Transform text prompts or photos into stunning art with Fotor's AI Art Generator. Customize style, dimensions, composition and lighting effects. Available on Android and iOS.

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This AI tool has been awarded an overall rating of four stars because Fotor AI is a versatile online photo editor powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence that offers a wide range of user-friendly features and powerful editing tools that cater to both beginners and professionals. It also has the added benefit of a free version for accessibility, making it an excellent choice for creative and professional photo editing needs.

Overview of Fotor AI

Fotor AI

Fotor AI emerges as a standout online photo editor, flawlessly combining advanced artificial intelligence with a robust feature set. It goes beyond typical picture editing by providing a comprehensive suite that enables users to create, improve, and share visual images with creativity and precision.

Fotor AI caters to a wide range of users, from amateur enthusiasts to professional photographers. The pricing plan is tiered and there is a free option available.

Fotor AI

Fotor Basic Features

With Fotor's AI background remover, you can separate topics from their backgrounds with ease, either by rendering them translucent or by replacing them with new backgrounds. This feature is a godsend for e-commerce companies, content developers, and designers who want to create eye-catching visual content.

Using Fotor AI's simple brush tool, you can easily remove undesirable items from photos. Users can methodically remove distracting elements from their images to get a clean appearance. This tool is useful for picture retouching and landscape cleanup.

The text-to-image AI generator is an awesome way for creators to turn a concept or idea into a visual piece of art. Be clear with your text prompt to get the best results.

The tool also boasts a large library of filters and effects so you can turn images into cartoons, drawings, and even watercolors, or make them black and white. You can also add text to your images if you want to input a quotation or caption.

Fotor AI's collage creator and image merging features allow users to create visually pleasing photo collages or artistic overlays and double exposures.

The photo retouch tool enables for precise editing, such as erasing flaws, enhancing details, and improving overall quality. The face editor refines portrait subjects precisely, resulting in polished and perfect faces.

Fotor AI's batch photo editing tool enables uniform modifications across numerous images for efficiency and consistency. It improves workflow, especially for individuals who work with large image collections.

Fotor AI improves the user experience even further by providing a variety of templates to meet a variety of needs. The tool offers presentation templates, resume templates, certificate templates, and report templates with which users can get creative.

Fotor AI is not limited to the desktop version; it now has a mobile app that brings its creative capabilities right to your fingertips. You can download the apps for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Finally, Fotor AI provides a broad range of capabilities to meet a variety of creative and professional needs. You can crop and resize images, circle or shape crop, add a border, sharpen an image, enlarge an image, and overlay images.

    Ease of Use

    Fotor AI

    Navigating and using Fotor AI is super easy. Fotor AI has a well-organized dashboard that divides tools into categories. There are also tooltips, hover-over descriptions, and simple icons for ease of use.

    This means that even individuals who are unfamiliar with advanced picture editing principles can achieve professional-looking results with ease.

    Templates, which are a key aspect of Fotor AI's products, further streamline the creative process. When creating a presentation, for example, users can choose from a number of ready-to-use templates, saving time and effort in design.

    Whether you're a novice hoping to improve photographs or a seasoned pro searching for complicated transformations, Fotor AI's simplicity allows you to produce spectacular results with ease.

    Pros and Cons of Fotor AI

    Like any AI tool, Fotor has its pros and cons, which you will be able to see in the lists below.


    User-Friendly Software: Fotor AI's intuitive interface and user-friendly software design ensure that even beginners can navigate and utilize its tools effectively on their computers, tablets, and phones.

    Free Version Available: Fotor AI offers a free version, democratizing access to its powerful features and enabling users to explore its capabilities without financial constraints.

    Powerful Editing Tools: Fotor AI offers a wide array of robust and versatile editing tools that cater to both basic adjustments and advanced transformations, accommodating diverse user needs.

    AI-Generated Images: The integration of AI technology allows for the generation of captivating and innovative images, transcending traditional editing capabilities.

    Support for File Formats: Fotor AI caters to professionals by allowing them to edit in raw file formats, giving them more flexibility and control over image alteration.


    Editing Tools are Varied but Basic: While Fotor AI offers a good range of editing tools and features, clients with highly specific or advanced requirements might find niche features missing. Tailored design tools for specialized tasks could enhance the platform's appeal to professionals like designers who seek very specific capabilities.

    Fotor Pro Subscription: While the free edition of Fotor AI gives a considerable toolkit, access to the complete range of functionality requires a Fotor Pro subscription. The pricing plan is affordable but might still put off curious users who do not want to commit.

    Alternatives to Fotor AI

    While Fotor AI provides a comprehensive range of picture editing and graphic enhancement capabilities, there are other options that appeal to a variety of user preferences and needs. Here are four noteworthy substitutes.

    Adobe Photoshop

    First, Adobe Photoshop is widely regarded as one of the most capable and versatile photo editing applications available. Because of its broad feature set and capabilities, it is a popular choice among professionals and amateurs.

    Photoshop caters to individuals looking for in-depth manipulation and complicated graphic design, with intricate control over editing processes, advanced retouching, layers, and a plethora of tools. However, its learning curve and price point may be intimidating to new and casual clients.


    Next, Canva excels as an online graphic design tool with an easy-to-use interface and a large library of templates for a variety of uses such as social media posts, presentations, and more. While it may not provide the same level of expert editing as Fotor AI, its simplicity and collaboration capabilities make it excellent for people and teams who need to create something quickly but visually appealing.


    Then we have, Pixlr a cloud-based picture editor that combines basic editing with creative improvements. It offers a variety of filters, overlays, and other features for customers to try out. While Pixlr may not have as many functions as Fotor AI, its user-friendly interface and low price make it an appealing option for casual editors and beginners.

    GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

    Finally, GIMP is a free and open-source picture retouching, photography authoring, and graphic design program. While its capabilities are comprehensive and similar to professional software, the interface of GIMP may be less accessible for beginners than Fotor AI's user-friendly design.

    The choice of alternative is determined by the user's individual demands, preferences, and skill levels. While Fotor AI serves a wide range of users with its combination of user-friendly tools and complex features, these alternatives provide customized solutions for specific objectives and user profiles.

    It is recommended that you investigate each option to see which best meets your artistic desires and editing objectives.


    As evident from this Fotor review and the experiences of countless users, its array of features empowers both novice and professional photo editors to achieve positive results. The tool's versatility extends beyond personal applications, proving its value in commercial use as well.

    With the ability to create collages and enhance images seamlessly, Fotor AI has proven its efficacy in meeting diverse needs. Its broad capabilities, paired with positive Fotor reviews, demonstrate its efficacy in providing quality results, assuring that customers can reliably harness its potential for a variety of photo editing and graphic pursuits.

    Rating 4/5

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