"Discover AutoDraw, the AI tool by Google Creative Lab that makes drawing and creativity accessible and fun. Create visual content easily and on multiple devices!"

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This AI tool has been awarded an overall rating of four stars because it is completely free and user-friendly, yet is limited in some aspects.

About Autodraw


Dedigned by Google Creative Lab, Autodraw is a totally free and easy-to-use drawing tool that combines human doodles with AI-generated artistry. 

Our journey with this innovative tool revealed its potential to break down the barriers of drawing proficiency, welcoming both novices and seasoned artists.

As soon as you start drawing on the provided canvas, the AI tool begins to suggest images to auto-complete your drawing.

As a result, Autodraw revolutionizes the creative landscape by offering an innovative platform where anyone can be an artist, regardless of their skill levels.

Overview of Autodraw


Through our in-depth exploration, our team uncovered that Autodraw serves as a transformative force in the realm of visual expression. This remarkable drawing tool brilliantly amalgamates the finesse of machine learning with the imaginative strokes of artists, creating an intuitive and swift canvas for crafting mesmerizing visuals.

What sets Autodraw apart, based on our professional findings, is its ability to cater seamlessly to a wide array of devices—be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. The absence of downloads or financial barriers truly democratizes the world of artistic endeavors.

At the heart of Autodraw lies its suggestion tool, which, drawing from QuickDraw's technology, possesses the remarkable ability to predict users' creative intentions and bring them to life visually. As Autodraw's repository continues to expand with hundreds of drawings, it offers an ever-expanding horizon of creative possibilities.

Our team has discovered that this versatile platform isn't confined to a single audience. It empowers budding artists seeking a smooth path to self-expression, as well as professionals in search of quick visual aids or fresh branding concepts. Autodraw's adaptability encompasses everything from swift doodles to intricate diagrams, making it an ideal choice for presentations, social media content, educational materials, and more.

What's particularly noteworthy, as per our professional observations, is Autodraw's user-friendly interface. There's no arduous learning curve, unlike more complex design software. Autodraw effectively blurs the line between varying skill levels, granting everyone the ability to create engaging visual content.

In essence, through our hands-on experience, we've discovered that Autodraw not only democratizes the act of creating art but also elevates creative expression above the need for conventional artistic skills.

Autodraw: Pros and Cons

In the dynamic world of AI, every tool has its set of advantages and drawbacks. Let's delve into the merits and drawbacks of Autodraw.


Autodraw eliminates the need for prior design or drawing skills, making it a welcoming platform for individuals of all proficiency levels.

Its hallmark is that it's completely free, offering its creative potential to all without any financial barrier.

The ease of use is a significant asset; the intuitive interface and user-friendly functions ensure that users can swiftly grasp its capabilities.

Autodraw's toolkit encompasses various tools that cater to different artistic needs, enabling diverse visual expressions.


You cannot save drawings for future editing. This could be seen as a drawback for users seeking iterative design processes.

The tool also has a somewhat limited database of recognizable drawings. While it continuously evolves, there might still be instances where Autodraw may not recognize certain niche drawings or concepts.

Autodraw lacks advanced features such as layers or intricate shading tools, which might be a limitation for those seeking more intricate visual designs.

Autodraw's accuracy in predicting users' intentions may not always be perfect. While it's remarkable at deciphering many drawings, some might not match the user's original intention, reminding us that AI's understanding can sometimes fall short of human nuance.

Alternatives of Autodraw

Autodraw is a tool that champions accessible creativity. While other alternatives exist, Autodraw's blend of simplicity, versatility, and intuitive design sets it apart as a standout choice. 

Let's explore some alternatives to Autodraw on the market.


DALL-E, a creation of OpenAI, generates images from text descriptions. While it's a marvel in AI-generated art, it focuses on transforming textual prompts into images rather than providing a comprehensive drawing tool like Autodraw.

Designs AI

Designs AI is renowned for automating graphic design tasks. However, it is distinct from Autodraw as it streamlines professional design tasks rather than offering a quick and intuitive freehand drawing tool accessible to all.

Canva AI

Canva AI leverages machine learning to offer design suggestions and enhance creative processes. Its core functions cater to design layouts, templates, professional graphic design, and photo editing, setting it apart from Autodraw's focus on freeform drawing.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art boasts AI-driven image generation. However, it diverges from Autodraw by producing AI-generated artworks rather than providing a collaborative platform where users can actively contribute to the creative process.

While these alternatives serve diverse creative needs, Autodraw's standout feature remains its intuitive drawing tool that pairs machine learning with human doodles. Its accessibility, versatility, and commitment to making art creation enjoyable for everyone set Autodraw apart.

User Reviews of Autodraw

When considering any tool, it's valuable to explore the experiences and opinions of users who have firsthand experience with it. Here are a few user reviews that provide insights into Autodraw and its functionality:

“Ok this is pretty cool, especially if you just want a simple icon. It reminds me of Pictionary, but if my random scribbles could magically look like what I'm actually trying to describe. I mean, I did try and draw a dog but it looked more like a pig. This thing actually made it look like a dog.” - Naomi Chao

“Really interesting tool for marketers and also for playing Pictionary.” - Shalini Rai

How We Tested Autodraw

Our comprehensive evaluation of Autodraw was based on the following key criteria:

  • User-friendliness: Our team found Autodraw to be exceptionally user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for individuals of all skill levels. The intuitive interface and accessible tools ensure a smooth and enjoyable creative experience.
  • Speed: In terms of speed, Autodraw proved to be impressively swift in generating AI images. It instantly recognized and completed drawings, enhancing efficiency and productivity during the creative process.
  • Quality of the AI images: Our assessment revealed that Autodraw consistently delivered high-quality AI-generated images. The tool's ability to accurately interpret and enhance doodles resulted in visually appealing and professionally crafted visuals.
  • Price: Autodraw's standout feature is its cost-free accessibility. It provides a remarkable range of creative capabilities without the burden of financial constraints. This aligns with our team's opinion that Autodraw offers exceptional value for its free service.
  • Ability to edit and customize images: Autodraw offers limited editing and customization features, allowing users to add personal touches to their creations. While it may not be as robust as dedicated graphic design software, our team found it sufficient for basic image adjustments.

In summary, based on these criteria, our team's evaluation of Autodraw has been highly positive. It's a user-friendly, speedy, and cost-effective tool that consistently produces quality AI images, albeit with some limitations in terms of advanced editing capabilities.

Summing Up: Autodraw Review

Summarizing our Autodraw review, our team firmly believes that Autodraw serves as a shining beacon of innovation in the realm of creative expression. It effectively harmonizes the forces of artificial intelligence with the artistic aspirations of individuals across all skill levels.

Through our comprehensive assessment, we've discovered that Autodraw seamlessly melds the capabilities of machine learning with the handcrafted touch of artists. This unique synergy has given rise to a readily accessible tool, empowering users to effortlessly craft visually captivating content.

Whether you're an aspiring artist seeking to embark on a creative journey or a seasoned professional in need of quick and compelling visual aids, Autodraw presents a world of endless possibilities. Despite certain limitations, based on our professional findings, Autodraw's accessibility, versatility, and cost-free nature render it an invaluable asset in the creative arsenal.

We invite you to embrace the transformative potential of Autodraw today, as our team has, and embark on an exploration of boundless horizons in the art of visual storytelling.

Rating 4/5

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