Squirrly SEO is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to enhance search engine optimization for any WordPress site. With its powerful SEO plugins and machine learning capabilities, it ensures that your content is Google-friendly and optimized for better visibility in search engines.

Our team of professionals has explored this powerful SEO tool, uncovering its features, benefits, and providing you with step-by-step instructions as well as our hot tip to make the most of it.

The tool integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console, providing valuable insights and data to further optimize your website for better rankings. Harness the power of Squirrly SEO to achieve optimal results and boost your online visibility.

About Squirrly SEO


Squirrly SEO is an innovative SEO tool designed to improve website rankings and drive organic traffic. It was created with the purpose of enhancing your SEO strategy and optimizing focus pages for better search engine rankings. The tool incorporates essential features like Google Analytics integration, keyword research, and SEO audit to discover untapped keyword ideas and ensure effective SEO practices.

Our team has discovered that by harnessing the power of Squirrly SEO, businesses can significantly enhance their online presence, effectively boost organic traffic, and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic digital landscape.

With Squirrly SEO, businesses can gain valuable insights into their website's performance and leverage data-driven strategies to achieve higher search engine rankings and attract more visitors to their site. Harness the power of Squirrly SEO to maximize your online presence and boost your website's visibility.

Overview: Squirrly SEO


From our professional findings, it's clear that Squirrly SEO has gained popularity among WordPress users, including businesses and content creators. They utilize this powerful plugin to elevate their website's search engine rankings and optimize their online content. With a wide array of SEO tools, including focus pages, on-page SEO, and technical SEO features, Squirrly SEO offers a comprehensive solution to supercharge SEO efforts.

Squirrly SEO is accessible as a WordPress SEO plugin, making it convenient and easy to integrate into existing websites. It provides various functionalities such as rank tracking, and content optimization, as well as it checks duplicate meta descriptions, empowering users to improve their website's performance and search engine visibility. When it comes to a meta description, there is no better way to SEO metas.

Moreover, based on our team's experience and professional findings, the Squirrly SEO plugin stands out for its user-friendly settings and features. Specifically designed to aid WordPress users, including content marketers and website owners, in their SEO endeavors, it seamlessly integrates into existing workflows based on data-driven SEO goals. Notably, it complements other SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, adding valuable capabilities to enhance overall SEO strategies.

Squirrly SEO also includes keyword research tools that helped us discover untapped keyword ideas and evaluate search volume, contributing to the success of our SEO campaigns. The complete SEO funnel provided by the plugin guided us in creating SEO-friendly meta descriptions or SEO snippets.

While Squirrly SEO offers a free version, it also provides premium pricing options, such as the WordPress Plugin + SaaS plan starting at $29.99 per month and the WordPress Plugin Starbox PRO at $39 per year. Additionally, the SaaS Squirrly Social plan allows users to schedule one year's worth of social media posts at $14.99 per month.

Through our exploration, our team has discovered that Squirrly SEO software is a powerful tool that empowers WordPress users to take their SEO endeavors to new heights. Its accessibility, robust feature set, and flexible pricing options make it an invaluable asset for improving website search engine rankings and enhancing overall online presence.

How To Use Squirrly SEO


To make the most of Squirrly SEO and boost your website's search engine optimization, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Squirrly SEO Setup and Options

Once you install the Squirrly SEO plugin on your WordPress site, the first step is to create an account with Squirrly SEO using your email address.

2. The Main Dashboard

On the main dashboard, take advantage of the option to run an SEO test for your website. Squirrly SEO will generate goals based on the test results, which will be displayed below.

3. Squirrly 14-day Challenge

Explore the Call-to-Action (CTA) to participate in the Squirrly 14-day challenge to improve your website's ranking. By accepting the challenge, you gain access to a private Facebook community, extra assistance, and valuable resources to boost your site's performance. The link to all Squirrly SEO features can be found further below.

4. Standout Feature: Detailed SEO Audits

Squirrly's standout feature is its ability to perform external audits on your website's pages. You can queue pages for an SEO audit under the "SEO Audit" section.

5. Improve Your Pages with Audit Results

The audit results offer a detailed breakdown of the page's performance, providing an overall score and assessing various aspects such as blogging, traffic, SEO, social impact, links, and authority.

6. SEO Goals for Progress Tracking

Following the initial test on the main page, Squirrly SEO generates a list of SEO goals. These goals will also be visible in the taskbar and a widget on the main dashboard, ensuring you stay on track with your optimization efforts.

7. Live Assistant for On-Page SEO

Squirrly offers a Live Assistant, an SEO analysis module for posts and pages, located on the side of the editor screen by default. This valuable tool provides real-time optimization suggestions. Additionally, the Posts and Pages menus display an optimization indicator, with links to edit search snippets for improved SEO.

8. Utilize the Tutorial & Settings

Under the Live Assistant menu, you will find a button called "Practice/Test Round," which guides you through the process.

9. Conduct Keyword Research in WordPress Back End

The "Research" section allows you to conduct keyword research directly within the WordPress backend. Simply follow the instructions to search for alternative keywords, check competition, search volume, and other data, generating a list of potential keyword options. The "Labels" feature allows you to categorize and organize keywords for various purposes.

10. Track Your Search Performance with Rank Checker

Navigate to the "Rankings" menu, where Squirrly SEO diligently tracks your website's positioning for specific keywords in search engines.

11. Determine Focus Pages for In-Depth Analysis

Squirrly will prompt you to designate focus pages, which are critical pages you want to rank highly. The audit tool will analyze these pages and provide a comprehensive overview of their optimization in multiple areas.

12. Bulk SEO Option for Enhanced Optimization

In the "Bulk SEO" or "All Snippets" section, you'll find a comprehensive list of your content with red and green lights indicating optimization status. Use this feature to edit titles, descriptions, and other elements for better SEO.

13. Check Squirrly's SEO Settings

Explore the "SEO Settings" menu, where you can customize your site's appearance in search results and access other essential options.

Our Hot Tip

Setting your location with Squirrly SEO isn't just a simple step; it's a game-changer. The tool offers an option to enable local SEO plugins, to tailor your content strategy to specific geographic areas. This strategic move enhances your site's prominence in local search results, a crucial aspect for businesses targeting regional audiences.

Squirrly SEO isn't just about optimizing for local searches; it's a holistic solution for enhancing your site's overall ranking. Our team found that the tool's user-friendly interface makes on-page optimization accessible, even for those less familiar with SEO intricacies. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a WordPress novice, Squirrly SEO empowers you to improve your site's visibility effectively.

Squirrly SEO: Common Misconceptions

One common misconception about Squirrly SEO is that it is a perfect solution that requires no human input. While it utilizes powerful AI algorithms, human intervention is still essential to refine and tailor the optimization to specific needs. Content generated by the tool might need additional editing to ensure it aligns with the intended message and target audience.

Another misconception is that Squirrly SEO can replace the need for copyright-free images. While it provides valuable optimization suggestions for meta titles, alt tags, and relevant tweets, users must still source and add copyright-free images to their content.

Additionally, some users may mistakenly assume that Squirrly SEO can fully automate the creation of blog posts. In reality, it offers various blogging tools to assist users in organizing keywords, but the content creation process still requires human input and creativity, even though your pages rank higher.

Summing Up: Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO brings valuable assistance to content marketing efforts with its advanced features for optimizing SEO content. As a powerful WordPress plugin, it seamlessly integrates with the WordPress editor, making it easy to enhance web pages and blog posts for improved search engine rankings.

The tool provides comprehensive keyword research tools, meta tag optimization, and site audits, ensuring that your content is well-optimized to achieve higher visibility and rank on search engines. While it requires some human input and editing, Squirrly SEO's AI-driven optimization capabilities prove to be a valuable asset for WordPress users looking to elevate their SEO efforts and drive more traffic to their websites.

Squirrly SEO FAQ

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