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. It seamlessly delivered the same powerful performance and functionality, with the added convenience of cloud-based processing.

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