In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, the way we handle data plays a crucial role in driving success.

Data automation has become essential for businesses to efficiently collect, sync, and analyze their marketing data. One platform that stands out in this domain is

We recently had the chance to explore this platform’s features and we’re ready to share our professional findings.

So, let's explore what is, how it works, and how you can leverage its powerful features to uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

What is

In a nutshell, is an AI tool for marketing data automation, collection, synchronization, and visualization. 

We were impressed to discover that Avian allows you to connect your business data with ChatGPT, Google Sheets, and Looker Studio.

This tool empowers businesses to streamline their reporting and analytics processes by automating data syncing from multiple sources to customizable dashboards.

With, marketers can access their marketing performance metrics in real-time, leading to faster insights and data-driven decision-making.

How Avian Works works by providing efficient data connectors that enable seamless integration with various marketing tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Sheets.

We were pleased to learn that it can automate the marketing data collection process and sync data from these sources to your designated data warehouses, ensuring that you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

The platform's flexible data syncing capabilities allow you to choose the frequency and scope of data updates, ensuring that you get the insights you need when you need them. also maintains data privacy features, granting you full control over who can access your valuable data.

Avian's Key Features comes packed with powerful features that set it apart as a comprehensive and thorough data automation platform for marketing insights. 

Let's explore some of the tool's key features that we found to be particularly useful:.

  • Automated Data Syncing automatically syncs data from multiple sources to your chosen data warehouses, eliminating manual data collection and saving valuable time.

  • Flexible Data Syncing

    You can choose the frequency and scope of data updates to meet your business data reporting needs.

  • Data Access and Visualization

    Moreover, you can access your marketing performance metrics in real time through customizable dashboards, providing valuable insights at a glance.

  • Fast Insights

    The tool offers data syncing automation and the ability to extract and analyze thousands of metrics in minutes, enabling faster insights.

  • Privacy Features ensures that your sensitive marketing data remains secure and only accessible to authorized users.

How to Get Started - A Step By Step Guide

Getting started with is a pretty straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1. Sign Up: Create an account on by providing your business details and contact information.
Step 2. Connect Data Sources: Connect your marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and other data sources you use for marketing campaigns. Choose the data warehouses where you want your data to be automatically synced.
Step 3. Customize Dashboards: The platform offers customizable dashboards to help you visualize your marketing performance metrics. Make sure you customize the layout in a way that makes sense to you and your business.
Step 4. Analyze Insights: With's automated data syncing, you can now analyze thousands of data points in real time, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your marketing strategies.

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With a seamless setup process that only takes a minute, you can swiftly embark on your journey toward prosperity.

Boasting an average rating of 5 stars, stands as a testament to its exceptional services, ensuring that both partners and customers experience nothing short of excellence.

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Pricing Options offers various pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. The plans currently available vary based on the number of data connectors, and the level of customer support.

Starter Plan

Price: $29/month (billed annually)

The Starter Plan is affordable for small businesses or individual users seeking basic features and capabilities.

It includes access to 1 connector, allowing links to different data sources. Users can manage up to 3 accounts per connector and have the benefit of one user account.

The Starter Plan is ideal for those who prefer a self-onboarding process, where they can easily set up and integrate into their existing workflows.

Business Plan

Price: $79/month (billed annually)

The Business Plan is a step up from the Starter Plan and targets growing businesses with more substantial data automation requirements.

It offers access to 10 connectors, providing the ability to connect to multiple data sources simultaneously.

With 10 accounts allowed per connector, businesses can manage a broader range of data streams.

The Business Plan also includes three user accounts and comes with assisted onboarding, where Avian's support team helps users set up the platform effectively.

Pro+ Plan

Price: $159/month (billed annually)

The Pro+ Plan is designed for larger enterprises and businesses with more extensive data integration needs.

It offers access to 50 Connectors, enabling comprehensive data aggregation from numerous sources. Each connector can manage up to 50 accounts, making it highly scalable.

With this plan, businesses can have up to ten user accounts, facilitating collaborative efforts in data management.

The Pro+ Plan includes the valuable assistance of a dedicated Data Architect, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup and optimization process.

Enterprise Plan

Price: $499/month (billed annually)

The Enterprise Plan is the most comprehensive option, catering to large enterprises and organizations with complex data requirements.

This top-tier plan grants access to an unlimited number of Connectors, enabling seamless integration across all data sources.

Businesses can manage up to 500 accounts per connector, ensuring they can handle massive volumes of data effortlessly.

The Enterprise Plan includes 25 user accounts and features a dedicated Data Architect to provide expert guidance and support.

With its range of pricing options, Avian ensures that businesses can select the plan that best aligns with their needs and growth trajectory.

How to Use Key Takeaways

To sum up, our team of experts found to be a comprehensive and thorough data automation platform tailored for data collection, synchronization, and visualization.

The platform's versatile data syncing capabilities and streamlined reporting allow for customized updates, ensuring timely insights.

Avian's powerful integrations, including ChatGPT, Looker Studio, and Google Sheets, and support for various advertising platforms offer a comprehensive solution for marketing insights.

With features like automated data syncing, flexible data updates, data visualization, and data privacy, we can recommend to businesses that need fast, accurate, and actionable marketing insights.

FAQs About Using Avian

Now, let's also look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using

What type of tool is Avian?

Can you use Avian for free?

Can I access multiple destinations under a single plan?

Is it possible to upgrade a plan to accommodate more connectors, accounts, or users?