In the real estate industry, artificial intelligence (AI) finds diverse applications, and property management is a significant subsector where AI is leveraged.

Property managers use AI tools to streamline various tasks, such as tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance scheduling.

Leadflow is an AI-powered software tool that aims to streamline the process of generating and marketing quality leads in the real estate sector. Let's explore some of its main features, pricing options, and potential benefits.

What is Leadflow?


In simple terms, Leadflow is a data-driven AI-powered lead generation software tailored for real estate investors of all scales. Leadflow has a mobile app and boasts an array of tools, including artificial intelligence, data analysis, filtering, marketing, and a robust comping engine.

This software helps users effectively target their marketing efforts by filtering leads based on their sellability scores, thus optimizing their approach.

The comprehensive real estate data and filtering tools provided by Leadflow equip users with extensive information on sellers, buyers, and private lenders, enabling them to make well-informed decisions before allocating any marketing resources.

Leveraging Leadflow's AI capabilities and advanced filtering tools, users can efficiently refine the data, unveiling the most promising real estate opportunities that precisely match their investment criteria.

How Leadflow Works


Leadflow is an AI-powered software tool designed to streamline the process of generating quality leads in the real estate sector.

The platform provides sellability scores, rating each property's likelihood of being sold retail, rented out, or sold wholesale.

Leadflow helps to improve seller response rates and helps users focus on high-propensity leads.

The platform offers access to a vast amount of real estate data and cutting-edge tools like parcel mapping, automated valuation models, and more.

Users can take advantage of powerful filtering features to build highly targeted lead lists while the platform's marketing automation tools enable the conversion of leads into profitable deals.

How to Get Started with LeadFlow

Getting started with Leadflow is a breeze, and this section will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Step 1. Sign Up for a Free Trial: To begin your journey with Leadflow, start by signing up for a free trial. Simply click on the green button on the website's home page saying "Start You 7-day Free Trial''. During your trial period, you'll have the opportunity to explore the platform's incredible features and training resources before beginning your subscription. LeadFlow offers two pricing options to cater to your specific needs: Leadflow Market ($42/month) and Leadflow Market+ ($83/month). Plus, you'll receive the added bonus of a Facebook Marketing Masterclass.
Step 2. Explore Lead Generation Features: Once you've signed up, take some time to explore all the amazing lead generation features Leadflow has to offer. One such feature is Leadpipes, a private search engine that provides access to up to 20 lead types and several data combinations, like foreclosure activity, absentee owners, and private lenders. You can also see AI-based sellability scores between 0-1000 for each property, and enjoy the list stacking tool for creating super lists of properties.
Step 3. Explore Lead Management Tools: Leadflow provides a suite of lead nurturing tools that make lead management seamless and efficient. The next step in getting to know the tool and using it well is to explore these features. With Leadflow's lead management tools, you can: Track Leads: Organize and categorize leads based on various criteria, making it easy to prioritize and follow up with them. Nurture Prospects: Send automated follow-up emails, reminders, and personalized communication. Monitor Progress: Track interactions, view communication history, and assess which leads are most likely to convert, helping you allocate your resources effectively.
Step 4. Explore the Innovative Comping Tool: Leadflow's innovative comping tool is a game-changer for real estate professionals. This tool is designed to save you significant time and effort in the research process, especially when it comes to evaluating property values and identifying potential opportunities in the market. Leadflow's comping tool also generates on-demand, professional comparable sales reports. These reports are invaluable when negotiating deals, as they offer a comprehensive overview of property values and market trends.
Step 5. Join the Community: When you choose your plan and become a Leadflow user, you're joining a community of over 200,000 investors and you'll have access to a wealth of resources and support to help you succeed in your real estate ventures. In just a few simple steps, you can harness the power of Leadflow to revolutionize your real estate lead generation and investment strategy.

Who is Leadflow Best For?


Leadflow is the perfect fit for the following types of professionals.

  • Real Estate Investors: Leadflow caters to real estate investors aiming to optimize their lead generation process and concentrate on the most lucrative opportunities. Its AI-powered data filtering system enables investors to efficiently identify high-potential prospects.
  • Real Estate Agents: Leadflow proves highly beneficial for real estate agents, as it assists in identifying potential buyers and sellers. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, agents can refine their marketing strategies and increase their success rates in closing deals.
  • Marketing Professionals: Marketing professionals in the real estate industry can leverage Leadflow's robust marketing tools and strategic targeting features to enhance the overall effectiveness of their real estate marketing campaigns. The platform empowers marketing teams to reach the right audience with precision and efficiency.

Key Features of Leadflow

Leadflow offers a comprehensive set of key features designed to empower real estate investors with valuable insights and resources. Let's delve into the notable features that make Leadflow a standout tool for lead generation and investment optimization.

  • More Detailed Foreclosure Lead Information

    Leadflow excels in providing real estate investors with highly detailed foreclosure lead information. This feature ensures that investors have access to crucial data and analytics related to distressed properties, helping them make well-informed decisions about potential investment opportunities.

  • Diverse Range of Lead Types

    With a staggering 20 different lead types (accessible when you subscribe to the market+ plan), Leadflow offers thousands of lead type combinations. This wealth of lead categories enables investors to fine-tune their search criteria and target specific opportunities that align with their investment goals.

  • AI-Powered Zip Codes

    Leadflow leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to identify and categorize the most promising zip codes for real estate investment. This dynamic feature ensures that investors focus their efforts on areas with the highest potential for profitable returns.

  • Dynamic List Stacking

    The dynamic list-stacking feature allows investors to merge and analyze multiple lead lists effortlessly. By combining data from various sources, investors gain a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the real estate market, enabling them to identify hidden gems and lucrative prospects.

  • Parcel Mapping

    Leadflow's parcel mapping feature provides investors with a visual representation of property boundaries and ownership details. This invaluable tool aids in assessing the potential of specific properties and understanding the geographical distribution of investment opportunities.

  • High Download Volume

    As a testament to its popularity and effectiveness, Leadflow boasts an impressive download volume of 15,000 downloads every month (after the free trial). This level of adoption highlights the trust and confidence real estate investors place in the platform.

  • Preferred Pricing on Skip Tracing

    For investors seeking to conduct skip tracing—an essential process for locating property owners—Leadflow offers preferred pricing on skip tracing services. This cost-effective benefit streamlines the process of gathering critical property owner information.

  • 500 Skip Tracing Credits per Month

    In addition to preferred pricing, Leadflow grants users 500 skip-tracing credits every month. This generous allocation ensures that investors have the resources to explore and pursue a substantial number of potential leads.

  • SMS Marketing Integration

    Keeping up with modern marketing trends, Leadflow offers SMS marketing integration. This feature empowers investors to engage with potential leads via text messages, ensuring effective communication and response rates.

  • Opt-In Forms

    Leadflow simplifies lead capture with user-friendly opt-in forms. By incorporating these forms on their websites or landing pages, investors can effortlessly gather valuable leads, streamlining their lead generation efforts.

Pricing Options

Leadflow offers two distinct pricing options, each designed to cater to the varying needs of real estate investors. Let's explore the features and benefits of each package in detail.

Leadflow Market

Leadflow Market provides a comprehensive set of powerful data, AI, and marketing tools, all integrated into one user-friendly system. For a competitive price of $49 per month, investors can access a wealth of valuable features.

  • Nationwide off-market property search: Gain access to data from over 150,000,000 properties, enabling investors to explore a vast pool of potential opportunities.
  • 8 Lead Types: Investors can select from 8 different lead types, allowing them to target specific market segments and streamline their investment strategies.
  • Skip Tracing - Bulk-Rate Pricing: Conduct skip tracing at cost-effective bulk-rate pricing, helping to locate property owners efficiently.
  • Marketing Library: Access a collection of marketing resources, assisting investors in crafting effective campaigns.
  • Direct Mail Engine - Bulk-Rate Pricing: Implement targeted direct mail campaigns at bulk-rate pricing, ensuring cost-efficiency.
  • Lite CRM: Utilize a lightweight Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage and organize leads effectively.
  • Unlimited Contacts: Investors can store and manage an unlimited number of contacts within the system.
  • 1 Ai Zip Code: Benefit from the AI-powered zip code feature, focusing efforts on areas with high investment potential.
  • BONUS: START Course: A bonus START course is included to help investors get the most out of the Leadflow system during their journey.

Leadflow Market+

Leadflow Market+ is the premium package, offering an enhanced suite of tools to supercharge real estate businesses for $99 per month. This option includes all the features from Leadflow Market, with additional powerful tools.

  • 20 Lead Types (thousands of combinations): An expanded selection of lead types, enabling more precise targeting and advanced filtering.
  • Skip Tracing - Preferred Pricing + 500 Skip Tracing credits/mo: Enjoy preferred pricing on skip tracing services and receive 500 skip tracing credits each month, making it easier to reach out to property owners.
  • Comping Engine: Access a comping engine to assist in property valuation and analysis, ensuring accurate assessments.
  • Dynamic List Stacking: Combine and analyze multiple lead lists seamlessly, gaining deeper insights into investment opportunities.
  • Parcel Mapping: Visualize property boundaries and ownership details through parcel mapping, enhancing property evaluation.
  • 3 Ai Zip Codes: Leverage AI-powered zip codes in three different areas, allowing for a more diversified investment approach.
  • 15,000 Lead Downloads/mo (after a 7-day free trial): Benefit from an impressive 15,000 lead downloads every month after the free trial period, offering an abundance of potential leads.
  • SMS Marketing Engine: Engage with potential leads through SMS marketing, promoting efficient communication.
  • Opt-In Forms: Capture leads effortlessly using user-friendly opt-in forms integrated into websites or landing pages.
  • BONUS: START Course and Facebook Marketing Masterclass: Investors receive both the START course and a Facebook Marketing Masterclass as added bonuses to further optimize their Leadflow experience.

With Leadflow Market and Leadflow Market+, real estate investors can select the pricing option that best suits their needs and access an array of powerful tools and resources to enhance their lead generation and investment endeavors.

Our Hot Tip

Our hot tip is to get to know LeadFlow's affiliate program, which presents an incredible opportunity for savvy marketers and partners to maximize their earnings.

With the program's standout feature of earning up to 40% recurring monthly commission, affiliates can enjoy a substantial income stream that keeps flowing month after month, for the entire duration of the customer's engagement.

This industry-leading commission structure ensures that your efforts are rewarded generously as you nurture and maintain a loyal customer base.

What sets Leadflow apart is not just the exceptional commission rates, but also the access to an unrivaled rewards catalog that adds an extra layer of incentives to your earnings.

Affiliates can also capitalize on one-time percentage-based payouts from upsells and special promotions, further diversifying their revenue streams.

Leadflow's affiliate program truly empowers affiliates to build a stable and lucrative income by combining recurring commissions with timely one-time payments.

Key Takeaways About Using Leadflow

Leadflow, an advanced AI-driven tool for real estate lead generation, empowers investors to optimize their investments effectively.

Leadflow boasts a unique capability of assigning properties three sellability scores, on a scale of 0 to 1,000, indicating their potential in terms of sale and investment value.

Moreover, the platform's array of data tools offers comprehensive insights for sellers, buyers, and private lenders, complemented by sophisticated filtering options to identify the most promising real estate opportunities.

With its array of key features and user-friendly interface, Leadflow is a valuable asset for all real estate professionals seeking success in the industry.

FAQs About Using Leadflow

Now, let's look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using Leadflow.

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