AIPRM, short for Artificial Intelligence Prompt Resource Management, is a tool that can automate small business tasks and generate 1-click prompts for GPT

This versatile prompt management tool can revolutionize the way you create content, optimize marketing strategies, and boost productivity.

What is AIPRM?


In a nutshell, AIPRM is an advanced ChatGPT extension that empowers users to complete marketing, sales, operational, productivity, and customer support tasks in minutes, tasks that previously consumed hours of precious time.

AIPRM offers ready-to-use prompts tailored for AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, and DALL-E 2. We found this tool to be a true game-changer and time-saver in content creation.

The true magic of this AI add-on lies in its ability to provide valuable content in seconds, eliminating the need for prompt engineering skills. With AIPRM, you can effortlessly generate content that reflects your voice, saving countless hours that can be reinvested into growing your business.

How Does AIPRM Work?


AIPRM is powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing models, especially ChatGPT, by offering 1-Click Prompt Templates.

These prewritten prompts accelerate your planning, templates, marketing, sales, and content creation efforts. No longer do you need to struggle to craft the perfect prompt; instead, bring your idea, click, and watch as AIPRM generates consistent and reliable output.

The power of this browser extension extends beyond individual use. Its Team feature ensures uniformity and saves time by allowing prompt and data sharing across your organization.

This feature is available even to free users, making it a valuable asset for any team relying on AI models, also, check out our detailed AIPRM review here.

How to Install AIPRM

AIPRM works with both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Getting started with AIPRM is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration.

Here's a step-by-step guide to installing the AIPRM Chrome Extension.

Step 1: Navigate to Google Extensions: Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. From the dropdown menu, select "More Tools" and then click on "Extensions." In the Extensions page, use the search bar to look for "AIPRM." If this does not work, you can also follow this link.
Step 2: Connect to OpenAI Account: You’ll then be redirected to ChatGPT. If you wish to unlock advanced features, you'll need to connect your OpenAI account to the extension using your OpenAI credentials and details to sign in. To do so, select "Connect with OpenAI account."
Step 3: Explore AIPRM's Capabilities: Once you've successfully installed the AIPRM for the ChatGPT Chrome extension, the only remaining task is to navigate to ChatGPT and start using its powerful features.

Key Features

AIPRM offers an array of game-changing features that streamline small business tasks.

  • Advanced Prompt Templates

    With AIPRM, you can find a prompt template for your content creation needs, which eliminates the need for prompt iteration. This saves you invaluable time while also encouraging the production of SEO-friendly content.

    AIPRM prompts serve as your creative guiding light, unveiling novel writing techniques and innovative ideas for your content.

  • Versatile AI Toolkit

    AIPRM offers handy features such as specific instructions for word and phrase choices, sentence completion, synonym suggestions, grammar and spelling corrections, sentence rephrasing, advanced prompt management, precise search functionalities, custom profiles, and collaborative team features.

  • Easy Filtering and Organization

    You can filter prompts based on various criteria, including:

    • Topic: Whether it's related to SEO, development, science, or any other category.
    • Activity: This category contains sub-topics related to the selected main topic.
    • Sorting: You can sort prompts by factors such as top votes, top views, or the latest updates, making it easier to find the most relevant ones.

    To further streamline your experience, you can organize prompts based on your preferences. For example:

    • Favorites: You can group frequently used prompts under the 'Favorites' tab for quick access.

    Own Prompts: If you create your own prompts, you can neatly categorize them under the 'Own' tab, keeping your content organized and easily accessible.

Pricing Options


When it comes to pricing options, AIPRM offers a variety of plans to cater to every budget, ensuring you can tap into the full potential of our productivity tools and access our extensive library of thousands of prompts.

Here is an overview of the paid plans and what each one of them offers:

AIPRM Plus ($9 per month):

  • Community Prompts
  • 10 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue
  • Tone & Writing Style
  • Hide 8 Prompt Templates
  • 1 Custom List (up to 8 prompts)

AIPRM Pro ($29 per month):

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • 40 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue + 3 Custom
  • Hide 16 Prompt Templates
  • 3 Custom Lists (up to 16 prompts each)
  • 2 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • AIPRM Everywhere
  • NEW: 4 Custom Profiles

AIPRM Elite ($79 per month):

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • 120 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue + 10 Custom
  • Hide 48 Prompt Templates
  • 12 Custom Lists (up to 48 prompts each)
  • 3 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • View Prompt Source
  • Fork Public Prompt to Private
  • Live Crawling URLs
  • Prompt Variables
  • Unlimited Teams

AIPRM Titan ($699 per month):

  • 20x the Limits of AIPRM Pro
  • 4 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • Exclusive Titan Group Membership
  • First Access to Features and Benefits
  • Possible Custom Upgrades

Each plan offers a unique set of features and benefits. Plus, by opting for an annual subscription, you can lock in a lifetime discount of 17%.

Our Hot Tip: Craft Content with Custom Tones and Styles


Maintaining brand consistency is crucial when you are running a small business. We feel that using AIPRM and ChatGPT for your content creation helps you to achieve this cohesion.

With AIPRM's premium plans, you gain access to a helpful feature—20 customized tones and writing styles for your blog articles, social media captions, and more.

This empowers you to ensure that all your content aligns perfectly with your brand's unique voice and style.

Select Your Preferred Tone and Style

  • When you're ready to submit a prompt, simply click on the dropdown menu.
  • Choose your desired tone or style from the available options.

Create Custom Tones and Writing Styles (Pro Plan and Higher)

  • If you're on the Pro Plan or a higher-tier plan, you have the freedom to create your own custom tones and writing styles.
  • To add your personal touch to these styles, follow these steps:
  • Click on the 'Your AIPRM Account' link located in the top right corner of the ChatGPT settings.
  • Select 'View Account.'
  • Scroll down and find the options to 'Add Tone' or 'Add Style.'
  • Click 'Save.'
  • Refresh ChatGPT to see your custom creations in the dropdown menus.

By customizing your tones and writing styles, you can shape the output from ChatGPT to match your specific preferences and branding guidelines.

This feature empowers you to get an excellent response each time and craft content that resonates with your audience while maintaining a consistent and unique voice across all your AIPRM and ChatGPT creations.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, our team at the AI Product Reviews found that AIPRM is a valuable tool that empowers users to unlock the full potential of AI models, transforming time-consuming tasks into efficient processes.

Whether you're in marketing, sales, operations, or customer support, AIPRM can significantly enhance your productivity and content creation efforts.

To start your journey with AIPRM, simply install the AIPRM Chrome Extension and embrace the future of content generation.

FAQs About the AIPRM Browser Extension

Now, let's look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using AIPRM.

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