Flick - AI assistant: Generate ideas, plan, schedule, track, and analyze Instagram content. Create engaging posts, discover hashtags, and boost performance.

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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars due to its powerful hashtag research capabilities, user-friendly interface, and detailed Instagram analytics, empowering users to enhance their social media strategies effectively.

While requiring human intervention for copywriting and hashtag creation, its valuable insights and versatile features make it an invaluable tool, catering to a diverse range of users and earning its high rating.

About Flick


Flick is a cutting-edge AI-driven social media assistant designed to transform your Instagram experience. Tailored for social media managers, influencers, and businesses, Flick is more than just an Instagram hashtag tool.

It simplifies the process of finding relevant hashtags, ensuring your posts reach the right target audience. With Flick, crafting engaging captions and curating quality content becomes effortless. In just a few clicks, unlock valuable insights through detailed Instagram analytics.

Flick's key features empower users to optimize their posts, providing essential data for enhancing engagement. Whether you're aiming to boost your social media presence or seeking the best Instagram hashtag tool, Flick is your strategic partner, offering an unparalleled experience in social media optimization.

Overview of Flick

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, finding the right tools to enhance your Instagram presence is crucial. Our team of experts delved into Flick to explore its features and accessibility.


  • Hashtag Search

    Flick's robust hashtag search functionality simplifies the daunting task of discovering quality hashtags. We found this feature instrumental for refining our content strategy, ensuring each post reached its maximum potential audience.

  • Hashtag Collections

    Managing hashtags is effortless with Flick. The ability to create organized hashtag collections streamlined our content creation process. This feature will prove especially valuable for small businesses and individuals seeking to optimize their posts without extensive effort.

  • Instagram Analytics Reports

    Flick's Instagram analytics reports provide comprehensive data points, allowing users to evaluate their account's performance in-depth. We appreciated the detailed insights, enabling us to fine-tune our content strategy for better engagement.

  • Hashtag Tracking

    Tracking the performance of hashtags is vital for any social media campaign. Flick's hashtag tracking feature offers key metrics, empowering users to choose the right hashtags consistently. This functionality significantly enhanced the impact of our posts.

  • Instagram Feed Planner

    Planning an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is simplified with Flick. The intuitive feed planner allowed us to visualize our posts, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing grid. This feature is especially valuable for businesses with a strong visual brand identity.

  • Post Scheduling

    The convenience of scheduling posts in advance cannot be overstated. Flick's post-scheduling feature worked seamlessly, saving us time and effort while ensuring our content was consistently published at optimal times.

  • AI Copywriter

    Flick's AI copywriter is a game-changer for crafting engaging captions. We were impressed by the AI's ability to generate compelling copy tailored to each post. This feature significantly reduced the time spent brainstorming for captivating captions.


Flick is designed for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users. Its user-friendly interface makes navigating through its plethora of features a breeze. We found Flick to be an invaluable asset for individuals, social media managers, and small businesses aiming to maximize their Instagram impact with minimal effort.

Our professional findings revealed that Flick is more than just a hashtag tool—it's a comprehensive social media assistant. Its array of features, combined with effortless accessibility, makes it an essential companion for anyone striving to enhance their Instagram presence. With Flick, we achieved minimal effort for maximum reach, solidifying its place as a must-have tool in the realm of social media marketing.

Pricing Plans


In today's digital landscape, a strong online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. Flick, your ultimate social media companion, understands the complexities of social media management. Let’s explore pricing plans, designed to enhance your social media journey.

Flick’s Solo Plan

The Solo plan is perfect for individuals keen on elevating their social media game. Priced at just £11 per month, billed annually, it offers a 7-day free trial for you to experience its power firsthand. With the Solo plan, schedule up to 30 posts per social media account monthly and track 30 Instagram posts. While granting access to some features, this plan enables you to link 4 social profiles and provides 1 user login. It's the ideal choice for individuals striving to make their mark in the digital sphere.

Pro Plan

For those seeking a more expansive social media presence, the Pro plan is the key. At £24 per month, billed yearly, it offers unlimited post scheduling and tracking for Instagram posts. With the 7-day free trial, you can explore all its features before committing. This plan provides access to all features, allowing you to schedule unlimited posts, track an unlimited number of Instagram posts, and link 8 social profiles. It’s perfect for businesses and professionals managing diverse content and multiple clients.

Agency Plan

Flick’s Agency plan caters to social media agencies managing extensive portfolios. Priced at £55 per month, billed annually, it offers unparalleled features. With a 7-day free trial, agencies can delve into its capabilities risk-free. This plan provides unlimited post scheduling and Instagram post tracking, along with access to all features. Link up to 20 social profiles and enjoy 5 user logins, ensuring seamless collaboration within larger teams. It's the ultimate choice for agencies aiming to boost their clients' social media presence.

Flick’s pricing plans offer tailored solutions for individuals, businesses, and agencies, ensuring everyone finds a plan that suits their needs. Maximize your online impact, connect with a wider audience, and curate engaging content effortlessly.

Pros and Cons of Flick

Every AI tool has its strengths and limitations; let's explore the pros and cons of Flick.


Free Trial: Flick offers a 7-day free trial for all its pricing plans, allowing users to experience its features before committing.

User-Friendly: Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible, even for beginners.

Download Key Photos: One standout feature is the ability to download photos from top-performing content, enabling users to create visual inspiration boards for their social media strategies.


May Require Editing: Despite its AI capabilities, Flick's copywriting and hashtag creation features may require a human touch for truly personalized and engaging content.

Limited Reporting: Additionally, the platform provides limited reporting insights, which might leave users wanting more detailed analytics for their social media campaigns.

Alternatives to Flick

In the dynamic realm of social media, having a diverse toolkit is essential. While Flick offers robust features, there are other noteworthy alternatives in the market. Let’s explore some of these options, each with its unique strengths.


Mediamister stands out as a powerful alternative, especially in the realm of hashtag research and competition analysis. It provides comprehensive insights into the best hashtags and empowers users to enhance their social media game. With a user-friendly interface, Mediamister assists in crafting engaging captions and optimizing content for various platforms.


Publer is a versatile scheduling tool that simplifies the social media management process. It offers seamless scheduling for multiple platforms, ensuring your content reaches the right audience at the perfect time. With intuitive features and a competitive pricing model, Publer is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses aiming for efficient post-scheduling and management.


Yodayo specializes in enhancing social media engagement through innovative strategies. This platform offers creative solutions to boost your online presence, focusing on interactive posts and engaging visuals. Yodayo’s unique approach ensures your social media content not only captures attention but also fosters meaningful interactions with your audience.

FlockSocial AI

FlockSocial AI excels in content creation and management. Its AI-powered tools assist in crafting compelling social media campaigns, providing valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences. FlockSocial AI’s innovative features save time and effort, allowing users to concentrate on creating impactful content while the platform handles analytics and optimization.

While these alternatives offer diverse features, Flick remains a standout choice in the competitive landscape. Its robust capabilities in hashtag research, social media analytics, and content optimization make it a powerful tool for individuals, businesses, and agencies.

User Reviews of Flick

When considering any tool, it’s valuable to explore the experiences and opinions of users who have firsthand experience with it. Here are a few user reviews that provide insights into Flick and its functionality: 

 "I've been using Flick for about 8 months now and it's brilliant, I would have no idea what hashtags to use without it.'' S. Barker

"The tools on Flick are so impressive and have helped me significantly. I do a lot of informative carousel posts and reels, and Flick has saved me tons of time writing captions for me and coming up with hashtags. I also love the scheduler and how it tells me both the best times to post and how my hashtags are ranking!! Feels like such an amazing find. I'm excited to start trying their new AI image creator too!'' K. Gabriella

Summing Up: Flick

In our extensive exploration of Flick, our team of experts delved into the intricacies of social media management, uncovering valuable insights for our readers. Our professional findings have led us to acknowledge Flick as a powerful tool, offering exceptional hashtag metrics and in-depth Instagram analytics. Its ability to curate the best and most relevant hashtags through comprehensive collections provides users with valuable insights for shaping future content strategies.

Flick's worth is evident in its user-friendly interface and the ease with which it delivers essential data points. For social media enthusiasts, content creators, and businesses alike, Flick stands out as one of the most useful tools in the market.

Our final thoughts echo our initial impression: Flick is a valuable asset for anyone aiming to optimize their social media presence.

Rating 4/5

How We Tested Flick

In our thorough evaluation of Flick, our team of experts utilized specific criteria to provide readers with comprehensive insights. Our ratings were based on key aspects crucial for an effective social media tool.


Exploring Flick's user dashboard, we found it to be well laid out, offering intuitive navigation. However, we noticed that some editing features could be more intuitive, requiring a bit of a learning curve for new users. Despite this, the platform's overall design facilitates a smooth user experience, particularly after familiarization.


When assessing Flick's speed, we appreciated its efficiency in hashtag generation and content analysis. The tool proved to be time-saving, enabling users to swiftly find relevant hashtags and optimize their social media content. This speed is a valuable asset for businesses aiming to maintain an active online presence without investing excessive time in research.

Overall Quality of Art

Flick's ability to curate visually appealing content was commendable. The platform provided valuable insights into trending images and designs, enhancing the overall quality of the visuals shared on social media. This feature proved advantageous for users seeking to elevate the artistic appeal of their posts, attracting a wider audience.


Flick offers a free trial period, allowing users to explore its features before committing to a subscription. The availability of a free version is a significant advantage for individuals and small businesses looking to manage their social media presence without immediate financial commitments. Additionally, Flick's paid plans are reasonably priced, making it accessible for various budget ranges.

Editing Ability

Flick's editing capabilities are comprehensive, offering users the flexibility to refine their content according to their vision. The platform's editing tools enable users to create visually appealing posts, ensuring that their social media presence aligns with their brand identity. This editing versatility enhances the overall user experience, empowering individuals and businesses to craft engaging content.

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