"Discover Lensa: The all-in-one image editing app with facial retouching, background replacement, unique filters, and more. Available for download on App Store and Google Play. Get the perfect photos you've always wanted."

Our Review Rating System

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  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of three stars because while Lensa has strengths, it also has areas for improvement, and our review is aimed at helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Lensa allows you to edit both photos and videos from within the app, which provides users with a versatile set of creative options. However, Lensa's Magic Avatars feature displays some inconsistency in the quality of avatar generation.

What is Lensa?


Lensa is an image editing app designed for both Android and iOS devices. It empowers users to upload their selfies and leverage AI image generation technology to transform them into stunning avatars.

Beyond avatar creation, we found that Lensa offers a range of photo editing capabilities, including the removal of imperfections, background blurring, hair color alteration, backdrop replacement, and the application of various art styles and filters.

Additionally, Lensa extends its utility to video editing, allowing users to add music, trim, apply filters, adjust aspect ratios, and more.


Key Features

Our team has tested Lensa's extensive feature set and found the following functionalities useful and interesting:

  • Magic Retouch: Smoothens facial features, removes blemishes, and enhances eye contrast and eyebrows.

  • Blur Background: Blurs out unwanted backgrounds or objects in photos.

  • Hair Color: Allows users to experiment with unconventional hair colors like purple or bright green.

  • Backdrop: Enables users to change the photo's background to various predefined options.

  • Art Styles: Transforms images into different art styles using AI, including retro, black and white, contemporary, cartoon, salty, dramatic, and landscape.

  • Filters: Offers a variety of filters, with AI suggestions to assist in choosing the right one.

  • Borders: Adds customizable borders to photos.

  • Reset: Reverts edited images to their original state.

  • Redo and Undo: Provides the flexibility to undo or redo edits.

  • Share: Allows easy sharing of edited photos on other apps.

  • Crop: Provides cropping options for tailored selfies.

  • Eraser: Removes unwanted objects from images.

    Lensa offers the flexibility to edit photos from the device's gallery or take new photos directly using the app's camera feature. When we experimented with the tool, we found that Lensa was easy to use, and we were impressed with the range of tools available. The Magic Retouch tool in particular impressed us with the speed with which it made our photos look amazing!

Video Editing

In addition to photo editing, Lensa also offers video editing capabilities. Users can:

  • Add Music: Incorporate music from their iTunes library or choose from available tracks within the app.

  • Trim: Remove unwanted sections of videos.

  • Filters: Apply various filters to video footage.

  • Aspect Ratio: Adjust video ratios to suit different social media platforms' requirements.

  • Add Media: Include photos or additional videos within the editing process.

  • Redo and Undo: Easily correct editing mistakes.

  • Play While Editing: Edit videos while they play, with the option to pause.

  • Reshuffle: Reorganize added videos or photos.

    During our testing we were impressed with how simple it was to use Lensa's video editing software. We found that we were easily able to create videos that looked stunning with the trim and filter tools, and then we added music that really elevated our video to the next level.


We've also prepared a breakdown of Lensa's pricing options:

Free Trial

New users have the opportunity to activate a 1-week free trial. During this trial period, you can explore the app's features and capabilities without incurring any charges.

Annual Subscription

Once the free trial concludes, the subscription fee for Lensa AI is $29.99 USD per year. This subscription provides access to premium features, including Magic Avatars.

Magic Avatar Pricing - In-App Purchases (USD):

  • $3.99: This tier offers 50 unique avatars with 5 variations of 10 different styles.
  • $5.99: Users can access 100 unique avatars with 10 variations spanning across 10 distinct styles.
  • $7.99: The highest tier provides 200 unique avatars with 20 variations across 10 unique styles.

It's important to note that premium subscribers are eligible for a 50% discount on Magic Avatars, adding extra value to their avatar creation experience. Lensa AI also offers multiple in-app purchase options, including avatar packs and unlimited access, which can be tailored to suit individual preferences and creative needs. Furthermore, Lensa AI provides users with the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time, ensuring that users have full control over their subscription status and costs.

Pros and Cons

Here's an overview of the benefits and limitations we think you should take into consideration when using Lensa.


Unique Avatars: Lensa ensures that each avatar you create is distinct, offering a one-of-a-kind result for every user.

Extensive Editing Tools: Lensa boasts a comprehensive array of photo editing tools, catering to various creative needs and preferences.

Swift Avatar Generation: The app's AI-powered avatar generation process is remarkably speedy, providing results within minutes of initiation.

User-Friendly: Lensa's intuitive interface makes it accessible and user-friendly, appealing to individuals of all skill levels.

Affordability: Lensa offers an affordable option for enhancing your photos and videos, making it budget-friendly.

7-Day Free Trial: Lensa's 7-day free trial allows users to explore the app's features and functionality before committing to a subscription, offering a risk-free experience.

Discount Offers: As of the time of writing, Lensa was extending enticing discounts, including a substantial 70% reduction on its annual plan and a 51% discount for avatar creation.

Ideal for Social Media Enthusiasts: Lensa caters to the needs of social media users seeking fresh and flawless images and videos to elevate their online presence.


Varied Avatar Accuracy: While Lensa strives for accuracy, some avatars may not closely resemble the user, a caveat that Prisma Labs alerts users to in advance.

Expensive Avatar Packages: Opting for pricier avatar packages may not be worthwhile, as they may yield numerous inaccurate results, potentially making them a less cost-effective choice.

Artistic Style Concerns: Some artists have raised concerns about Lensa mimicking their artistic styles without proper authorization, posing potential ethical dilemmas.

Bias in Avatar Creation: Lensa has faced criticism for exhibiting biases in avatar creation, with instances where selfies of individuals with dark skin result in avatars with Caucasian features, highlighting the importance of addressing bias in AI algorithms.

Alternatives to Lensa

While Lensa offers a comprehensive suite of features and unique strengths, there are several alternative apps that excel in various areas of photo editing, avatar generation, and AI art creation.

Here are the top four Lensa app alternatives our team picked for you:

YouCam Perfect

  • AI Styles: YouCam Perfect boasts 30 AI styles that can transform your selfies into captivating magic avatars.
  • Variety of Avatars: The app allows you to choose up to 10 styles and generates a wide range of 50-200 avatars, offering versatility in your avatar creations.
  • Selective Avatar Packs: You have the flexibility to download specific avatar packs or pick and save the ones that appeal to you.
  • Realistic Transformations: YouCam Perfect prides itself on seamlessly changing your appearance into its art styles, resulting in natural-looking avatars.

Dawn AI

  • Pet Avatars: Dawn AI stands out as one of the few avatar makers capable of creating AI art for both your selfies and your beloved pets.
  • Text-Based Descriptions: You can provide text descriptions and let the app generate avatars based on your input. This feature adds a unique twist to avatar creation.
  • Artistic Style: It's important to note that Dawn AI's art style may be less realistic compared to other alternatives on the list.


  • Text-to-Art Conversion: WOMBO Dream specializes in converting text descriptions into AI-generated art.
  • Customizable Images: You can customize the generated images by altering your descriptions to achieve the desired artistic output.

Single Image Generation: WOMBO Dream focuses on creating single images with descriptions, and if the result isn't what you envisioned, you'll need to go through the entire creation process again.

Key Takeaways

After our evaluation of Lensa, we believe it is truly an innovative image-editing app. Its AI-driven features, especially the Magic Avatars, has made an impression on our team, drawing us into the exciting world of AI-generated art.

With a diverse set of editing tools and a user-friendly interface, Lensa caters to the needs of social media enthusiasts looking to enhance their content. While it may not replace professional editing software, Lensa offers a fun and accessible way for users to refresh their visual content. Prisma Labs' commitment to user privacy and affordable pricing further solidify Lensa's position as a valuable addition to the world of image editing.

As the app continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Lensa's AI technology develops and how it shapes the future of image editing in the digital age.

Rating 3/5

How We Tested Lensa

Our team of experts rigorously evaluated Lensa, focusing on several key criteria to provide you with an informed and unbiased review. Here are the criteria we used to rate and review the tool, along with our professional opinions:

Ease of Use: Lensa's user interface is intuitive and well-designed, making it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Navigating through the app's features and options was straightforward and user-friendly, enhancing the overall user experience.

Editing Capabilities: Lensa offers a comprehensive suite of editing tools, ranging from basic retouching to advanced AI-powered transformations. The ability to edit both photos and videos from within the app provides users with a versatile set of creative options.

Avatar Generation Accuracy: While Lensa's Magic Avatars feature is impressive, our team noticed that the accuracy of avatar generation varied. Some avatars closely resembled the user, while others had discrepancies. It's important to be aware that results may not always match expectations.

Pricing and Value: Lensa offers a variety of pricing options, including a free trial and affordable subscription plans. The inclusion of in-app purchases allows users to tailor their experience to their preferences and budget. The discounts available at the time of our review provided additional value, making Lensa a cost-effective choice for many users.

Ethical Considerations and Bias: We observed that Lensa faced criticism for potential biases in avatar creation. Addressing these ethical considerations and biases in AI algorithms is crucial for ensuring fairness and inclusivity.

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