Fotor AI is a sophisticated online picture editor that is powered by artificial intelligence. Fotor AI enriches your photographs with ease, thanks to cutting-edge capabilities like background removal, text-to-image transformation, and stunning artistic filters. With this powerful tool, you can improve your editing experience and unleash your creativity.

What is Fotor AI?

Fotor AI

Harnessed by the power of artificial intelligence, Fotor AI is an image editing tool that makes modifying images quick, easy, and creative. This prominent online photo editor boasts an array of tools that cater to both novices and pros alike, providing a seamless and intuitive platform for maximizing the potential of your photographs.

Fotor AI's fundamental purpose is to simplify complex editing processes while delivering advanced tools that produce amazing outcomes. Fotor AI's user-friendly interface and AI-driven features allow users to obtain professional-level enhancements without the steep learning curve associated with complex editing applications.

Fotor AI's Key Features

Here is a comprehensive overview of Fotor AI's main features.Fotor AI

  • AI Object Removal

    Fotor AI's AI-powered object removal tool is a game-changer for image cleanup. Distracting features in images can be smoothly removed with a simple brush-over motion, resulting in clean and faultless visuals. This tool is extremely beneficial when striving for excellence in portrait photography or removing distracting things from the overall composition.

  • Photo Filters and Effects

    Fotor AI's picture filters and effects provide users with the ability to add layers to their images. Users can experiment with an infinite number of options to obtain the desired style, ranging from basic black-and-white filters to vintage effects that inspire a sense of nostalgia.

  • Text to Image Transformation

    With Fotor AI's innovative "Text to Image" feature, you can effortlessly convert text into captivating visuals. Turn an idea into a striking reality with the text-to-image AI technology this platform offers.

  • Collage Maker and Visual Storytelling

    Fotor AI comes with a plethora of collage designs, making it simple to create fascinating visual stories for a variety of events. Users may combine photographs to create visually appealing narratives that resonate with viewers, whether it's for weddings, birthdays, or other milestones.

  • Font Generator

    With a vast choice of font possibilities, users may imbue their photographs with compelling and stylish text that connects with the image's tone and intent. The font generator allows users to customize their text, whether it's a thought-provoking quotation, an expressive caption, or a fascinating title.

  • AI Background Remover

    One of Fotor AI's most notable features is its ability to automatically remove backgrounds from photographs. This is especially useful for e-commerce and product photography, where transparent backgrounds or new backdrop replacements can considerably improve product aesthetic appeal. Users can easily isolate subjects or build entirely new compositions with only a few clicks.

  • Background Blur and Depth Effects

    By including background blur effects, Fotor AI enables users to produce photographs with a sense of depth and focus. This tool is extremely useful for portrait and product photography since it isolates subjects by blurring the background.

  • Professional Design Resources

    In addition to picture editing, Fotor AI provides a variety of design resources such as photographs, icons, graphics, and media elements. This eliminates the need to explore the internet for assets, speeding the creative process by bringing everything required for customization together in a single platform.

How to Use Fotor AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

This detailed guide to using Fotor AI will walk you through the different features and functionalities of the tool, helping you to modify your photographs with accuracy and creativity, whether you're an amateur photographer or a seasoned expert.

Step 1. Access Fotor AI: Begin the adventure by going to the Fotor AI website. If you are a first-time user, establish an account to have access to the full range of features. Existing can log in to their accounts.
Fotor AI
Step 2. Upload Your Image: When you log in, you'll be greeted by Fotor AI's simple and user-friendly interface. To upload an image from your computer, click the "Upload" button. You can also choose an image from your Fotor collection.
Fotor AI
Step 3. Fundamental Editing: After you've uploaded your image, Fotor AI provides a set of basic editing tools to help you fine-tune your composition. Use the "Crop Image" tool to frame your subject, and the "Resize Image" tool to alter dimensions for different platforms. Using the "Circle Crop" and "Shape Image" capabilities, you may create one-of-a-kind graphics. Add text to your message using the simple "Text Editor," and increase visual impact with borders using the "Add Border to Photo" option.
Fotor AI
Step 4. Enhance Your Image: Before digging into Fotor AI's sophisticated features, use the "Enhance" tool to improve the quality of your image. With a single click, this automatic tool enhances features such as clarity, lighting, and color balance, bringing new energy to your graphics. This phase ensures that your foundation image is at its best before moving on to more complex modifications.
Step 5. Activate Creative Effects: After you've established your image foundation, it's time to unleash your imagination using Fotor AI's varied selection of creative effects. Begin by using the "Blur Background" feature to add depth and focus to your subject. Experiment with "Photo Frame" settings to enhance the theme of your image, and use "Change Backgrounds" to fully change the visual context.
Step 6. Crafting Collages and Merging Images: Through the "Collage Maker" and "Merge Images" functions, Fotor AI encourages creative creation. The "Collage Maker" has a number of templates that allow you to smoothly combine multiple photographs into visually appealing compositions ideal for a variety of occasions. Meanwhile, "Merge Images" allows you to smoothly merge photographs, resulting in intriguing overlays and double exposures. These features allow you to weave storylines and highlight visual connections, increasing your storytelling ability.
Step 7. Photo Transformation: Delve into the realm of creative transformation using Fotor AI's dynamic tools. Embrace artistic experimentation with the "Photo to Sketch" feature, which converts your images into captivating sketches, imbuing them with an entirely new aesthetic. Alternatively, explore the "Photo to Cartoon" option to infuse your visuals with a playful and imaginative twist. Additionally, utilize the "Image Upscaler" to enlarge your images while preserving sharpness, ideal for upscaling your creations without compromising quality.
Step 8. Retouching and Face Improvement: Fotor AI's advanced retouching features will help you perfect your photographs. The "Photo Retouch" tool allows you to remove flaws, enhance details, and improve overall image quality. The "Face Editor" for portraiture allows for fine modifications to facial features, resulting in perfect and professional results. Remove imperfections, brighten eyes, and even out skin tone for enthralling images that ooze confidence.
Step 9. Add Photo Effects: Fotor AI's extensive library of photo effects can help you elevate your photographs. These effects, which range from vintage to modern, dramatic to delicate, add a new layer of originality to your designs. Whether you want to invoke nostalgia, amplify emotions, or simply improve the visual attractiveness of your photographs, Fotor AI's collection of photo effects allows you to do so.
Step 10. Batch Photo Editing: Make your workflow more efficient using Fotor AI's "Batch Photo Editor." This useful function allows you to apply consistent modifications to numerous photographs at the same time, saving you time and effort. The "Batch Photo Editor" is a useful tool for photographers and creatives who work with big volumes of images, allowing them to work more efficiently without sacrificing quality.
Step 11. Save and Share: After perfecting your masterpiece, preserve and showcase it using Fotor AI's saving and sharing options. Click the "Save" button to choose your preferred format (JPEG or PNG) and quality settings. Additionally, utilize the "Share" feature to distribute your creations across social media platforms and beyond, ensuring your art reaches a wider audience and receives the recognition it deserves.

Examples of Fotor AI application

Fotor AI's versatility lends itself to a multitude of practical applications, making it an indispensable tool for various creative and professional endeavors.

Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Businesses and individuals can use Fotor AI to enhance their social media content. By using AI-powered features like background removal and artistic filters, users can create eye-catching visuals that stand out in crowded feeds. Combining Fotor AI with AI-driven social media scheduling tools like Buffer can further streamline content creation and distribution.

E-Commerce Product Imagery

Using Fotor AI's features, online shops can improve their product imagery. The "Background Remover" and other tools help to create polished, stand-out product photos. Integrating Fotor AI with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify simplifies the process of developing eye-catching product pictures, resulting in increased sales and consumer interaction.

Celebrate Special Events

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Halloween, Fotor AI empowers users to create personalized visuals that capture the essence of each occasion. From crafting digital greeting cards with artistic filters to designing thematic social media posts using background removal, Fotor AI adds an extra layer of creativity to event preparations, ensuring that memories are cherished and shared in a unique and visually compelling way.

Document Enhancement

Fotor AI extends its capabilities to document enhancement, offering templates for a variety of documents including presentations, resumes, ID cards, certificates, and reports. Utilize Fotor AI's presentation templates to create visually striking slides, optimize resumes with "Photo Retouch", and seamlessly integrate Fotor AI-edited images into ID card, certificate, and report templates to craft eye-catching materials.

Our hot tip

To maximize your creative potential, experiment with the "AI Image Generator" feature on Fotor. This innovative technology converts plain text into stunning visual art, providing a novel method to transmit messages.

Combine powerful text with AI-generated pictures to create eye-catching visualizations. The AI Image Generator opens you to a world of unique possibilities for marketing, storytelling, and personal expression.

Use it to create eye-catching visuals, phrases, or banners that engage with your audience, differentiating your work and giving it an unforgettable edge.


Fotor AI stands as a cutting-edge online photo editor that seamlessly integrates advanced artificial intelligence into the realm of image manipulation. It provides a varied range of tools to respond to every creative requirement, from basic changes to elaborate artistic alterations.

By following this comprehensive guide, you've gained insights into harnessing Fotor AI's capabilities for improving, retouching, and reliving your images.

As you explore features like background removal, photo effects, image generation, and more, Fotor AI enables you to create amazing works of art that leave a lasting impact.

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