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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Facetune impressed our team with its extensive range of editing tools and intuitive user interface. The Live Preview feature, offering real-time adjustments, proved invaluable for editing photos.

However, the pricing model, which includes in-app purchases and subscriptions for certain features, may deter some users. Additionally, slight variations in editing results between live previews and camera roll images were noted. Overall, Facetune stands as an excellent choice for users seeking comprehensive photo enhancement, with its strengths outweighing its minor limitations.

Overview of Facetune

Our team embarked on an in-depth exploration of Facetune. Facetune is one of the photo apps designed to empower users with professional-quality editing tools at their fingertips. With a myriad of exciting features, Facetune promises to transform ordinary portraits into vibrant, captivating images. Let's delve into all the features that set this app apart.

Live Preview


The Live Preview feature is a game-changer in the world of mobile photo editing. It provides users with access to an advanced camera that allows for real-time adjustments to facial features before capturing the shot. During our testing, we were astounded by the precision of this tool. We experimented with enlarging eyes and reshaping noses of demo photos, witnessing the transformation happen seamlessly on the live camera. This unique capability enables users to achieve their desired look before the photo is even taken.

Additionally, the Live Preview feature offers a selection of filters that can be applied in real-time. This empowers users to choose the perfect filter to enhance the overall composition of the photo. The ability to set a timer for capturing the shot adds another layer of convenience. Our team found this feature to be particularly invaluable for capturing impeccable portraits.


Facetune's Relight feature grants users the ability to manipulate the direction of the light source in a photo, resulting in a remarkable enhancement of facial features. Through the integration of AI technology, this feature effectively brightens up dark areas in photos, creating a more balanced and flattering composition. During our testing phase, we experimented with various lighting scenarios, and the results were striking. Shadows were softened, and facial contours were accentuated, showcasing the power of this feature.



Facetune Photo Editor boasts a diverse array of filters that add an extra layer of beauty and allure to your photos. In the free version, users have access to a selection of unique filters, each offering distinct colors and effects. This allows for a personalized touch to every image. For those seeking even more options, the paid version offers a plethora of vibrant and captivating filters. Our team was particularly impressed by the range of choices available, enabling users to elevate their photos to new heights of visual appeal.



The Review feature in Facetune is a valuable tool for users to assess their editing progress. By simply holding down the photo, users can compare the original image with the edited version. This allows for a visual representation of the modifications made, providing a clear indication of the transformation achieved. During our testing, we found this feature to be instrumental in fine-tuning our edits. It offers a level of transparency and control that is invaluable for achieving the desired outcome.

Undo and Redo

Facetune understands that mistakes happen, which is why the app includes a user-friendly Undo and Redo feature. The Undo option allows for a quick backtrack to a previous editing step, rectifying any errors with ease. Conversely, the Redo option serves as a safeguard against accidental undoing of progress. Located conveniently in the bottom corners of the interface, these buttons proved to be invaluable during our testing phase. They provided a seamless and efficient way to fine-tune our edits and achieve the desired results.


Facetune Photo Editor also excels in facilitating the easy sharing of beautifully edited photos. With a user-friendly share button, users can effortlessly distribute their creations to various platforms and social networks. This seamless integration with popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook ensures that your edited photos can be shared with the world at the touch of a button. Our team found this feature to be a crucial aspect of the app, as it allows users to showcase their creativity and share their edited images with their desired audience.

In our extensive testing of Facetune, we were consistently impressed by the intuitive interface and powerful editing capabilities of this great app. Each feature demonstrated remarkable precision and ease of use, empowering users to transform their portraits into true works of art.

From Live Preview's real-time adjustments to Relight's ability to enhance lighting, Facetune proved to be a versatile and indispensable tool for photo editing enthusiasts. The range of filters, coupled with the Review feature's transparency, further solidified our positive impression of this app. Lastly, the inclusion of Undo and Redo options ensured that any mistakes could be swiftly rectified, providing a seamless editing experience.

Overall, our team's experience with Facetune was overwhelmingly positive, and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking professional-quality photo editing on their mobile device.

Pros and Cons of Facetune

Facetune boasts an impressive array of features that have garnered it a dedicated user base. However, like any tool, it comes with its own set of strengths and limitations. In our comprehensive review, we've identified the key pros and cons of using Facetune.


Comprehensive Editing Capabilities: Facetune offers a wide range of editing tools, allowing users to modify nearly all facial features. From smoothing skin to reshaping the face, the app provides an extensive toolkit for enhancing portraits. This level of control over the editing process empowers users to achieve their desired look with precision and finesse.

Intuitive User Interface: One of Facetune's greatest strengths lies in its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the app is seamless, with clear and straightforward options for editing. On one side is the original photo, while on the other side is the edited photo. The Live Preview feature, in particular, stands out for its intuitive design, allowing users to make real-time adjustments effortlessly. This accessibility makes Facetune a valuable tool for both novice and experienced photo editors.

Diverse Range of Filters: Facetune Photo Editor offers a plethora of unique filters, each adding a distinct touch to photos. In the free version, users have access to a variety of filters with different colors and effects. For those seeking even more options, the paid version unlocks a treasure trove of vibrant and captivating filters. This diversity allows users to infuse their photos with personality and style.

Transparent Editing Process: The Review feature in Facetune provides users with a clear view of the original and edited versions of a photo. By holding down the photo, users can easily compare the two, gaining insight into the extent of their modifications. This transparency is invaluable for fine-tuning edits and ensuring the desired outcome is achieved.

Undo and Redo Functionality: Facetune acknowledges that mistakes can happen during the editing process. The inclusion of an Undo and Redo feature provides a safety net, allowing users to easily backtrack or rectify any errors. This intuitive functionality ensures a smooth and efficient editing experience, minimizing frustration and maximizing creativity.


Pricing Model: While Facetune does offer a basic version for free, certain features and filters are only accessible through in-app purchases or a subscription. This pricing model may deter some users who are looking for a completely cost-free experience. Additionally, the one-time payment option for access to all features may be considered steep by some.

Live Preview vs. Camera Roll: Some users have reported that photos edited in Facetune's Live Preview feature may appear different from those edited from the camera roll. This inconsistency can be a minor drawback, as users may need to adjust their editing approach depending on the source of the photo.

Alternatives to Facetune

While Facetune offers a powerful suite of photo editing tools, it's essential to explore alternative options that cater to different preferences and needs. Here are four notable alternatives to Facetune that provide distinct features and capabilities for enhancing your photos.

YouCam Makeup App

The YouCam Makeup App is a comprehensive photo editor that goes beyond traditional editing tools. One of its standout features is the "YouCam Time Machine," which allows users to visualize themselves at different ages with a single click. This unique capability provides a fun and creative dimension to photo editing.

Our team found this feature to be not only entertaining but also surprisingly accurate in its age transformations. Additionally, the app offers a seamless sharing option, enabling users to instantly distribute their modified photos across various social media platforms.


A leading mobile photo editor, FaceApp is available on both iOS and Android platforms. What sets FaceApp apart are its diverse and captivating effects, ranging from age alteration to gender transformation.

Our team was particularly impressed with the accuracy and realism of these effects, making it a standout choice for users seeking creative and imaginative editing options. The app also offers features like smile enhancement and hair styling, further enhancing its versatility.


Inshot is a multi-functional mobile app that extends beyond photo editing to include video editing capabilities. This makes it a valuable tool for users looking to enhance both images and videos seamlessly.

Our team found Inshot's user interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for you to edit your own photos. The ability to add customized tracks to videos adds an extra layer of creativity, making Inshot a versatile choice for multimedia editing needs.

Adobe Lightroom

Perhaps the most powerful photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom is available on both mobile and desktop platforms. What sets Lightroom apart is its extensive range of advanced editing features, making it a preferred choice for professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts.

Our team was particularly impressed with Lightroom's ability to adjust lighting, color tones, and apply intricate filters. The app also offers seamless integration with Adobe's Creative Cloud ecosystem, allowing for easy syncing and access to edited photos across devices.

Each of these alternatives to Facetune brings its own unique strengths to the table. Whether you're looking for imaginative effects, comprehensive video editing capabilities, or advanced photo editing tools, there's an alternative that caters to your specific needs.

While Facetune excels in its own right, exploring these alternatives provides a broader perspective on the diverse landscape of photo editing apps available to users. Ultimately, the choice between these alternatives will depend on individual preferences and the specific editing requirements of each user.

How We Tested Facetune

Our team rigorously evaluated Facetune based on four key criteria:

Speed of Editing: We assessed how quickly Facetune applied edits to photos, measuring the efficiency of the app's processing capabilities.

Ease of Use: We evaluated the intuitiveness of Facetune's interface, considering how easily users could navigate through the app and access its various features.

Accuracy of Edits: Our team examined how accurately Facetune applied modifications to facial features, ensuring that edits were seamless and natural-looking.

Effectiveness of Filters: We scrutinized the range and quality of filters offered by Facetune, paying attention to their ability to enhance and transform photos.

Final Thoughts on Facetune

In conclusion, Facetune is a versatile and feature-rich photo editing app that can significantly enhance your images. Its powerful tools, including skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and facial feature adjustments, make it a go-to choice for many users. However, the app's pricing model may deter some, as certain features are only available through a subscription.

Still, if you're looking for a mobile app that offers professional-grade photo editing capabilities, Facetune is a top contender. With a wide range of features and the ability to transform your images, it's a valuable addition to your photo editing toolkit.

Rating 4/5

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