In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI chatbots, leveraging the right tools can make all the difference in creating intelligent and effective conversational experiences.

Introducing Chatbase, an innovative platform developed by Google and a great tool that empowers bot builders and developers to enhance their bots' performance through valuable insights and analytics.

Our team of experts decided to test Chatbase and we’re now ready to share our findings.

What is Chatbase?


The AI tool Chatbase is a powerful cloud-based technology designed to optimize and analyze AI chatbots.

Seamlessly integrated with your existing Google account, Chatbase offers a cost-free solution for incorporating your chatbots into its advanced analytics platform.

With an array of features and data insights, Chatbase empowers developers and businesses to fine-tune their bots for optimal performance.

How Chatbase Works

Chatbase works by providing analytics and insights for conversational interfaces. It tracks user interactions, analyzes messages, identifies message intent, and helps developers achieve optimal performance for a given tool.

These analytics enable developers to identify key areas of improvement, enhance the chatbot's intelligence, and create more personalized interactions.

We were thrilled to find out that with Chatbase, you can create a ChatGPT-like chatbot that can answer questions about any provided data.

Currently, Chatbase exclusively supports PDF documents, but it is expected to expand its functionality soon, allowing users to submit a website link from which the chatbot can scrape and extract text.

Key Features of Chatbase

Chatbase boasts a rich array of features for you to explore. Let's break these down so you can assess the AI chatbot builder for yourself.

  • Message Analysis

    Chatbase empowers you to monitor and analyze user messages, gaining valuable insights into user interactions and preferences via data analytics.

    Even if you already use Google Analytics, you can benefit from the extra data provided by Chatbase to optimize your processes.

  • Intent Analysis

    By deciphering the intent of a customer via the user message, Chatbase helps you comprehend what users are seeking when they are sending messages. The ability to incorporate a chat widget on your company website enables visitors to directly interact with the chatbot, seeking information and receiving answers to their inquiries while you begin to understand better what they need and want.

  • Failure Analysis

    Identifying problematic interactions or misunderstandings helps you fine-tune your chatbot for a smoother user experience.

  • Funnel Analysis

    With funnel analysis, you can optimize user interactions to maximize successful outcomes. Funnel analysis is a method used to analyze the sequence of events leading up to a point of conversion. So, make sure you know how users and your bot are interacting and at what point in the session a lead becomes a successful sale

How to Build Your Own Chatbot with Chatbase

Here are the steps you can follow to set up your own chatbot with Chatbase.

Step 1. Register : To begin using the analytics platform, signing up is a straightforward process. Head to and log in using your preferred Google account. Upon registration, you will receive 30 message credits and access to 1 chatbot, enabling you to explore the platform and assess its suitability for your specific requirements.
Step 2. Create Your Chatbot: To get started, go to and choose the data source you want to train your chatbot on. Upload the data, and Chatbase will automatically generate the chatbot for you. For File-based data, select the PDF file from your computer and click "Create Chatbot." For Text-based data, simply enter your chatbot name and paste the desired information. If you want to train your chatbot using your website content, enter the URL and exclude any specific URLs you don't want the chatbot to learn from.
Step 3. Set Up Your Chatbot for Sharing: After creating your chatbot, choose the "Embed on Website" option. You'll be asked to select your visibility preference. 'Private but can be embedded on website' restricts access to the chatbot, allowing only visitors on your website to use it. 'Public' makes your chatbot accessible to anyone with the URL. Next, specify the domains where you want to embed your chatbot.
Step 4. Embed on Your Website: To integrate the chatbot on your website, click the "Embed on website" button to upload the bot information. You can add the chatbot as an iframe or include a chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your site using a script tag. For further customization, click the three-dot menu button. This will enable you to edit the data source, adjust default rate limits, and explore additional settings as per your preferences.

Pricing Options


Chatbase offers various pricing options (Hobby, Basic, Standard, and Unlimited Plans) tailored to meet the needs of different users.

Here's a breakdown of the available plans with some information on what each one offers.

Hobby Plan

  • 2,000 message credits per month
  • Support for up to 5 chatbots
  • Each chatbot can have up to 2,000,000 characters
  • The ability to upload multiple files for your chatbots
  • API Access is provided
  • All of these features come at a monthly cost of $19.

Standard Plan

  • 10,000 message credits per month
  • Support for up to 20 chatbots
  • Each chatbot can have up to 6,000,000 characters
  • You can embed the chatbots on an unlimited number of websites
  • The ability to upload multiple files
  • API Access is included
  • Optionally, you have the choice to use GPT-4
  • The Standard Plan is priced at $99 per month.

Unlimited Plan

  • 40,000 message credits per month included (Messages exceeding this limit will consume your OpenAI API Key credits)
  • Support for up to 40 chatbots
  • Each chatbot can have up to 11,00,000 characters
  • You can embed the chatbots on an unlimited number of websites
  • The ability to upload multiple files
  • API Access is provided
  • Optionally, you have the choice to use GPT-4
  • The Unlimited Plan is available at a monthly cost of $399.

These pricing plans provide flexibility for users with varying needs, allowing them to select the most suitable option based on the number of message credits required, the number of chatbots to be supported, and the specific features desired.

Optimizing Chatbot Performance with Chatbase

We also found out that if you want your team to take advantage of Chatbase's potential fully, you should log and analyze chatbot interactions regularly.

By reviewing statistics and user feedback, you can fine-tune the chatbot's responses and personality traits to align with user preferences.

Additionally, developers should take advantage of API access to integrate Chatbase into the chatbot data source seamlessly.

Key Takeaways About Chatbase

In sum, our team believes that Chatbase is a valuable platform for optimizing AI chatbot performance. Through its rich set of features, developers, and businesses can gain valuable insights into user interactions, leading to improved chatbot responses and user satisfaction.

By logging and analyzing chatbot interactions with Chatbase, companies can continuously enhance their conversational experiences, ensuring that their intelligent chatbot becomes a seamless and engaging addition to their websites.

FAQs About Chatbase

Now, let's also look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using Chatbase

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