Welcome to our guide on Looka AI, a tool that makes it effortless to create logos and brand assets without any design knowledge. Our team of professionals has thoroughly tested this platform, leveraging their AI expertise, to provide you with step-by-step guidance and relevant insights.

What is Looka AI?

Looka AI

Our team at the AI Product Reviews has had the opportunity to explore Looka's AI-powered platform, and it is a game changer. We've experienced firsthand how Looka's sophisticated and user-friendly algorithm learns our design preferences and needs. It's like having a design partner that understands us.

The AI's ability to learn and adapt is what makes it so magical. We've seen the platform analyze our text input in the early logo design process, refining its suggestions to align perfectly with our vision. We were able to fine-tune our logo ideas thanks to the collaborative design process.

The design process is fluid and collaborative, allowing companies to further modify their logo designs. Looka AI also provides brand kits, social media assets, and business card designs so you can have consistent and professional branding across all channels. Creating a visually appealing brand identity is an enjoyable and straightforward process with this platform.

Key Features of Looka AI

All business professionals understand the critical necessity of a well-designed logo. It's an important part of developing a memorable brand identity. Recognizing that not everyone has the requisite resources or design abilities, Looka is a promising solution.

This handy logo designer offers a platform for developing and downloading unique company logos, helping firms establish a distinctive brand identity for an affordable price.

  • Easy Custom Logo Design

    Looka has been thoroughly investigated by our team, and we can attest to its user-friendly interface. The layout of Looka makes creating logos simple for non-designers. Users don't need to have any prior graphic design experience to create expressive, professional logos with a few clicks. It's a hassle-free method of developing a distinctive brand identity that supports your mission.

  • Flexible Customization

    Looka gives consumers a wide range of modification choices so they can precisely tailor their logos to the distinctive aesthetic of their brands. It offers the versatility required to build a logo that perfectly symbolizes your brand while meeting various design tastes, allowing you to change logo styles and edit colors, fonts, and icons.

  • High-Resolution Logo Files

    Looka guarantees the professional quality of your logos by offering high-resolution files in well-known formats including JPG, PNG, and PDF. Scalable vector graphic (SVG) formats are available to premium users, allowing for flawless display across various media and printing requirements, increasing the visibility of your brand.

  • Unlimited Logo Files and Mockups

    The endless supply of logo design mockups produced by Looka's system ensures that users have a wide range of options to choose from. You can choose the ideal logo that complements the identity of your brand thanks to the wide range of options available. Make numerous logos your own and save them for later use to provide a flexible approach to branding.

  • Looka offers consumers a complete Brand Kit, going beyond simple logo development. This tool ensures consistent brand representation by providing specific information on the colors and typefaces used in your logo. With this kit at your disposal, maintaining a consistent brand identity across numerous platforms and materials will be simple.

  • Social Media Templates

    We tested Looka's Brand Kit and we have determined that it is a game changer for small businesses. It can streamline social media branding efforts by providing ready-to-use logos adapted for various channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Small businesses can design profiles and cover photos, ensuring a consistent and professional brand presence throughout social media. We love that Looka allows users to create articles and posts that properly correspond with platform criteria, dramatically increasing their online brand exposure and engagement.

  • Vector File Options

    The vector file types that Looka provides, such as EPS and SVG, ensure that logos can be scaled without losing quality. For enlarging logos for various uses, such as huge printing and outdoor advertisements, these formats are especially helpful. The integrity of the logo can be preserved in a variety of formats and dimensions.

  • Business Card Designs

    With 20 elegant and customizable business card templates, Looka improves your branding efforts. By using these templates as a starting point, you can easily extend your brand identity to tangible items like business cards. For a polished, unified appearance, you may quickly send these drawings to nearby or on-demand printing providers.

  • Post-Purchase Changes

    Unparalleled versatility is provided by Looka's user-friendly platform, which allows for limitless alterations within 72 hours of a logo acquisition. Users are given a substantial amount of time to refine their logo designs, which guarantees them happiness and peace of mind in getting the ideal brand representation.

How to Start Using Looka AI

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll uncover the steps needed to create a logo that you'll adore with Looka. We'll also demonstrate how to use Looka's Brand Kit in conjunction with other tools to create a comprehensive branding experience.

Step 1. Visit Looka's Website: Open your web browser and head to the official Looka website to start your logo design experience. Here, you'll have access to Looka's robust logo design tools, allowing you to create a distinctive and appealing logo that properly encapsulates your business.
Looka AI
Step 2. Input Your Company Name and Preferences: On the homepage of Looka, enter the name of your business and indicate your choices for design. This directs Looka's AI to create logo variations suited to your brand. Choose logotypes, hues, and symbols that are consistent with your brand to ensure that your logo accurately conveys your mission and vision.
Looka AI
Step 3. Browse and “Favorite” Logos: You'll quickly find a variety of unique logo designs suited to your company. Click on the logos that stand out to you as you scroll through them to "Favorite" them. This will help you to narrow down your options.
Looka AI
Step 4. Perfect Your Design: To further customize a logo you've favored, click on it. Experiment with colors, fonts, layouts, symbols, spacing, and size. This step gives you the power to perfect every aspect, ensuring that your logo properly complements your distinctive vision and business identity.
Looka AI
Step 5. Preview Logo Mockups: Investigate how your logo will look on actual goods like t-shirts and business cards. Using Looka's mockup tool, you may see how your logo might be used in real life. The mockups update in real-time as you make adjustments to your logo in the editor, assisting you in making wise design choices.
Step 6. Purchase Your Logo: Looka provides several pricing tiers to meet your demands. By completing the purchase, your logo creation process is complete and your finalized design is now legally yours. After making a purchase, you'll have access to the assets you need to utilize the logo both online and in print.
Step 7. Download Your Logo Files: After you complete the order, Looka promptly sends you the necessary logo files. These consist of vector logo files and high-resolution PNGs, guaranteeing that your logo appears perfect and adaptable across numerous devices and applications. With the help of these files, you can confidently display the identity of your company both online and in printed publications.
Step 8. Implement Your New Logo: It's time to launch your brand's new identity using your recently obtained logo files. Use your logo on your website, social media profiles, business cards, goods, and marketing materials as well as in all other things that represent your brand. The legitimacy and recognition of your brand are strengthened by consistency in logo usage.

Looka's Brand Kit

You can access a variety of branded templates and make unique marketing materials with Looka’s Brand Kit to strengthen your brand's presence. 

When you've paid for your logo, sign in to your Looka account to access the Brand Kit. This is your entryway to a treasure trove of branding assets.

There are over 300 branded templates in the Brand Kit that can be used for a variety of things, including social media posts, business cards, and email signatures. These templates are made to give your brand a consistent, polished appearance.

In addition to templates, Looka also provides website creation tools. To ensure that your online presence represents your logo and brand aesthetics, you can design a great website for your business directly within the platform.

Consider combining Looka with other tools to strengthen your branding initiatives. For instance, you can effectively manage the online presence of your brand by using social media scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. Additionally, you can reach your audience with attractively branded emails that feature your Looka-designed logo by using email marketing services like Mailchimp.

Looka AI Pricing Plans

There are two options available to you when it comes to Looka pricing: two one-time purchase packages and two subscription plans.

Basic Logo Package ($20)

  • One-time payment
  • One (1320 x 1000) PNG file of the logo
  • No background transparency
  • Possibility for modification after buying
  • You get one logo file to get your project started with the Basic Logo Package

Premium Logo Package ($65)

  • One-time payment
  • High-resolution files in a variety of formats
  • Vectors
  • Whole ownership
  • After-purchase modification capability
  • Transparent background

Subscription to the Brand Kit ($96/year)

  • Everything in the Premium Logo Package is included
  • Continued ownership of your logo after the subscription term 
  • Additional brand assets such as business cards, marketing brochures, email signatures, social media graphics, and more

Brand Kit Web Subscription ($192/year)

  • Everything included in the brand kit subscription 
  • Includes an AI-generated website

Our Hot Tip

Don't rush the creative process when working with Looka. Spend some time investigating numerous logo iterations, experimenting with color schemes, and imagining how your logo will appear in diverse contexts.

The amazing thing is that Looka's AI can assist you in finding original design components that you may not have thought about. So, accept the unexpected and allow AI to stretch your creative limits.

Remember that a well-designed logo will serve as a permanent representation of your company, so take the time to make it truly exceptional and memorable. Conducting market research on the final product is also a great idea - ask customers what they think of the logo, what it says to them, and whether it speaks to your brand in their eyes.


Our experienced team has thoroughly investigated this tool and its user-friendly UI. We can attest to its AI-powered concepts, which have proven useful to us despite the fact that we are not design specialists. Looka AI is a useful tool for firms looking for an economical and time-efficient logo design solution. 

The platform's customization capabilities are one of its notable characteristics. Despite our minimal design skills, Looka enables us to create logos and branding materials that meet our specific demands.

Looka offers one-off payments and subscription plans, so whether you’re looking for one logo or a series of branding materials, Looka’s got you covered. This AI tool is suited to individuals making a start in the business world and small to mid-sized companies that cannot afford a whole design team.

FAQs About Using Looka

Let’s take a look at some common questions regarding Looka AI.

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