"Automate note-taking, transcription & sharing of meeting conversations with Airgram. Record & transcribe meetings, capture feedback, and organize efficiently. Seamless integrations & multi-language support."

Our Verdict

After extensive testing, our team concludes that Airgram is a robust meeting assistant offering notable features such as automated recording, real-time transcription, and collaborative agenda creation. While it excels in capturing key insights and facilitating efficient meetings, its limitations in transcription languages are noteworthy. Depending on your team's needs, Airgram could be a valuable asset for optimizing meeting workflows, ensuring everyone stays on the same page, and driving productivity in the era of remote and hybrid work.

Overview of Airgram

Our team extensively explored Airgram, an AI-powered meeting assistant revolutionizing the way teams handle meetings. Developed to seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and in-person meetings, Airgram offers a suite of features designed to enhance collaboration and streamline meeting workflows.

Airgram is a comprehensive meeting management tool equipped with AI capabilities. Its primary functions include recording and transcribing meetings, taking organized meeting notes, creating collaborative agendas, assigning and tracking action items, and facilitating efficient communication within teams.

Best Features


Airgram allows users to organize all meeting notes in one place, simplifying the process of capturing crucial information. Our team found this feature particularly beneficial for keeping track of discussions and decisions made during meetings.

To evaluate the effectiveness of meeting notes, we conducted a simulated team meeting. We found that Airgram's integrated rich-text editor and collaborative note-taking capabilities ensured that all team members were on the same page. The ability to add threaded comments allowed for seamless communication within the notes, enhancing overall collaboration.

Meeting Agenda


Collaboratively developing an agenda is a key feature of Airgram. This helps in structuring conversations and ensuring that the meeting stays focused on essential topics.

Our team created a meeting agenda using Airgram for a project discussion. The platform's template for meeting agendas proved useful in outlining the topics to be covered. The agenda timer helped us stick to the schedule, ensuring a more efficient and time-conscious meeting.

Action Items

Airgram enables users to create, organize, and track action items across meetings, ensuring that tasks are assigned and completed promptly.

In a review meeting, our team used Airgram to assign action items with due dates. The platform's automated reminders proved effective in keeping team members accountable, resulting in better task management and increased overall productivity.

Record Meeting

Capturing online meetings in high-quality audio and video is a standout feature of Airgram. This ensures that important conversations are documented for future reference.

We tested the recording capabilities during a Zoom meeting. Airgram automagically recorded the entire session, maintaining high-quality conversations. The ease of accessing these recordings offline further added to the tool's convenience.

Transcribe Meeting


Airgram offers real-time transcription, ensuring that every word spoken in a meeting is accurately captured for reference.

During a Microsoft Teams meeting, we evaluated Airgram's transcription accuracy. The AI-based entity extraction and timestamped notes were impressive, providing a detailed and organized transcript that highlighted key insights and contributions from participants.

Auto-join Meeting


Share Meeting Minutes


Airgram allows users to clip and share key moments of the meeting effortlessly, promoting easy communication and collaboration.

We utilized the clip and share feature to highlight important moments in a Google Meet session. Airgram's ability to share these snippets instantly with team members facilitated a more efficient post-meeting review and discussion.

Audio/Video to Text

Converting audio and video files to text using AI transcription is another valuable feature of Airgram.

We uploaded audio and video files to Airgram for transcription. The tool's capability to convert these files into text in eight languages proved to be a time-saving and versatile solution for extracting key information from recorded content.



Airgram offers a range of pricing plans, starting from a free option for basic use. Paid plans begin at $18 per month, providing additional features and enhanced capabilities for teams with more extensive meeting management needs.

Pros and Cons of Airgram

Our exploration of Airgram, the AI-powered meeting assistant, revealed a spectrum of advantages and limitations that teams should consider before integrating it into their workflow.


Compatibility with Various Meeting Platforms: Airgram's seamless integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings is a significant advantage. It ensures that users can leverage its features across different platforms without compromising functionality.

Automated Recording and Transcribing: The automated recording and real-time transcription capabilities of Airgram were remarkable. The tool captured high-quality conversations and generated accurate transcripts, ensuring that no crucial information was missed during meetings.

Comprehensive Meeting Management Features: Airgram offers a suite of features covering meeting notes, collaborative agendas, action items, and the ability to share meeting minutes effortlessly. This comprehensive set of tools streamlines meeting workflows and fosters better collaboration among team members.

Multilingual Transcription and Exporting Options:The ability to transcribe meetings in eight languages and export transcripts to other platforms is a significant advantage for global teams. This feature enhances accessibility and facilitates effective communication across language barriers.

Collaborative Tools for Enhanced Team Productivity: Airgram promotes team collaboration through threaded comments, allowing team members to engage and share insights within meeting notes. This feature ensures that everyone stays on the same page, facilitating a more cohesive team effort.

Automation and Reminders for Action Items: The platform's automation for assigning action items with due dates and reminders proved to be effective in improving task management and accountability within teams.

Recognitions and Security Measures: Airgram being SOC 2-certified and recognized by platforms like G2 and TechCrunch adds to its credibility. Additionally, its security measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of shared meeting recordings and transcriptions.

High-Quality Audio and Video Recording: Airgram provides HD video recordings and high-quality audio capture, ensuring that meeting recordings maintain clarity and professionalism.


Dependency on Third-Party Platforms: Airgram's dependency on third-party platforms like Zoom and Google Meet for certain functionalities might pose risks related to updates, compatibility issues, or changes in platform policies affecting its performance.

User Reviews of Airgram

"Airgram assistants are more plentiful then actual video conference participants recently so the product must be catching on. There are several other similar meeting agenda creation, transcript and summary apps and ultimately I am hoping to see them integrate into the video platform as the costs of AI separately in all my business apps as an add on is already not trivial. Plus, it feels like I should be sandboxing all of these AI instances so that I have a full data set to draw insights from." Tyler Malin

"I came to know Airgram through a referral link my friend sent me. Apparently, she’d been using the product for a few weeks and she participated in the refer & earn campaign to get more free recordings. I tried it, and I’m loving it. I love that Airgram helps me record and transcribe the WHOLE meeting so I can review some key messages I might have missed out on after the meeting. I get to search the keywords in the transcripts so I don’t have to playback the recording again and again." Charlie Black.

How We Tested Airgram

1. Ease of Use: Our team evaluated how quickly we could adapt to Airgram's features. We assessed the platform's user interface, accessibility of key functionalities, and overall intuitiveness to determine its ease of use.

2. Speed of Operation: We gauged the speed at which Airgram executed tasks such as recording meetings, transcribing conversations, and generating collaborative notes. This criterion focused on the tool's efficiency in handling various meeting management functions.

3. Collaborative Features: Testing the collaborative tools, we examined how well Airgram facilitated communication within the team through threaded comments, collaborative agenda creation, and shared meeting minutes.

4. Integration with Meeting Platforms: Our evaluation included how seamlessly Airgram integrated with popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. We examined its compatibility and performance during scheduled and ad-hoc meetings on these platforms.

Our Review Rating System

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of Four Stars. Our team thoroughly tested Airgram, an AI-powered meeting assistant, and found it to be an excellent choice for enhancing meeting efficiency. The platform's seamless integration with popular meeting platforms, automated recording, and real-time transcription capabilities were standout features. Collaborative tools for meeting notes, agendas, and action items greatly contributed to team productivity. While the limited transcription languages are a notable drawback, Airgram's overall performance and comprehensive meeting management features make it a solid choice for teams seeking a reliable solution to streamline their meeting workflows.

Rating 4/5

Alternatives to Airgram

While Airgram offers a comprehensive suite of meeting management tools, several alternatives cater to similar needs in the realm of streamlining meetings and enhancing team collaboration.


Jamie, an AI assistant, specializes in creating summaries of meetings with business-writing quality. Unlike Airgram, Jamie's focus lies in generating research-based summaries in over 15 languages, allowing customization for detailed or concise summaries based on user preferences.

Jamie's multi-language support and emphasis on creating concise yet informative summaries stand out compared to Airgram's focus on comprehensive meeting management.


Tactiq, a Chrome extension, specializes in real-time transcription and summarization using OpenAI's GPT-3 technology. It not only transcribes conversations in Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams but also generates meeting summaries, action items, and agendas. Its speaker identification and engagement analytics distinguish it from Airgram.

Tactiq's emphasis on speaker identification and engagement analytics provides deeper insights during meetings compared to Airgram's comprehensive meeting management features.


Versational, an AI-driven Conversation Enablement Platform, compresses hour-long meetings into six-minute insights and auto-exports tasks to CRM. It utilizes behavioral science metrics for coaching, AI-powered topic trackers for valuable insights, and automatic detection of action items with high accuracy.

Versational's focus on compressing meetings and providing insights for coaching contrasts with Airgram's broader suite of meeting management features.

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