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Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. AnthemScore impresses with its powerful automatic music transcription capabilities, extensive editing options, and cost-effective one-time purchase model.

The tool's flexibility in catering to different user needs and its seamless integration into various operating systems make it a valuable asset for musicians. While the Lite edition may have some limitations, the overall performance and feature set of AnthemScore make it a standout choice for music transcription and analysis.

Overview of AnthemScore


Our team has conducted a comprehensive evaluation of AnthemScore, an exceptional tool for automatic music transcription. AnthemScore redefines the process of converting audio files into precise sheet music or guitar chords, making it an invaluable resource for musicians, whether novices or seasoned professionals. Here, we delve into the noteworthy features that set AnthemScore apart, sharing anecdotes from our rigorous testing process.

Automatic Music Transcription

AnthemScore's hallmark feature is its ability to automatically transcribe audio files, such as MP3 and WAV, into sheet music or guitar chords. To put this to the test, we fed it a complex piano piece. The results were astounding; AnthemScore accurately transcribed the intricate melodies and harmonies with remarkable precision. It effortlessly captured the nuances of the performance, proving its prowess in automatic music transcription.

Real-Time MIDI Playback

The tool provides real-time MIDI playback of the transcribed audio, allowing users to verify the accuracy and ensure that the transcribed sheet music matches the original performance. We tried this out with a diverse range of compositions, from classical symphonies to modern pop tracks. In every instance, AnthemScore's MIDI playback faithfully recreated the essence of the original audio, demonstrating its impeccable accuracy.

Customizable Transcription Settings

AnthemScore offers users the ability to customize transcription settings, fine-tuning the sensitivity, velocity, and threshold. To evaluate this feature, we transcribed a piece with intricate dynamics, ranging from soft pianissimos to thunderous fortissimos. By adjusting the settings, we were able to achieve a flawless transcription that captured every nuance of the performance. This level of customization ensures that AnthemScore adapts to the specific needs of each user.

Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux

The tool's compatibility across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensures accessibility for a wide user base. Our team tested AnthemScore on various platforms, and it seamlessly integrated with each one. This versatility makes AnthemScore a versatile choice for musicians, regardless of their preferred operating system.

No Subscription Required

One of the standout advantages of AnthemScore is its one-time purchase model. Users can acquire the tool without the commitment of monthly subscriptions. Our team appreciates this approach, as it provides a cost-effective solution for music transcription without compromising on quality. After testing and using the tool extensively, we found that this model offers exceptional value for musicians.

Easy Trial Period


During our evaluation, we took full advantage of AnthemScore's trial period. It provided us with a complete experience of the tool, allowing us to test its capabilities extensively. The ability to switch between Lite and Professional editions gave us a comprehensive understanding of the differences between the two. This trial period offers users a risk-free opportunity to ensure that AnthemScore aligns with their specific needs.

Intuitive UI Design

AnthemScore's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for users of all levels. Even without prior technical knowledge, our team found it easy to navigate and transcribe songs efficiently. The intuitive design empowers users to quickly and effortlessly convert audio into sheet music or guitar chords.

Simplified Music Editing

AnthemScore's music editing capabilities allow users to easily add, delete, or edit portions of the sheet music. Our team tested this feature extensively, making adjustments to various transcriptions. The tool's responsiveness and user-friendly editing interface made the process smooth and efficient. This feature ensures that users have complete control over their sheet music.

Export and Import Functions

The tool's export and import functions enable seamless transfer of transcribed sheet music to other applications or software. We exported sheet music in various formats, including PDF, SVG, MusicXML, and MIDI. Similarly, importing sheet music and audio files was a breeze. This functionality enhances the versatility of AnthemScore, allowing users to integrate it seamlessly into their existing workflow.

Multiple Language Options

AnthemScore's support for multiple languages is a thoughtful inclusion. Our team explored this feature, switching between languages, and found that it greatly enhances accessibility for users who prefer to use the tool in their native language. This customization ensures that AnthemScore caters to a diverse global audience.

Personalized Interface Settings

With personalized interface settings, users can tailor the tool to their specific preferences. Our team adjusted the appearance, audio settings, and displayed notation preferences. This level of customization ensures an optimal user experience, as users can configure the tool to align with their individual style and preferences.

Customizable Hotkeys and Shortcuts

AnthemScore's customizable hotkeys and shortcuts proved to be a time-saving feature during our testing. By configuring these shortcuts, our team was able to streamline the music transcription workflow, accessing features and settings with ease. This level of personalization enhances efficiency and productivity for users.

In conclusion, AnthemScore emerges as a powerhouse in the realm of automatic music transcription. Its impressive array of features, coupled with its user-friendly interface and customization options, makes it a valuable tool for musicians of all levels.

From complex compositions to intricate nuances, AnthemScore consistently delivers accurate and reliable transcriptions. The absence of a subscription model, coupled with versatile compatibility, sets it apart in the market. For anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for music transcription, AnthemScore proves to be an exceptional choice.

Pros and Cons of AnthemScore

In our extensive evaluation of AnthemScore, we've uncovered a host of both pros and cons that paint a comprehensive picture of this music transcription software. Let's delve into the aspects that make AnthemScore shine and the areas where it might leave room for improvement.


Music Transcription and Editing: AnthemScore is a versatile platform that excels in both music transcription and editing. It allows users to efficiently convert audio files into sheet music symbols or guitar tabs. The level of detail captured is impressive, making it an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to transcribe his or her favorite songs into musical notation or analyze intricate musical pieces.

Automatic Note Detection: The AI-powered note detection is one of AnthemScore's standout features. During our testing, we fed it a wide range of audio files, from classical symphonies to rock anthems. The tool consistently delivered accurate note detection, even in complex compositions. This reliability ensures that the transcribed sheet music faithfully represents the original audio.

Advanced Editing Options: AnthemScore's editing capabilities are a game-changer for musicians and music enthusiasts. Beyond basic transcription, users can fine-tune their sheet music. We experimented with editing time signatures, adding triplets, and making precise adjustments to various musical elements. The advanced editing options provide flexibility and control.

Flexible Edition Differences: AnthemScore offers multiple editions, each catering to different user needs. The flexibility to choose from Lite, Professional, and Studio versions ensures that users can pick the one that aligns with their requirements. This approach allows musicians to invest in the version that suits their specific projects and budgets.

Changeable Time/Key Signatures and Tempo: During our testing, we found AnthemScore's ability to change time signatures, key signatures, and tempo within a composition to be particularly valuable. This feature is essential for musicians who need to adapt or arrange music to match their preferences or performance requirements.

Free 30-Day Trial: AnthemScore's 30-day free trial is a commendable offering. It allows users to explore the tool's capabilities without any financial commitment. This trial provides a risk-free opportunity for users to assess whether AnthemScore aligns with their music transcription needs.

No Subscription Required: The absence of a subscription-based model is a breath of fresh air. After purchasing AnthemScore, users can use the tool indefinitely without the burden of recurring monthly payments. This cost-effective approach is a significant advantage for musicians who want a one-time investment in their music transcription needs.

Once Purchased, Use Forever: AnthemScore's one-time purchase model ensures that users have a tool they can rely on for a lifetime. This eliminates the inconvenience of periodic renewals or subscriptions. It's a cost-efficient solution that offers long-term value.

Offers Three Versions: AnthemScore's tiered approach with Lite, Professional, and Studio versions caters to diverse user requirements. Whether you're a casual musician or a professional producer, there's an edition that suits your needs. This versatility ensures that users get precisely what they need.

Free Trial with Full Features: The free trial isn't a watered-down version of AnthemScore. Users can access the complete set of features during the trial period, allowing them to explore the tool's capabilities fully. This transparency in the trial experience is a testament to AnthemScore's confidence in its product.


Limited Free Updates: AnthemScore's policy on free updates is relatively limited. Users should be prepared for potential costs associated with major updates or feature enhancements. This consideration is crucial for users who plan to rely on AnthemScore for the long term.

No Note Editing on Lite: The Lite version of AnthemScore lacks note editing capabilities. While Lite serves as an entry-level edition, users who require even basic note editing may find this limitation restrictive.

No Audio Playback on Lite: In the Lite edition, there's no provision for audio playback. This means that users cannot listen to the transcribed audio in real-time, which can be a significant drawback for musicians who depend on audio feedback.

No Priority Customer Support Except in Studio: Customer support is crucial, and while AnthemScore offers it across all versions, priority support is only available in the Studio edition. Users in need of quick assistance may find this limitation frustrating.

Alternatives to AnthemScore

While AnthemScore excels in automatic music transcription, it's essential to explore other options that cater to specific needs or preferences. Here, we present a selection of noteworthy alternatives to AnthemScore, each offering unique features and capabilities. for your entire audio project.


A cutting-edge tool, Voicemod transcends traditional music transcription. It utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to analyze textual input and generate personalized audio compositions. Users can customize music styles, select instruments, and fine-tune parameters like tempo, key, and dynamics. Voicemod offers a fresh perspective for musicians seeking to infuse creativity into their compositions.

Amper Music

Amper Music is an AI-powered composition tool designed for content creators. It simplifies the process of producing original music, offering customization options for length, structure, instrumentation, and mood. Amper's global perpetual licenses and royalty-free access to music provide users with a hassle-free solution for enhancing their projects.


Standing out with its unique focus on drum and audio track generation, Texttomusic offers prompts like Gujarati Bhajan, Deathcore blast beat, and Hip Hop-themed Avengers song to create dynamic drum tracks. Users can input text descriptions to generate mainstream audio with specific moods, making it an intriguing alternative for those seeking to explore drum-centric compositions.


MusicLM takes music generation to the next level with its hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling. This system produces high-quality music at 24 kHz, maintaining consistency over extended durations. With conditional music generation based on both text and melody inputs, MusicLM offers a powerful alternative for musicians looking to explore innovative compositions.

These alternatives provide a diverse range of options for musicians seeking to expand their creative horizons. Whether it's infusing AI-generated compositions with personalized audio, simplifying the process of music production, focusing on drum track generation, or utilizing advanced modeling for high-quality music, these tools offer unique approaches to music creation.

While AnthemScore remains a standout choice for automatic music transcription, exploring these alternatives can lead to fresh perspectives and creative possibilities. Each tool brings its own set of features and advantages, catering to different musical preferences and requirements. By considering these alternatives, musicians can find the perfect companion to enhance their musical journey.

How We Tested Anthemscore

Our team meticulously evaluated AnthemScore, employing four key criteria to gauge its effectiveness:

Speed of Transcription: We assessed AnthemScore's efficiency in converting audio files into accurate sheet music or guitar tabs. We tested it with a variety of compositions, from intricate classical pieces to contemporary tracks, to evaluate its speed and responsiveness.

Ease of Use: Our evaluation included an in-depth exploration of AnthemScore's user interface. We scrutinized its intuitiveness and accessibility, considering both novices and experienced musicians. This criterion focused on how swiftly users could navigate and utilize the tool's features.

Accuracy of Note Detection: We subjected AnthemScore to a battery of audio files with varying complexities. The tool's ability to precisely detect notes, especially in challenging compositions, was a crucial aspect of our assessment.

Editing Flexibility: We delved into AnthemScore's editing capabilities, evaluating its flexibility in modifying transcribed sheet music. This included tasks like adding or deleting notes, adjusting time signatures, and making other fine-tuned modifications.

Final Thoughts on Anthemscore

In conclusion, AnthemScore is a game-changer in the realm of automatic music transcription. Its seamless integration of AI and machine learning guarantees accurate and efficient note detection, streamlining the transcription process for both enthusiasts and professionals. The absence of a subscription-based model, coupled with the flexibility to choose from various versions, offers users cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

With a user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and advanced editing options, AnthemScore empowers musicians of all levels. For those seeking an intuitive and powerful tool for automatic transcription, AnthemScore proves to be a worthy contender, definitely among the best music transcription software options out there.

Rating 4/5

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