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  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of five stars. LANDR's unparalleled music production features, seamless distribution service, enriching educational courses, and collaborative session capabilities redefine the landscape of music creation.

Its innovative approach to mastering and sound design empowers artists to elevate their craft effortlessly. The platform's intuitive interface, coupled with AI-driven suggestions, fosters an environment where creativity knows no bounds. Furthermore, LANDR's dedication to nurturing talent through comprehensive educational resources demonstrates its commitment to the artistic community.

About Landr


Landr stands as the quintessential creative platform for musicians, offering a spectrum of innovative services. From AI-powered music mastering to seamless distribution, versatile plugins, collaborative opportunities, effective promotion, and curated sample packs, Landr is a comprehensive solution tailored for musicians.

Launched in 2014, Landr has made significant strides in the music industry, aiding millions of musicians globally. Its services resonate with both budding artists and seasoned professionals. With Landr, musicians can experience the prowess of a professional mastering engineer, ensuring their music reaches its highest potential.

Our Landr review delves into the intricacies of Landr's offerings. From understanding the depth of its mastering services to exploring collaborative ventures and efficient music distribution strategies, we aim to provide musicians and music producers with invaluable insights.

Overview of Landr


Welcome to Landr, a mastering tool where creativity meets cutting-edge technology, where your musical visions are transformed into polished masterpieces. Our team of experts is genuinely captivated by the immersive experience this platform offers. As music enthusiasts, we were amazed by LANDR's intuitive interface. Navigating through the plethora of features felt like embarking on a musical adventure, where every click resonated with creative possibilities.

Key Features

  • LANDR Mastering Plugin

    One of the standout features of Landr is its revolutionary Mastering Plugin. Imagine having the power to achieve professional-level masters directly in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

    One of the standout moments for us was experimenting with this revolutionary mastering tool. Witnessing our raw tracks transformed into professional-grade, studio-quality sounds was nothing short of magical. The AI-driven mastering suggestions? They felt like having a personal mentor, guiding us toward sonic perfection.

    With simple controls, this plugin allows you to harness the AI engine, guiding it to your desired sound. Whether you're refining your tracks' mastering preferences or experimenting with different mastering styles, Landr's plugin puts the control in your hands.

  • Curated Samples and Exclusive Plugins

    Landr goes beyond mastering. When inspiration strikes, Landr provides a curated selection of samples and exclusive plugins that seamlessly integrate with your DAW.

    These tools empower you to control and manipulate sounds, breathing life into your creative process. Landr understands that every artist has unique needs; these resources cater to your individuality, enhancing your post-production process.

  • Collaborative Tools

    Music creation often thrives on collaboration. Landr elevates this aspect by offering real-time collaboration tools.

    We found ourselves seamlessly sharing our work with fellow musicians, effortlessly weaving our ideas into collaborative masterpieces. The sense of community and camaraderie fostered within the platform added a layer of excitement to our creative endeavors.

    Connect with collaborators, trade feedback through notes and videos, and access a community of pros—working together has never been this seamless. Landr fosters a creative environment where ideas flow freely, enabling you to take your tracks to the next level.

  • Mastering Engine

    Every musician seeks that perfect sound. Landr's AI mastering engine, a preset-free marvel, becomes the finishing touch your tracks deserve. Whether you choose to master tracks in your browser or shape your sound directly in your DAW using the Landr Mastering Plugin, rest assured you are utilizing a trusted AI mastering service endorsed by music industry powerhouses like Warner Music Group.

  • Streamlined Music Distribution

    Landr understands the importance of being heard. With Landr, releasing your music becomes effortless. Distribute your creations to over 150 streaming platforms without disrupting your workflow. Landr's intuitive system allows you to split royalties with collaborators seamlessly. Moreover, the Landr success team provides promotional tips, ensuring your songs receive the streams they deserve.

  • Educational Resources

    Landr doesn't stop at mastering and distribution; it is a holistic platform that nurtures your skills.

    Delving into LANDR's educational courses was a revelation. Learning from industry experts felt like having backstage access to the music industry's best-kept secrets. The knowledge we gained wasn't just informative; it was transformative, shaping our approach to music production.

    Immerse yourself in over 100 in-depth, interactive music production, promotion, and theory tutorials sourced from top educational platforms. Landr empowers you to amplify your knowledge, refine your mixing skills, and enhance your understanding of the music industry.

  • Sample Discovery

    Landr appreciates the uniqueness of every artist's sound. Discover samples specifically tailored for your music, enhancing your creative process. These resources, meticulously curated, align with your artistic vision, ensuring your tracks stand out in the saturated music landscape.

Pricing Plans


In the realm of music production, having access to a comprehensive suite of tools can be the key to unlocking your creativity. Landr, recognizing the diverse needs of musicians, offers a variety of pricing plans designed to cater to every aspect of your music-making journey. Whether you're a budding artist aiming to polish your tracks or an established producer looking for an all-in-one solution, Landr's pricing plans provide the perfect balance of features and affordability.

Although it offers a free plan, at the heart of Landr's offerings lies the LANDR Studio, a comprehensive music production suite that consolidates all your essential needs under one roof. For those seeking the best value, LANDR Studio pricing plans stand out as the optimal choice.

Free plan

This free plan is ideal for musicians who want to explore the collaborative potential of Landr's Session Features. With the Intro plan, users can engage in unlimited video calls, collaborate with up to 20 collaborators, create one Sessions room, and stream 15 minutes of high-quality Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) audio during video calls.

While the Intro plan provides a limited but substantial experience, Landr also offers premium Studio plans for users who require advanced features such as unlimited mastering, distribution, access to a vast library of royalty-free samples, plugins, and more.

LANDR Studio

Price: $11.99 per month or $143.88 billed upfront

The Studio plan opens the door to a world of unlimited possibilities. For a modest monthly fee, or a convenient upfront payment, you gain access to a plethora of features designed to elevate your music production experience. With the Studio plan, you enjoy:

  • Unlimited Mastering: Polish your tracks without constraints, ensuring each one reaches its fullest potential.
  • Unlimited Distribution: Seamlessly release your music on major streaming platforms, reaching audiences far and wide.
  • 2 Million Royalty-Free Samples: Access a vast library of high-quality samples, igniting your creative spark.
  • Plugins & Instruments: Enhance your sonic palette with a diverse selection of plugins and instruments.
  • Collaboration Tools: Connect with fellow musicians and collaborators, fostering a creative community.
  • Premium Courses: Expand your knowledge and hone your skills with exclusive, premium music production courses.
  • $2,000 of Extras: Benefit from additional perks, adding substantial value to your subscription.

Studio Pro

Price: $24.99 per month or $191.92 billed upfront (currently at 36% discount, costing $15.99 per month)

For those seeking an enhanced experience, the Studio Pro plan offers an elevated level of mastery. Building upon the features of the Studio plan, Studio Pro provides:

  • Unlimited WAV + HDWAV Masters: Experience unparalleled audio quality with unlimited high-definition masters in both WAV and HDWAV formats.
  • LANDR Mastering Plugin: Seamlessly integrate Landr's powerful mastering capabilities into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), enhancing your control over the mastering process.

Beyond the comprehensive LANDR Studio pricing plans, Landr also offers the flexibility to purchase individual features, ensuring you pay only for what you need. Whether it's mastering, distribution, samples, plugins, sessions, or courses, Landr's pricing options are tailored to match your specific requirements.

Pros and Cons of Landr

Every AI tool, including Landr, comes with its own set of advantages and limitations. Let's delve into the pros and cons of Landr, exploring both its strengths and areas that could be improved.


Easy to Use: Landr offers a seamless and intuitive interface, catering to both novice musicians and experienced producers.

Versatile Options: With a variety of choices, Landr's services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of mastering tracks, albums, and more.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: As a website-based platform, Landr ensures your mastered tracks are readily available. Regardless of your location, you can access your music and downloads as long as you have an internet-connected computer.

Professional Mastering: Landr provides the expertise of skilled mastering engineers, ensuring your tracks achieve a polished and professional quality.

Bulk Uploads: Landr's bulk upload feature simplifies the process, allowing musicians to upload multiple tracks conveniently.

Integration with Streaming Platforms: Landr distribution ensures your music reaches major streaming platforms, including Apple Music.


Limitations of the Intro Plan: While Landr offers a completely free Intro plan, it comes with restrictions. For instance, updating metadata for mastered tracks can be challenging, potentially delaying the release process.

Potential Distribution Challenges: Although Landr aids in distribution, artists may encounter hurdles related to album artwork, song titles, or other metadata details when integrating with various streaming platforms.

Alternatives to Landr

In the realm of AI-driven music production and mastering, several alternatives vie for the attention of musicians and producers. Each platform boasts unique features, making it essential for artists to consider these alternatives to make an informed decision about their musical journey. Let's take a closer look at some of these noteworthy options:

Melody ML

Melody ML emerges as a versatile solution tailored for musicians seeking innovative ways to compose melodies. Boasting an intuitive interface, Melody ML simplifies the process of generating intricate musical patterns.

Artists can seamlessly experiment with a plethora of melodies, enhancing their creative process and refining compositions before the final mix. Melody ML’s user-friendly design empowers musicians to explore various musical avenues effortlessly, making it an excellent choice for melody-focused creators.

Wrapsound AI

Enter Wrapsound AI, a cutting-edge tool meticulously designed to transform raw audio recordings into professionally mixed tracks. Its advanced algorithms delve into the nuances of each recording, automatically adjusting levels and tonal balance.

This intelligent adjustment results in an optimal listening experience, eliminating the need for extensive manual editing. Wrapsound AI streamlines the final mix preparation process, allowing artists to achieve a polished sound effortlessly.


Aiva, the AI-powered composer, stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and creativity. This platform focuses on assisting artists in generating complex musical compositions, complete with intricate harmonies and melodies.

Aiva's algorithms are crafted to emulate the creativity of human composers, enabling musicians to explore a broad spectrum of musical styles. Whether composing for film, games, or personal projects, Aiva serves as a valuable ally in the realm of music production, offering endless possibilities for artistic expression.

Summing Up: Landr

In our extensive exploration of LANDR, our team of experts delved into the intricate world of music production. With LANDR's advanced mastering techniques and online mastering services, we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of technology in the hands of skilled artists.

Collaborating with human mastering engineers, LANDR ensured every musical piece reached its pinnacle, ready for distribution. The seamless integration of reference mastering and the creative process provided by LANDR underscores its significance in the industry.

For producers and musicians seeking professional-grade results, LANDR stands as the ultimate solution, embodying excellence in every note, making the journey from creation to release a harmonious one.

Rating 5/5

How We Tested Landr

With a critical eye and years of experience, we evaluated this tool against specific criteria, ensuring a comprehensive and unbiased review for our readers. Our goal was to provide a firsthand account of LANDR's capabilities, emphasizing the following five key criteria:

1. User-friendliness: Navigating LANDR's user dashboard revealed a well-organized interface, though some editing features presented a slight learning curve.

2. Speed: We were impressed by the tool's efficiency, which significantly saved time in the music production process.

3. Overall Quality of Art: LANDR's ability to enhance audio quality and refine artistic expression demonstrated its prowess as a unique online mastering service in the market.

4. Price: The availability of a free version allowed users to explore LANDR's basic features, making it accessible to a wide range of musicians and producers.

5. Editing Ability: LANDR showcased its prowess in editing, ensuring precision and creative control in the music production journey.

Our thorough exploration of LANDR's online mastering services left us genuinely impressed. From its intuitive user interface to its remarkable speed and top-notch audio quality, LANDR proved to be a valuable asset for musicians and audio engineers alike.

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