Did you know you and your business can harness the power of AI to transform long-form text and video content into short-form multimedia content optimized for social media? 

By doing so, you can address the challenge of constantly generating fresh content while elevating your social media engagement through compelling videos. 

With AI-driven content transformation, businesses and individuals can keep up with the demand for shorter, more engaging video formats to captivate their audience.

Our team of experts recently tested one such tool called Pictory AI.

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI

Pictory AI is an innovative platform that makes use of artificial intelligence to simplify the process of creating engaging shortorm videos from long-form videos and text.

We were thrilled to discover it offers a user-friendly interface with a range of customizable templates, effects, and editing tools, allowing you to transform your ideas into visually captivating videos with minimal effort. 

With features like automatic captioning, access to a vast library of licensed stock videos and images, and the ability to generate engaging content, Pictory AI empowers users to communicate with their audience effectively through compelling video content.

What Type of Videos is Pictory AI Best for?

Pictory AI

Our team believes Pictory AI is best suited for creating promotional videos, social media content, explainer videos, educational videos, product demos, and more. 

Whether you need to convey a message, showcase a product, or engage your audience through visually appealing content, Pictory AI provides the tools to bring your ideas to life effectively.

How to Get Started with Pictory AI

To begin using Pictory AI for free, work through the following simple steps.

Step 1. Visit the Official Website : At, you will find all the necessary information about the platform’s features, making it easy to understand how you can make the best use of Pictory AI.
Step 2. Start Your Free Trial: On the pricing page, you will find information about Pictory AI's free trial option, which allows you to experience the platform's features and functionalities without any cost. Take advantage of this opportunity to test Pictory AI and see if it meets your video creation needs.
Pictory AI
Step 3. Choose Your Plan: On the Pricing tab in the navigation menu, you’ll find the various subscription plans and pricing options offered by Pictory AI. Once your free trial is up, you’ll want to commit to a plan so you can continue to use this fantastic AI tool for your video content creation needs.
Step 4. Optimize Your Content: Now that you have got a subscription in place and you’ve experimented with the key features of the tool, you can begin to create engaging and relevant content optimized for social media. Read on to discover how to create content on the Pictory platform.

Different Ways to Create Video Content with Pictory AI

Pictory AI’s versatile platform offers four different ways to create engaging videos. 

Script to Video

The first option, "Script to Video," allows users to convert written content easily into compelling videos. 

Simply copy and paste your text into Pictory to transform it into a visually appealing video. This feature is ideal for quickly bringing scripts, dialogues, or any written content to life, making it an efficient tool for content creators and marketers.

Article to Video

The second method, "Article to Video," enables users to repurpose existing written materials, such as blogs, press releases, or HTML articles from URLs and convert them into captivating videos. 

With Pictory, you can transform your written content into fun videos, expanding the reach and impact of your articles. 

This feature is especially beneficial for those looking to repurpose their written content and impress their audience with a dynamic visual medium.

Edit Videos Using Text

Pictory also offers the "Edit Videos Using Text" option. This powerful feature allows users to generate fresh content by using YouTube videos, content from your computer, or even files stored on Google Drive.

This option is perfect for content creators who want to repurpose already existing video material or customize their videos with text overlays to enhance their message.

Visuals to Video

Lastly, Pictory's "Visuals to Video" feature allows content creators to make videos using existing video footage, images, or a combination of both. 

If you have recorded videos, image files, or want to use a mix of both, Pictory's AI algorithms enable you to seamlessly combine them into engaging video content. 

By making use of this feature, you can breathe new life into your visuals and create captivating videos that effectively convey your message to your target audience.

How to Use Pictory AI Effectively

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Pictory AI effectively.

Understand the Features

Before diving into video creation, step one is to take the time to familiarize yourself with the features of Pictory AI.

Explore the editing tools, templates, effects, and customization options available to be able to make the most of the tool’s features during the video creation process.

Plan Your Video

Then, step two is to outline the aim and message of your video. Determine the target audience and the key points you want to convey. 

Make sure you plan the structure and flow of the video to ensure a clear and engaging storyline. This preparation will streamline the creation process and result in a more impactful video.

Select the Right Template

Pictory AI offers a wide range of customizable templates suited for various video types. Step three is to choose a template that aligns with your vision and desired style. 

Whether you are making a promotional video, tutorial, or social media content, selecting the appropriate template will provide a strong foundation for your video.

Customize and Personalize

Step four is to make your video unique by personalizing it with your branding elements. Add your logo, colors, and fonts to ensure consistency with your brand identity. 

Tailor the visuals and effects to match the tone and message of your video content. The ability to personalize your video will make it more memorable and recognizable to your audience.

Text-to-Video Conversion

One of Pictory AI's most powerful features is its AI-driven text-to-video conversion. Step five is to convert your long-form content, such as blogs or articles, into engaging videos effortlessly. 

Simply paste the text into the platform, and Pictory AI will analyze and generate visuals based on the content. This feature saves time and effort while transforming your written content into captivating video format.

Enhance Accessibility with Automatic Captioning 

To improve accessibility and engagement, step six is to add captions and subtitles to your videos. Pictory AI offers automatic captioning based on advanced speech recognition technology. 

Ensure accuracy and clarity in your captions, as they enhance comprehension and make your video accessible to a wider audience.

Explore the Vast Library of Licensed Stock Videos and Images

Pictory AI offers access to a vast library of licensed stock videos and images. Step seven is to take advantage of this resource and make your videos stand out with high-quality visuals. 

Search for relevant imagery that complements your content and aligns with your vision. This library empowers you to create visually appealing content without the need for extensive production resources.

Experiment with Different Video Styles and Layouts

Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles, transitions, and effects. Pictory AI allows you to preview and fine-tune your video before finalizing it. 

Take advantage of this flexibility in step eight and refine your video until you achieve the desired outcome. 

Collaborate and Share

Step nine is to collaborate and share your videos. Pictory AI offers collaboration features that allow multiple team members to work on a video project simultaneously. 

Utilize this functionality to collaborate with colleagues, gather feedback, and improve the quality of your videos.

Once completed, easily share your videos across various platforms to reach your target audience effectively.

Optimize Videos for Social Media Platforms

Social media offers a powerful platform for video distribution. Step ten is to sesure that your videos are optimized for different social media channels, as each one may have varying video format requirements. 

Tailor your videos carefully to specific platforms, so that you can maximize their reach and impact.

Monitor Analytics and Refine Your Approach

For step eleven, keep a close eye on the performance metrics of your videos and analyze viewer engagement, click-through rates, and other relevant data that might be available. 

This feedback will help you refine your video creation approach and create even better and more compelling content in the future.

Tips and Tricks When Creating Videos with Pictory AI

Here are some tips and tricks for you to try when creating mobile videos on Meta platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram. 

These tips are, in fact, applicable across various platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Aim for videos that are 15 seconds or less. Lengthy content can cause viewers to lose interest, so it's important to capture viewers’ attention quickly.

Short videos of 15 seconds or less can also be used for Instagram Stories and Facebook in-stream placements, even though some of them allow longer videos, like Instagram feed and Audience Network placements (up to 120 seconds) and Facebook feed & Marketplace Messenger Home (up to 240 minutes).

Grab Viewers’ Attention in the First 3 Seconds

Studies show that you only have about 3 seconds to capture your audience's attention. 

So make sure to include the most eye-catching visuals from your video within the first 3 seconds to increase engagement on mobile devices.

Utilize Vertical and Square Formats

Since a significant portion of viewers on social media are known to hold their phones vertically, it's recommended to create videos in both vertical and square formats. 

This way, you can maximize the screen area for most viewers of this type of content.

As far as the optimal ratio is concerned, vertical ads with a 4.5 aspect ratio work well across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Showcase Your Brand Early

Your brand message is crucial, so it's important to display your logo and brand identity very early in the video. 

This helps establish your brand presence and create a connection with the audience.

Pictory offers a "brand settings" section where you can set up your brand. Just look for this option at the top right of your video Home Screen.

Consider Sound-Off Viewing

Many viewers watch videos without sound while commuting or waiting in line in public spaces.

That’s why it's essential to make your videos visually compelling and understandable even without audio. Pictory AI can help create mobile videos that engage viewers even without sound.

Include Captions 

A survey revealed that 80% of consumers are more likely to watch a video until the end, if captions are available. 

Pictory enables you to create mobile videos with automatic captions, increasing your chances of capturing and retaining viewers’ attention.

Why Choose Pictory AI for Creating Video Content?

Pictory AI is a compelling choice for creating video content, thanks to its numerous advantages. As we have explained, the tool has many fantastic features. 

Transform Long-form Content into Engaging Videos

Pictory AI enables you to convert long-form content, such as articles or blog posts, into engaging and visually appealing videos. 

The tool automatically analyzes your text and generates relevant visuals, making your content a lot more engaging and shareable.

Add Automatic Captioning and Subtitles

With Pictory AI, you can easily add captions and subtitles to your videos. The platform uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe the audio and provides accurate captions that enhance accessibility and viewer engagement.

Access an Array of Licensed Stock Videos and Images

Pictory AI provides users with access to a vast library of licensed stock videos and images, allowing you to enhance your videos with professional-quality visuals.

Generate Fun and Fresh Video Content 

Pictory AI empowers users to generate fresh content effortlessly. By repurposing your existing videos and images, Pictory AI creates variations with different styles, layouts, and effects, allowing you to continually engage your audience on social media platforms.

Pros and Cons of Using Pictory AI

Pictory AI offers a wide range of benefits that make it an attractive tool for video creation, as well as some areas for improvement. 


Transform Long-form Content into Videos Effortlessly: One of the significant advantages of Pictory is its AI-powered technology that allows users to transform long-form content, such as blogs and articles, into engaging videos. 

This feature saves time and effort and enables businesses and individuals to repurpose existing content and reach a broader audience through visually appealing videos

Automatic Captioning and Subtitles: Pictory AI also provides automatic captioning and subtitles, enhancing accessibility and making the videos more engaging for viewers. 

Access to a Vast Library of Licensed Stock Videos and Images: The vast library of licensed stock videos and images available on the platform allows users to enhance the visual appeal of their videos without the need for additional external resources. 

Ability to Generate Fresh Content and Drive Social Media Engagement: The tool’s ability to generate fresh content by creating fun variations of existing videos and images helps maintain audience interest and drive social media engagement.


Reliance on AI-generated Visuals: One notable limitation is the reliance on AI-generated visuals, which may not always perfectly match the intended message or branding of a video. 

While the platform allows for customization, there may be instances where users need very specific or niche image recognition, so manual fine-tuning is necessary, leading to additional time investment.

The Cost Associated with Certain Features: Another potential concern is that some users might find the paid subscription cost of the software is higher than other tools on the market . 

While Pictory AI offers a free trial, users may need to subscribe to a paid plan to access more advanced functions, templates and effect and to fully make use of the platform's potential. 

Alternatives to Pictory AI

While Pictory AI offers an excellent set of features for video creation, we also tested and reviewed several alternative platforms available that cater to different video types and preferences. 

One popular choice is Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional-grade video editing software known for its extensive capabilities and versatility. 

This tool is ideal for users who require advanced editing options for their specific needs, precise control over video elements, and seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud tools. 

Another alternative is Canva, a popular user-friendly platform suitable for creating visually appealing videos with customizable templates, graphics, and animations. 

Canva is a popular choice for individuals and small businesses looking for a simple and intuitive video creation process. 

For those interested in animated videos, Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) provides a very wide range of animated characters, backgrounds, and props, making it a top choice for creating explainer videos, tutorials, and animated presentations. 

For social media-focused videos, InShot is a mobile app that offers quick and easy editing features, filters, and effects, making it convenient for creating and sharing videos directly from your smartphone. 

Ultimately, the best alternative to Pictory AI depends on the user’s specific video needs. Whether you need professional-grade editing, customizable templates, animated content, or mobile convenience, the market offers plenty of good options to explore.


Our evaluation has revealed that Pictory AI is an invaluable tool for creating engaging videos for the needs of various businesses and individuals. 

By following the simple steps of getting started with a free trial and signing up, you can unlock a whole world of possibilities for your video creation needs. 

With features such as transforming long-form content, automatic captioning, access to a vast library of licensed stock videos and images, and the ability to generate engaging and visually appealing content, Pictory AI offers a comprehensive solution that is accessible and user-friendly. 

Embrace the power of Pictory AI to captivate your audience with compelling videos.

FAQs about Using Pictory AI

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about using Pictory AI.

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